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Dhoop Sticks – Herbal Dhoop Sticks

Experience the divine synergy of Panchagavya and Devadaru with our fragrance dhoop sticks. The blend of cow-derived products and the aromatic essence of Devadaru wood creates a sacred ambiance for spiritual rituals and meditation.

Net Wt. – 28 g

₹ 20


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Devadaru and Panchagavya dhoop sticks offer a harmonious blend of sacred fragrances. Devadaru, derived from the revered Himalayan cedar tree, exudes a woody and calming aroma. Panchagavya, a combination of five cow-derived products, brings purity and spiritual significance. Together, they create a divine ambiance, purifying the surroundings, uplifting the spirit, and enhancing meditation and religious rituals.


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