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Dhoop Sticks – Herbal Dhoop Sticks

(54 customer reviews)

Experience the divine synergy of Panchagavya and Devadaru with our fragrance dhoop sticks. The blend of cow-derived products and the aromatic essence of Devadaru wood creates a sacred ambiance for spiritual rituals and meditation.

Net Qty. – 15 Sticks

Gross Wt. – 30 g


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Devadaru and Panchagavya dhoop sticks offer a harmonious blend of sacred fragrances. Devadaru, derived from the revered Himalayan cedar tree, exudes a woody and calming aroma. Panchagavya, a combination of five cow-derived products, brings purity and spiritual significance. Together, they create a divine ambiance, purifying the surroundings, uplifting the spirit, and enhancing meditation and religious rituals.

54 reviews for Dhoop Sticks – Herbal Dhoop Sticks

  1. Vikram

    The fragrance is very strong and its long-lasting, but the sticks are not burning evenly so I have to keep relighting them.

  2. Shivani

    Absolutely love the soothing fragrance it brings to my home. Great value for money, highly recommended to create a peaceful atmosphere.

  3. Devi

    This product is amazing. The herbal fragrance is guaranteed to uplift any room. Perfect for small spaces and the scent lingers longer than expected.

  4. Jyoti Bhanu

    Good quality. Nice fragrance. Authentic and worth the money spent.

  5. Shaileja Shandilya

    I had doubts when I wanted to buy these dhoop sticks. but now, all my doubts are cleared and it is a very good herbal product.

  6. Anunay Anand

    After lighting the sticks, I could smell the herbal fragrance instantly. Good for relaxation and spiritual vibes.

  7. Akshara K

    The dhoop sticks are really good, the fragrance is very nice and it makes the environment calm. I started using them after trying a different famous brand.

  8. Bhaskar

    I am using these herbal dhoop sticks and they are really good. I have tried many other brands but this one is my favorite. The fragrance is soothing and long-lasting. Highly recommend!

  9. Jyoti Prabhu

    Good fragrance and natural ingredients. Perfect for my daily prayers. Will buy again! Good and natural products from swamiji.

  10. Bhargavi

    I am very happy with the quality of these Dhoop Sticks – they are long-lasting and the packaging is attractive. The best quality sticks I have seen.

  11. Sitaram

    Dhoop sticks are very nice for puja. They smell great and are pocket-friendly.

  12. Gayatri

    This dhoop sticks make my home smell great and feel more positive, I tried many other dhoop sticks but these ones are the bestest.

  13. M Usha

    Before purchasing, I had a lot of confusion but after using this product, all my ambiguities were sorted out. It’s a really nice herbal incense sticks.

  14. Naveena

    These herbal dhoop sticks are my favorite for creating a soothing atmosphere at home. I have tried many available online, but these stopped my quest.

  15. Bhanu G

    I bought these dhoop sticks from a local shop and I must say, the fragrance is amazing and they last for a long time.

  16. Deva

    These herbal dhoop sticks are a great buy, offering excellent value for money. They add a pleasant aroma to my home and provide a soothing atmosphere. I have recommended them to my family and friends too!

  17. Shourya

    Nice fragrance, lasts long, will buy again for daily use.

  18. Sandhya

    Namaste swamiji, we are your followers. Thank you for delivering the herbal dhoop sticks on time. The quality of the product is great and it fills the room with a refreshing fragrance.

  19. Jagadeesh

    Dhoop sticks are good. They smell nice and last long. Price is affordable. Packaging is attractive but there’s need to improve the burning time.

  20. Vaishnavi

    I really enjoyed these dhoop sticks because they are made by a respected swamiji. The fragrance is natural and refreshing. Thank you very much!

    I personally liked this product because it is from the house of poojya swamiji. The aroma is pure and genuine. Thank you so much!

  21. lalitha Chowdary

    Quality of these herbal dhoop sticks is very good, and the fragrance is pure and refreshing. I enjoy using them for my daily prayers.

  22. Prasanna Teja

    Good fragrance, traditional packaging. After using this product, I discovered the combo pack. Will definitely purchase the combo in the near future.

  23. pravalika

    These dhoop sticks are really nice. They have a wonderful fragrance and make my home smell so good. I love that they are made from natural ingredients. They burn slowly and create a calming atmosphere. I highly recommend them for anyone who enjoys incense.

  24. Nikhil

    Dhoop sticks are very nice in fragrance and made with pure herbal ingredients. They are better than other famous brands.

  25. Anubhav Prashanth

    This dhoop sticks are very light weight and easy to use. They have a tasty fragrance that fills the room. They are also affordable and worth the money spent.

