Yagnadhara – Panchagavya Herbal Dhoop Cones

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100% Natural & Therapeutic Dhoop Cones
An experience of serenity and a feeling of divinity to enrich your premises.

Net Qty. – 31 Cones

Gross Wt. – 206 g


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Quick Overview:

Yagnadhara is a unique product that carries high medicinal values, cultivated with the ancient process of Indian therapeutic science. These purifying dhoop cones contain 14 herbal roots collected from the Himalayan mountains and Panchagavya (medicinal indigenous cow derivatives) along with long-lasting, safe, and soothing fragrances from aromatic plant extracts. This formula is a one-stop solution for harmful germs and pollution. Completely free from coal dust, Yagnadhara creates a pleasant experience without irritation or side effects. The sacred smoke released from Yagnadhara purifies your surroundings and simulates ancient ritual effects.


  • 100% herbal-based purifying agent
  • Carbon-free therapeutic dhoop cones
  • Aromatic plant extracts refresh your premises
  • Fills the air you breathe with herbal fragrance
  • Enhances your inner strength
  • Protects the health and well-being of the family
  • Helps protect against pollution and harmful germs
  • No need for artificial air fresheners
  • Ash from burnt cones can be used as sacred vibhuti


14 Medicinal Herbs from Himalayas

Swadesi Therapeutic Panchagavya Mix

Sandalwood Powder Purifying Aromatherapy

64 reviews for Yagnadhara – Panchagavya Herbal Dhoop Cones

  1. Mayukh

    We bought a pack of 20 cones and they are really good. The fragrance is pleasant and it lasts for a long time. The packaging could have been better though.

  2. Snehill Arun

    Good herbal dhoop cones, great fragrance and affordable. Works well for meditation and purifying the air. Only cons is it’s not long-lasting.

  3. Mrinalini Srivastava

    Amazing fragrance, brings positive vibes to my home and purifies air. Highly recommended for a peaceful atmosphere.

  4. Shivansh Priyadarshi

    Bhaiyo, yeh dhoop company waale toh bahut badiya hai.. Dhoop cones bahut accha fragrance dete hain aur bilkul natural ingredients se bane hote hain. Must try!

  5. Pallavi Dhamane

    This herbal dhoop cones are very fragrant and create a calm and peaceful atmosphere when burned. Perfect for meditation and relaxation.

  6. Puneet Kasera

    More affordable when compared to other options and the performance is also excellent. I have been using it for 6 months and I am extremely satisfied with the results.

  7. Kaushambi Chaurasiya Raj

    I am using Yagnadhara – Panchagavya Herbal Dhoop Cones and it is really nice. The fragrance stays for a long time and it helps create a calm atmosphere. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

  8. Aditya

    Yagnadhara dhoop is one of a kind, the fragrance is exceptional, I liked it so much a must buy product.

  9. chaitanya_teja

    When I first ordered the pooja items, I wasn’t sure about their quality. But now, I’m really happy with the nice-smelling incense, the pleasant Dhoop, and the good Pooja oil. My favorite is the Yagyadhara.

  10. Sai

    Really yagnadhara dhoop cones are awesome..must try

  11. Om Vasant

    i strongly suggest Yagnadhara Herbal Dhoop Cones for those who want a fragrant, chemical-free atmosphere. Great job by Yagnadhara, keep going!

  12. Sairam Dasila

    I have tried these dhoop cones and it smells amazing, but it doesn’t last long.

  13. Nitish Palata

    Effective in purifying the air. Refreshing fragrance, perfect for meditation.

  14. Mrinal Sinha

    Yagnadhara – Panchagavya Herbal Dhoop Cones are really good. They have strong fragrance and makes the environment pure. I liked it very much and would recommend to everyone.

  15. Devashish

    I have used many dhoop cones before, but this one is really effective. It has a pleasant fragrance and lasts for a long time. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  16. Tanvi

    Quality is very good and packaging is also very good. Impressed with best quality. Cones have nice smell too.

  17. Umamaheswara Reddy

    Yagnadhara Dhoop Cones i have been using from past 2 years, it is recommended to everyone who wants their home to be cleansed

  18. Chinna

    Excellent and Genuine Product

  19. vikram.ch

    I am using dhoop cones, shampoo, handwash, hair oil. All are good

  20. yamuna adapa

    words will not be sufficient to expresss the divine feel of this product

  21. Devendra Narain

    The fragrance of these herbal dhoop cones is very soothing and calming. I have been using them for my daily prayers and they create a peaceful atmosphere in my home. The quantity is also good for the price, making it a value-for-money purchase.

  22. Yeram Kanchhal

    These dhoop cones are great for purifying the air at home.

  23. Sanketh Mohan

    Very nice product the smell gives calmness to mind

  24. Anjana Chinni

    Thank you guruji for providing pure natural products in budget…..really all are very nice and pure natural products….

  25. Vidushi Bisht

    Product is good. Smell strong and nice. Worth for money. Useable in daily puja, brings positive energy to home

  26. Shubhanshi Upreti

    these dhoop cones are amazing. The fragrance is so divine, it fills my home with positive energy. I love the natural ingredients used in making them.


    Very nice dhoop cones i have used till now.
    I love these with it’s smell.

    Once again Thank you Swamyji for providing us healthy products…

  28. Medha Baddur

    This herbal dhoop cones are very good for health. The fragrance is amazing and the price is reasonable.

  29. pavanya

    awesome feeling very relaxing

  30. Padma

    Must buy. Very divine aroma. It has a cleansing feeling and doesn’t have strong pungent smell.

