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Buy Gowdurbar products worth Rs.2000, Apply coupon "GOWSEVAK24" and get a Bonus gift worth Rs.220

Jaggery Powder

(75 customer reviews)

Gowdurbar Jaggery Powder, part of the eco-friendly Swadesi product line, is a 100% natural, healthy, and tasty option. Crafted with ancient wisdom and modern needs, it promotes health consciousness, reduces oxidative stress, and aids natural weight loss.

Net Wt. – 500 g

Gross Wt. – 500 g




Gowdurbar Jaggery Powder holds a versatile presence in your kitchen, serving as an essential cooking ingredient, adding sweetness to beverages, and enriching the flavors of sweets. Beyond its culinary applications, Jaggery Powder also holds immense significance in the realm of traditional medicine, particularly in Ayurveda.

Derived from natural and unrefined sugarcane juice, Gowdurbar Jaggery Powder offers a healthier alternative to refined sugar. Its rich mineral content includes iron, calcium, and magnesium, providing not just sweetness but also essential nutrients for the body.

In Ayurvedic practices, Jaggery is revered for its medicinal properties. It is believed to aid digestion, boost immunity, and promote respiratory health. Its warming nature makes it ideal for supporting the body during colder seasons.

Experience the goodness of Gowdurbar Jaggery Powder, a time-honored ingredient that not only enhances the taste of your culinary creations but also nurtures your well-being with its natural and holistic qualities. Embrace the essence of tradition and wellness with every spoonful of this wholesome and nutritious sweetener.

75 reviews for Jaggery Powder

  1. Krishnaveni

    Jaggery is a great sugar alternative to white and brown sugar. It’s often made from an unrefined sugar cane or date palm in some countries, which is a healthier option as it’s more nutritious and may also contain small amounts of some vitamins and minerals. This gowdurbar jaggery power is very natural and smell is like honey.

  2. Mythili Katta

    Along with Agarbatti bought the jaggery powder, it is very nice and has a good taste. Swami Paripoornananda has done a great work.

  3. Taramla Kumari

    I like it… I will buy again. The taste is good and it is perfect for making sweets. I am happy with my purchase.

  4. Arnav

    Purchased the jaggery 6 days back, since then, has been using it in my cooking. It adds a rich and authentic taste to my recipes.

  5. Chaithanya Manohar

    When I compared it with another brand, I found that this one is better in taste and quality. The color of the jaggery is dark and it has a rich, caramel-like flavor. It dissolves easily in hot water or milk. I will definitely purchase it again for my sweet dishes.

  6. Sushmita

    Good quality jaggery powder, perfect for making traditional Indian sweets.

  7. archana jonnalagadda

    Pocket-friendly and good quality. My mother told me to try it and she was correct, the jaggery powder is very delicious.

  8. Balamurugan

    This jaggery powder, it is very good for our health. We can use it instead of sugar in our food. It taste really nice, gives a sweet flavor to the dish.

  9. Sapna Saluja

    Affordable and good quality.Got suggesion from Nanduri sir videos. The jaggery powder is very nice. It adds a great taste to my recepies.

  10. Nandini Rishiraj

    I have tried many jaggery powders before but not satisfy with the results. This jaggery powder is really good when compared to other brands. It’s worth buying it.

  11. Karuna Rao

    This Jaggery Powder is very sweet and tasty. It dissolves quickly in my tea which makes it easy to use. I’m liking the flavor of it.

  12. Raja Shekar

    Aroma of jaggery powder is very good. It feels like honey smell.

    Good quality jaggery powder. I have ordered it twice and will continue to buy it in the future. Very healthy and worth the price.

  13. Pradeep

    Jaggery powder is very tasty and healthy…it adds a nice flavor to my tea and desserts. It’s also reasonably priced.

  14. Rajamani Kaushik

    It is very good and I am satisfied with its quality.

  15. Sameeksha

    This jaggery powder is worth buying. It gives an authentic Indian touch to your dishes. Perfect sweetness level and lasts longer than you expect.

  16. Aravind

    I have been using this brand for a long time, but tried the jaggery powder for the first time and it is really good. Almost all products available at Gowdurbar are worth buying!
    I attended Maha Sakthi Yagam conducted by Pujya Swamiji.

