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Mantra – Night Queen Aroma Incense

(73 customer reviews)

Introducing Gowdurbar’s Mantra Floral Incense – Night Queen, a captivating blend renowned for its enchanting fragrance extracted from the essence of the Night Queen flower, also known as Cestrum nocturnum. This unique incense releases a mesmerizing aroma that fills the air with a sense of allure and mystique. The act of lighting Mantra incense serves as a gentle reminder to stay present and mindful in the moment, elevating your senses to a state of tranquility and serenity. Immerse yourself in the soothing essence of Night Queen and experience a journey of enchantment every time you light this exquisite incense.

Net Wt. – 90 g

Gross Wt. – 110g


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Indulge in the attractive allure of Gowdurbar’s Night Queen Floral Incense, carefully crafted with the essence of the exotic Night Queen flower and harmoniously blended with sacred Panchagavya components. This natural and aromatic incense not only delights the senses but also carries profound cultural and spiritual significance. With each waft of its mesmerizing fragrance, let yourself be transported to a realm of tranquility and inner peace. Embrace the essence of tradition and spirituality as you immerse your surroundings in the divine aura of Night Queen Floral Incense.


Through the profound name “Mantra,” this incense beckons a journey of mindfulness and introspection, akin to the sacred repetition of a mantra. Beyond mere sensory delight, lighting this incense becomes a conduit to connect with the divine, the inner self, or a higher consciousness. Each fragrant wisp holds the power to transcend the ordinary, awakening a sacred space where the soul finds solace and serenity. Embrace the transformative experience as the essence of “Mantra” weaves an enchanting tapestry, guiding you towards the path of spiritual awakening and inner harmony.


Night queen fragrance, Panchagavya and Pure Honey

73 reviews for Mantra – Night Queen Aroma Incense

  1. Vijendra

    No regrets buying, traditional scent guaranteed. Perfect for small room.
    Smells lasts long and longer than expected, must buy!

  2. Aadharsh

    న పేరు ఆదర్శ్, నేను బెంగుళూరు లో ఉంటాను. శ్రీ నండూరి గారి వీడియో ద్వార నాకు గౌదుర్బార్ తెలిసింది. పూజ సామాన్లు అన్ని గౌదుర్బార్ నుంచే ఆర్డర్ పెడుతున్నాను .

  3. Kavya A

    I recently bought it and was amazed by its mesmerizing fragrance, it filled my room with a soothing and calming scent.

  4. Shrishti

    Awesome fragrance that fills my home with a soothing and relaxing aroma. It’s perfect for creating a calming ambiance during my meditation sessions. Good for all incense lovers

  5. Udaya Bhanu Swati

    Very nice fragrance, fills the room with a pleasant aroma. Great value for money. Will definitely purchase again.

  6. Manasa

    Quality and tasty is very good and it has pure smell of ground nut oil.

  7. Hemanth Behara

    Calms my mind and relaxes me before bed, the soothing fragrance lingers in the air, promoting a peaceful sleep; highly recommend it for a restful night.

  8. Sharanya

    Nice fragrance, calming effect. Lasts long, great for meditation. Good packaging. Will definitely repurchase and recommend to others.

  9. Ruchika

    Absolutely love this incense! The scent is so captivating and soothing. It creates a peaceful ambience in my home. Nanduri Srinivas Garu’s recommended incense sticks were truly uplifting and filled my space with positive energy.

  10. Soumya

    Best incense ever! Smells amazing and lasts long. Creates a peaceful ambiance for my evening rituals. Love the calming effect it brings to my home. Affordable and high quality, will definitely buy again!

  11. Prakash J

    The fragrance of the incense is delightful and not overpowering. It adds a soothing ambiance to my home.

  12. Sailaja Sarath

    I am fully satisfactory with the quality, it meets our requirement. We heard about it from a Youtube channel and its worth the price but some improvement needed.

  13. Radha padmaja

    It has a very good fragrance. I felt the pleasant and authentic flavour of night queen flowers

  14. Shashank Kumar

    Affordable and excellent quality incense sticks. I have been using them for 6 months and I’m extremely satisfied with the fragrance and longevity of the aroma.

  15. Anurag

    Amazing fragrance that captures the essence of night blooming flowers. Soothing and perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere.

  16. Nikhil Mehendale

    Tried many incense in the past, I bought these incense sticks online and they have a wonderful aroma that fills my home with a pleasant fragrance.