  31. Suryakant Chavan

    This product is absolutely amazing! It has a unique and refreshing fragrance that fills the room instantly. The herbal ingredients make it safe to use and the smell lingers for a long time. Perfect for spiritual rituals or simply to create a soothing atmosphere.

  32. Vishnu Ch

    All the products of gowdurbar are really awesome…be it is pooja essentials or health care or body care products…each and every products are a blend of ancient traditional formula with today’s modern trends…genuinely suggestabl products for every single person in the household…it’s a result of great dedication and passion of gowdurbar team…

  33. Shreyasi Sharma

    Good fragrance, traditional, effective in purifying the atmosphere. Loved it!

  34. Divyanshi

    After lighting the dhoop cones, I felt a soothing fragrance that reminded me of Indian traditions. It helped create a peaceful ambiance in my home.

  35. Jahangeer Bhatia Kundlik

    Best herbal dhoop cones ever used. Excellent fragrance and long-lasting. Highly recommend for a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere in your home.

  36. S.V.HARISH

    I started using Gow Durbar products recently. Its Dhoop Cones have very mild smoke and smell. Overall the fragrance is very soothing. All the GD products are very good.

  37. Ananya

    These dhoop cones are great for creating a soothing atmosphere at home. My family enjoys the pleasant fragrance it brings.

  38. Khanak Dhinoja

    This product is very lightweight, tastes good, and is affordable. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality herbal dhoop cones.

  39. ArmyV

    Excellent Dhoop cones. Thankyou for such a good quality and mild fragrance Dhoop. 🙏

  40. Rajendra Keshri

    Panchagavya herbal dhoop cones is very good for home atmosphere. It makes the air fresh and pleasant, and its scent is long-lasting. The price of these cones is also reasonable and affordable. I recommend this product to everyone.

  41. Anushka Chand

    Hello swamiji.

  42. Gurjot Ravsaheb

    Excellent herbal dhoop cones, provides a soothing fragrance to the surroundings. Impressed with its long-lasting effect and pocket-friendly price.

  43. Shirjon Mukherjee

    Good quality, nice fragrance and lasts for a long time.

  44. Poonam Shaji

    Good product. Effective in purifying the air. Pleasant fragrance. Affordable price. Definitely recommend trying Yagnadhara – Panchagavya Herbal Dhoop Cones for a fresh and positive atmosphere.

  45. Hiranmai

    This is first gifted by my cousin to me.i felt so happy with the fragrance and when I came to know about this brand and the yagnadhara usages I felt great.i love this product

  46. Arpit Kasera

    This dhoop cones are very helpful for purifying the air. It has a soothing fragrance which creates a peaceful atmosphere in our home. The price is reasonable and it is easily available in the market. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone who wants to experience a positive and serene environment at home.

  47. Harika

    Our family liked the Yagnadhara personally. Very calm and peaceful.

  48. Udbhav

    It is very good. No problems at all. Excellent quality herbal dhoop cones.

  49. Iskand Madala

    Before I bought these dhoop cones, I had doubts. But now all my doubts are cleared and they are very good!

  50. Ambuj Nag

    Wow! This herbal dhoop cones are amazing. They create a soothing atmosphere with a pleasant fragrance. I feel refreshed and peaceful after using them. Highly recommend for daily use.

  51. Yamuna yenagandhula

    Very much Happy with Gowdurbar products. Very good product.. really amazing…pleasant relax feeling…

  52. Om

    Very nice fragrance and good quality dhoop cones. I switched to this brand from another popular one and am happy with my purchase. Highly recommend it for a pure experience.

  53. Nagjibhai

    Thanks to Yagnadhara for a quick delivery and best quality product. The Panchagavya Herbal Dhoop Cones are amazing and gives a soothing fragrance to my home.

  54. Raghav Maddeshiya

    You won’t regret buying dis product. Traditional dhoop smell guarnteed. Perfect fit for any room size and fragrance lasts longer dan expected.

  55. sgidda

    This is one of the best pooja products in both Gowdurabar and in the market as well. These produce very little smoke but the room/home is filled with aroma from these, it is really pleasant and soothing. It is a must try product and should be experience atleast once.

  56. Mini Anand

    Yagnadhara – Panchagavya Herbal Dhoop Cones are authentic and fragrant when you light them. Amazing product!

  57. Jahanvi Bistagond

    Dhoop cones from Yagnadhara are of top-notch quality. Packaging is excellent too. Very impressed with the high-quality herbal ingredients used. Highly recommend it for a refreshing and pleasant aroma experience.

  58. Ranu Haokip

    Fantastic product, absolutely love the aroma and the positive vibes it brings to my home. Highly recommended to all my friends and family!

  59. Sathwika Sarma Puri

    I bought this dhoop cone and found it to be very fragrant and calming, with a long-lasting effect.

  60. Anoop Saran

    I like it. No no complaint. Super and fine quality product. This dhoop cones is very effective and gives a pleasant fragrance to my home.

  61. Rohan

    It’s okay. Value for money. Smell is really original and great.

  62. Talin Rajput

    I am writing a review for the Panchagavya Herbal Dhoop Cones by Yagnadhara. These cones meet our requirements perfectly and we are fully satisfied with their quality. We came across this brand from a YouTube channel and it’s definitely worth the price. 🪔

  63. Kiran

    This dhoop cones smell amazing and help to create a peaceful atmosphere. They burn slowly and last for a long time. Only downside is its little bit expensive.

  64. Geetika

    First test is success and loved the fragrance. Definitely a fantastic product. Very impressed with its effectiveness.

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