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Kanchi – Ashtagandha Flora Incense

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Ashtagandha Flora Natural Incense Sticks are a type of incense known for their exquisite fragrance created by blending eight sacred and aromatic ingredients. These incense sticks are carefully handcrafted using a blend of natural ingredients, A combination of eight essential oils, panchagavya, herbs, and pure honey. This incense is highly consecrated and named as Kanchi, one of the most sacred cities in Hindu culture.

Net Wt. – 45 g

₹ 100




Our Ashtagandha Flora Panchagavya Natural Incense Sticks are a special blend of fragrances that combine the divine aroma of Ashtagandha with the traditional blend of Panchagavya. Ashtagandha refers to the combination of eight aromatic ingredients that are traditionally used in religious ceremonies and spiritual practices. The ingredients include sandalwood, agarwood, musk, saffron, jasmine, rose, camphor, and lavender. This unique blend of fragrances creates a sacred and captivating aroma that uplifts the senses and evokes a deep sense of devotion.

Ashtagandha fragrance, panchagavya, herbs, and pure honey


The Incense is named after Holy City, ” Kanchi ” which is revered as one among seven Liberation cities in Indian culture. In Hindu tradition, seven places are considered as utmost sacred & believed to result in liberation (moksha) just by visiting once in a lifetime. Uttering those city names itself is highly regarded. Our Ashtagandha Flora Incense is made such that you would experience the vibes of consecrated place, Kanchi at your doorstep.

2 reviews for Kanchi – Ashtagandha Flora Incense

  1. chaitanya_teja

    This agarbatti is among the finest ones you can get, and it’s priced reasonably. The fragrance lasts for a long time, and it works well in air-conditioned rooms, making it great for meditation.

  2. Chandu

    Very different fragrance… I don’t know exact name but strong impact is there

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