  17. Roshith

    Amazing fragrance, perfect for creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Good and natural products from swamiji. Thank You.

  18. Anala Shekhar

    I recently bought Mantra – Night Queen Aroma Incense and I was amazed by its naturalness and purity. The smell and taste were both divine, and it was clear that the incense was made from the best quality ingredients.

  19. Raghwendra

    This fragrance good nice, very long-lasting. I love it and using since 1 year. Cost also reasonable, happy with the purchase.

  20. Ramya P

    I like it very much… I will buy again and again. Fragrance is so good, but little bit costly.

  21. Jaya Chandra

    Great fragrance, perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere before bed. Affordable price and long-lasting scent. Will definitely buy again in the future.

  22. Prathyusha A

    Best Incense Sticks I ever bought. The fragrance is so relaxing and calming. Thank you for bringing peace into my home.

  23. Vennela ramakoti

    Worth purchasing these incense sticks, perfect fragrance and beautiful packaging.

  24. Navneet

    Honestly, I recommend everyone to buy this product. It is good in quality and quantity. From a well-known company , it is a great product for adding fragrance to your home and creating a soothing atmosphere for relaxation.

  25. Babli Suri

    Amazing fragrance, loved the packaging. After using it, I discovered the combo pack. Will definitely buy the combo soon.

  26. Poornima B

    Excellent quality incense with a mesmerizing fragrance, perfect for creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

  27. Rajamani

    Honestly, I recommend everyone to buy this product, as it is good in both quality and quantity. A reputed company and a great product…

  28. Chaitanya

    This incense has a delightful fragrance that fills my room with a calming atmosphere. Next time deliver fast please.

  29. Aayushi J

    Very affordable and good quality. My friend recommended me to use mantra – night queen aroma incense. And yes, he was right, the fragrance is very nice. It’s perfect for creating a calming atmosphere at home or during meditation.

  30. Vishal Ajjarapu

    I am waiting for it, I am also using so many Mantra products. Very good quality and aroma. It helps me relax and sleep peacefully. The fragrance is amazing, I love it.

  31. Manish

    I like it. No no complains. Smell so nice and good quality incense. Sri Swami Paripoornananda spoke about the importance of a dedicated puja space which i liked about.

  32. Prathima P

    Very nice fragrance, perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance at night.

  33. Jaya Lakshmi

    I am using this incense for a long time and I must say it is really nice. The fragrance is so soothing and it creates a peaceful atmosphere in my home. It also lasts for a good amount of time, making it worth the price.

  34. Lakshmi Verma

    We bought the Night Queen aroma incense and it is really nice. The packaging is good and the smell is amazing. Only downside was the burn time, it was shorter than expected, but overall a great product.

  35. Tulshidas S

    Nice fragrance, perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere at home. My wife says it’s better than other brands we have tried. Nanduri Srinivas Garu’s recommended thgese incense sticks brought a sense of tranquility and peace to my home

  36. Abhishek S

    The fragrance of this incense is amazing. It fills the room with a delightful aroma. Good quality and worth the price. But the box was little damaged. No problem.

  37. Ramesh

    Product smell good and relax body, but burns too quickly.

  38. Abhisikta Ramesh

    Good quality and nice fragrance. I have bought it twice and will keep purchasing it in the future.

  39. Shriya

    The fragrance is amazing, it creates a calming effect. The incense sticks are long-lasting and the packaging is attractive. I highly recommend this product from Mantra, it’s worth every rupee!

  40. Mahi

    Bhaiyo, yeh incense company waale khoobsurat khushboo bhejte hai, mein roz raat ko use karta hun aur mujhe shanti milti hai.

  41. Divyaraj Yamala

    Average quality and soothing aroma. Bought it twice and will keep purchasing more.

  42. Sagar

    Amazing incense fragrance, perfect for creating a calming atmosphere at night.

  43. Harika

    Best incense stick from GowDurbar. At first, I hesitated to buy but after purchase, I changed my mind. Gowdurbar will stay in my pooja room forever.

  44. Sahiti Prakash

    Choose without any doubt. Perfect for lovely fragrance, brings positive energy to our home.

  45. Varun

    The best incense in the market. I highly recommend Mantra – Night Queen Aroma Incense for anyone looking to add a touch of pure, natural fragrance to their surroundings. Good job by Mantra, keep going..

  46. [email protected]

    Beautiful fragrance that was long lasting.