  26. C Raju

    I like these dhoop sticks, they have a pleasant fragrance and are perfect for meditation or puja. Will definitely purchase again. Wonderful teachings, very inspirational speeches by swamiji.

  27. Suryakant Kushalappa

    These herbal dhoop sticks are amazing, loved the fragrance and it’s very helpful for relaxation. The packaging is also attractive. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

  28. Apoorva Kulkarni

    I love these dhoop sticks. They have a beautiful fragrance, and they create a calming atmosphere in my home. Very much use it.

  29. Harsha

    Herbal Dhoop Sticks are amazing, they have a pleasant smell and create a peaceful atmosphere. Highly recommend them for anyone looking for natural incense sticks.

  30. Saanchi Nailesh

    I am writing a review for the herbal dhoop sticks. I have been waiting for it and I am already using many products from Gowdurbar. The dhoop sticks are really fantastic, very effective and pleasant fragrance.

  31. Ritesh Shree

    The fragrance and length of these dhoop sticks are amazing. I am very happy with my purchase from a well-known brand. Highly recommend for a soothing atmosphere.

  32. Armoghan Rani

    value for money. I ordered from my cousin, she said the sticks is very herbal. Now today this purchase is for me..The swamiji teachings are so precious. We are big fan of him.

  33. Anubhav

    These dhoop sticks are amazing! They have a pleasant fragrance and last for a long time. They create a peaceful atmosphere in my home.

  34. Ram pavan

    Effective and affordable. I bought this from a local shop, Now, I use it regularly shop online in gowdurbar website. wonderful products swamiji.

  35. M Sreedhari

    These Dhoop Sticks are simply amazing. They have a soothing fragrance and bring a sense of calmness to my home. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for an authentic Indian experience.

  36. Gitika Saraswathi

    ధూప్ స్టిక్స్ అంటే చాల రకాలు ఉన్నాయి మార్కెట్ లో. కానీ గౌదుర్బార్ dhoop చాల బాగుంది . శ్రీ నండూరి గారు మంచి కంపెనీ మాకు చూపించారు ఆ వీడియోలో. అప్పటి నుంచి గౌదుర్బార్ ప్రొడక్ట్స్ మాత్రమే కొంటున్నాము.

  37. Shikhar

    Best herbal dhoop sticks ever used. Love the soothing fragrance and it helps in creating a positive ambiance. 😍

  38. Rajendra Guduri

    Good quality Dhoop sticks. Fragrance is amazing. I bought it after my friend recommended it to me.

  39. Arun Bhadouriya

    I highly recommend these herbal dhoop sticks to everyone. They are of great quality and have a pleasant fragrance. Worth buying!

  40. Gitika Chahal

    The fragrance is so good and it’s made of herbs only, but the smell is not too strong and it doesn’t last for a long time.

  41. Sanskar Mehrotra

    These herbal dhoop sticks are a must-have for my home. The soothing fragrance lingers in the air, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

  42. Ashwini Bala

    It’s good. Worth the price. Smell is very genuine and pleasant. Thank you swamiji for wonderful products.

  43. Sanskriti

    These herbal dhoop sticks are excellent. They have a pleasant fragrance and last for a long time. Thank you for this amazing product.

  44. Mansi K

    I recommends everyone to buy this product.

  45. Vineeta H

    This Dhoop Sticks are very lightweight and affordable. It is perfect one to gift to anyone.

  46. Shreya

    I bought these dhoop sticks from a local shop and they are really nice.the fragrance is soothing and long-lasting. They burn evenly without creating excessive smoke. I would definitely recommend these herbal dhoop sticks for a peaceful ambiance at home.

  47. Anikrishna

    I like it. No no complains. Good fragrance and burns for long time. Very satisfied with this herbal dhoop sticks.

  48. Rohit Shankar

    Value for money, long lasting fragrance. My grandmother loves it too. Good and natural products from swamiji.

  49. ChandraMowli

    I simply adore the soothing aroma and peaceful ambiance these herbal dhoop sticks create in my home. An excellent purchase, great quality at an affordable price.

  50. Kalyani Kanigiri

    Very good for burning and filling the room with pleasant smell, happy with its cheapness and effectiveness.

  51. Jakkala Revathi


  52. Roshini

    Wonderful product and smells good

  53. Saritha

    Very powerful sticks these are, very strong and fills the room , lasts long, what not………everything is good about this stick, no more discussions, I prefer blindly, Its magical Pranaamam Guruji, for introducing chemical free products and for our well being, your sankalpam is great! we are blessed!

  54. Srilekha D

    We recently visited the Maha Sakthi Yagam in Kakinada, and the experience fantastic and cannot explain in words. There we bought dhoop sticks from gowdurbar stall and it is really worth every rupee we spent.

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