  17. madhu mohan p

    Thank you gowdurbar for good quality jaggery powder and fast delivery, but it is little bit expensive.

  18. Sabareesh Dattatrya

    I like this Jaggery Powder. It is very good and tasty. I will buy it again for sure. It is a great alternative to sugar.

  19. yamuna

    If you taste sweet natural kova, how taste we will get, that much sweetened and natural aroma product, no words to describe the taste

  20. Meduri

    Very tasty.. no words to decribe

  21. Mahendra

    Good quality jaggery powder. I ordered it twice and will keep buying. Very healthy option for sweets.

  22. Sushil Mani

    I really liked this jaggery powder. perfect for making sweets, Thank you Swamiji for the line of products with good quality.

  23. Atharvana

    Authentic Indian taste, perfect for desserts and traditional recipes. Delicious!

  24. Githa Kumari

    Quality jaggery powder for all your sweetening needs. Thank you for this great product. It’s a must-have in every Indian kitchen.

  25. Avinash Redddy

    Jaggery Powder is very beneficial for health… Its taste and quality is good, but little bit high in price.

  26. Udaya Bhanu

    Thank you gowdurbar for best quantity product and a very fast delivery. Greatly appreciated!

  27. Indra A

    After opening the pack, I could smell the rich and authentic sweetness. The taste was perfect too, just like homemade.

  28. Sravya Bala D

    This is very good quality jaggery. The taste is also good. Our family members are serious followers of pujya swamiji. We are sanatani people, and we will buy from gowdurbar from now onwards.

  29. Jyoti Belide

    It is good. No no complaints. Very nice quality Jaggery Powder.. I am like it very much.

  30. N Vishala

    Very tasty and natural .too good for health.

  31. Kundan Khandelwal

    After opening the packet, I found the truly authentic smell of jaggery. Tastes great as well. Good for tea and desserts too.

  32. Rishav Nalla

    Quality and taste is very good and it has pure smell of jaggery. I like it very much.
    It’s a great choice for adding sweetness to my traditional Indian desserts.
    I am happy with my purchase and will buy again in the future.

  33. Rajat Kaushik

    The jaggery powder is of excellent quality and the packaging is also very good. I am impressed with the high quality. For cooking and beverages.

  34. Vignesh Durgavanshi

    1. Jaggery powder is very lightweight and easy to handle.
    2. It has a delicious taste that adds sweetness to my dishes.
    3. It is pocket-friendly and fits well into my budget without compromising on quality.

  35. Prasanna Kumar

    Pocket-friendly and good quality. My neighbor suggested me this brand. Yeah, he is correct, the jaggery powder is very tasty.

  36. Praveen Dasi

    I really enjoyed using this product. It has a rich, natural taste and is perfect for my homemade sweets. Thank you.

  37. Sreedhar S

    We avoid using white sugar, or even brown sugar as much as we could but I thought I should try this.
    This sweetener underwent less processing compared to white and brown sugar. So it still retained most of the natural nutrients found in sugarcane. Great product from house of swamiji.

  38. Tushar Prakash

    This jaggery powder is amazing! It adds a sweet touch to my desserts and beverages. Great quality and value for money. I’m satisfied with my purchase.

  39. Harika

    Very nice products, I will recommend them to everyone.

  40. Apparna Ch

    I have been using this jaggery powder for a while now and it is really good. It adds a nice natural sweetness to my dishes and drinks. I would definitely suggest giving it a try.

  41. Babitarani Koppula

    Jaggery powder is of excellent quality, with attractive packaging. Highly impressed!
    The taste of this jaggery powder is authentic and delightful.
    I am satisfied with the product’s premium quality and affordable pricing.
    One minor drawback is its limited availability in certain stores.

  42. Y Bharathi

    Good quality jaggery powder for everyday use. Thank you so much for the product, bhaiya.

  43. Ram sampath

    Tastes like honey. complete pure product. liked very much.

  44. Siri Hara Ganapati Vitala

    Usualy everyone uses suger for filter coffee But I suggest everyone to use this for filter coffee and feel the refreshing taste change.