  47. Supraja

    Fragrant and soothing, fills the air with lovely scents. Incredible!
    Smell nice and beautiful but little expensive for regular use.

  48. Gayatri Devi

    Ye incense bahut accha hai. Uski fragrance bahut khushnuma hai aur lambi samay tak tikti hai. Mujhe iski mahak bilkul pasand aayi.

  49. Rajesh

    I have been eagerly waiting for this product in Gowdurbar.
    The fragrance of this incense is truly mesmerizing and soothing.
    It adds a calming atmosphere to my home and helps me relax.
    Absolutely love the aroma. Nice.

  50. Sneha

    Amazing aroma, fills my room with a soothing and relaxing fragrance. Thank you, Swamiji, for creating these incredible natural products.

  51. Sivaganesh Prakash

    Best aroma incense purchased till date. Thank you for the fragrance. I am really satisfied with this product and highly recommend it to others.

  52. Deepika

    Arre bhai, Mantra ki incense ka toh kamaal hi kuch aur hai! Company ka incense ek dum alag hai, quality aur fragrance mein. Jabardast quantity bhi, roz-roz badalne ki zaroorat nahi padti. Ek dum mast!.

  53. Sumit

    This incense smell very nice, make my house feel good. Price also reasonable. I recommend for all who want nice fragrance in their home.

  54. srikanth reddy

    we will go to heaven superior fragrance

  55. Sneha

    I love the soothing fragrance it brings to my home, very relaxing and perfect for creating a peaceful ambiance. Great buy!

  56. Prathmesh Anupama Dattatrya

    Very good smell, brings positive vibration in my home. Worth the money spent, highly recommend it to everyone!

  57. Naveena G

    Fragrance of Mantra – Night Queen Aroma Incense is mesmerizing and soothing. It lasts much longer compared to other incense sticks I have used before. Affordable price makes it a great choice for regular use. Packaging could be improved for better protection during transportation.

  58. Neelima

    Mantra Night Queen Incense has a soothing fragrance. It is long-lasting and reasonably priced. Perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere at home.

  59. Aakash

    This incense is amazing! Makes my room smell so nice, reminds me of flowers. Perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere. Love it!

  60. Tulshidas Narayana

    First test is success and fragrance loved. Really very nice product. Makes room smell good. Must try it once.

  61. Sarvesh N

    I personally liked this product because it is from the house of popular swamiji. The fragrance is soothing and real. Thank you swamiji.

  62. Vineeta G

    Affordable price and excellent quality. I have been using this product for half a year now and I am extremely satisfied with its performance.

  63. Saranya

    I am enjoying it, the fragrance is very nice and it makes my room smell lovely.

  64. Neelima

    It smells amazing, perfect for a calming and peaceful ambiance.

  65. Praveena K

    This is my favorite incense for creating a calming atmosphere at night. I have tried many incense brands, but this one stands out. Its soothing fragrance helps me relax and sleep better. Very good during pooja rituals.

  66. Prakash Ch

    This incense is very light weighted and has a good taste. It is affordable too. I have loved using it in my home for a soothing aroma.

  67. Pravalika A

    Used for daily prayers. Very good, my family loves the fragrance. Affordable price and long-lasting. I first Saw GowDurbar in Sri Nanduri Srinivas garu’s videos and decided to try them. Really impressed with the quality, especially the Cow Ghee!

  68. Megha

    I am loving this incense, it smells so soothing and calming.
    The fragrance is amazing and lasts for a long time.
    Add this incense to enhance your relaxation experience.

  69. Sushmitha

    This night queen aroma incense has a relaxing fragrance that helped me relieve headache and stress. I am using it regularly now and it brings a calming ambiance to my home. Highly recommend for those seeking relaxation.

  70. Jagan Kumar

    Just amazing!. Great value for money. I will buy again. oka goppa product maku dorikindi swamiji daya toh

  71. Aakanksha

    Quality and taste is very good. It has a pure smell of Night Queen fragrance. The product is perfect for creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere at home. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for an enjoyable incense experience!

  72. Kartik

    Love the Night Queen aroma incense. It smells amazing. I use it every day. Great quality product with no complaints. ❤️

  73. Sailaja M

    Sri Swami Paripoornananda spoke about the importance of a dedicated puja space. Gowdurbar’s puja essentials can assist you in establishing this sacred area for your spiritual practice.

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