  45. Ramarao Sunkara

    Really awesome product. Natural and healthy.

  46. Ch Lakshmi

    Sweet and natural, adds a lovely flavor to my desserts. Great quality.

  47. Deepa Uppari

    good quality and the packaging is also nice. I am impressed with its superior quality. It is a great product to have in your kitchen for all your sweetening needs.

  48. Madhu Goswami Preet

    Jaggery Powder is very delicious and it comes in a nice package. I am impressed with its quality.

  49. Sravan

    Jaggery Powder is very tasty and healthy. It adds a nice flavor to my desserts and gives me energy throughout the day. I love it!

  50. T Usha Priya

    Jaggery Powder is great for traditional Indian sweets. It adds a rich taste and authenticity to my recipes. I love it!

  51. Vara Prasad

    This jaggery powder is amazing! It adds a delightful sweetness to my desserts and chai. Highly recommend it for all your sweet cravings!

  52. Jeevan Volla

    We ordered 1 kg initially and there’s no negative point about this product. Packaging is good and the powder quality is very nice.

  53. Renuka

    The jaggery powder is of excellent quality and the packaging is also very good. I am impressed with the top-notch quality and would definitely buy it again.

  54. Vignesh G

    We bought 1kg of this product and there’s nothing bad about it. The packaging is good and the quality of the jaggery powder is very nice. I will surely buy it again in the future.

  55. Thirumala Srinivas

    Good quality jaggery powder. Loved the taste. Affordable price. Available in different pack sizes. Good for baking and cooking.

  56. Narayana

    Good for Indian sweets, adds sweetness. Happy with its cheap price and good quality.

  57. Ravi

    I really like the jaggery powder. It gives a nice sweetness to my desserts and tea. The quality is good and the price is reasonable. I would suggest it to everyone who likes natural sweeteners.

  58. Vaishnavi

    Very sweet and flavorful. Adds a lovely taste to my desserts. Recommended for all Indian sweets lovers.

  59. Rohith Mantripragada

    This jaggery is delicious! Sweet but not too sweet, perfect for my morning tea. Thank you Swamiji for introducing me to Gowdarbar products!

  60. Taruni

    Good for babies, no added colour pure jaggery powder 👍👍👍 wonderful genuine product swamiji, thank you.

  61. M. Vahnika

    Bhai, jaggery powder ka toh kamaal hi kuch aur hai! Company ka jaggery powder ek dum alag hai, quality aur swaad mein. Jabardast quantity bhi, roz-roz badalne ki zarurat nahi padti. Ek dum mast!

  62. Sumatra Jain

    I ordered this for my grand mother who is a diabetic. The taste and feel of the powder is really good.

  63. Pavitra Mehta

    Jaggery is a good source of iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. I feel everyone should move from sugar ro jaggery powder usage. gowdurbar jaggery powder quality is very good.

  64. Vijay Kumar Nanduri

    This is my second time order with Go Ark, very good quality powder available online.

  65. Deepika

    My son enjoys milk with jaggery powder. Great taste comes when mixed with milk.

  66. Sourya G

    Jggery is a great sugar alternative to white and brown sugar. I suggest to use jaggery powder instead of sugar to everyone.

  67. Nani

    I am a regular purchaser of this jaggery powder & feels satisficed with the product quality, Package etc.

  68. Samyukta K

    Very nice texture and test is sooo good 👍. super taste for food items.

  69. Nalanda Ashok Kiran

    I replaced this with regular sugar and it is soo nice with both milk and coffee

  70. Sitharama rao v

    very nice taste of jaggery. I can feel the natural smell. delivery speed needs to be better.

  71. Anjana chowdary

    Good in taste and really affordable.

  72. sithapalli ramana

    Superb quality. No stones and pure.

  73. Vedika

    Quality is good.

  74. Padmaja

    Very nice texture and taste is sooo good 👍 I I like very much and ofcourse I will buy it again and again. This is in my favourite list. 😃

  75. Ramakrishna

    Really good product, good taste and great
    texture. my toddler loves its taste. i only use this jaggery powder instead of raw sugar in every item prepared for him.

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