Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

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Discover the rich and authentic taste of GowDurbar Cold Pressed Sesame Oil, crafted from organically cultivated sesame seeds. This quality oil is 100% unrefined, traditionally filtered, and free from chemicals or preservatives. A nutrient powerhouse, it goes beyond the culinary world, serving as a therapeutic elixir for skin, hair, and overall well-being. Enjoy tradition and purity in every drop of this essential oil.

Net Wt. – 1 lt

Gross Wt. – 970 g


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GowDurbar Cold Pressed Sesame Oil, a treasure in every drop, invites you into the world of authentic taste and holistic well-being. Sourced from organically cultivated sesame seeds, this quality oil stands as a testament to purity and tradition. Unveil the essence of goodness with 100% unrefined, traditionally filtered oil—no chemicals, no preservatives.

Beyond its culinary excellence, this oil emerges as a nutrient-rich source, providing a myriad of health benefits. Renowned for its therapeutic properties, it becomes a natural remedy for arthritis and anemia. GowDurbar Sesame Oil stimulates blood circulation, aiding in the development of red blood cells and promoting overall vitality. Extend its benefits to your skin and hair, as it emerges as a therapeutic elixir, nourishing from within. Immerse yourself in the heritage of authentic taste and well-being with GowDurbar Sesame Oil.

45 reviews for Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

  1. Ritul Taneja Raviraj

    It meets our requirement. Completely satisfied with the quality. We heard about it from a YouTube channel and it’s worth the price.

  2. Keshav Prasad

    This oil is very good and I am waiting for it. Please make more items like this, thanks. The taste is delicious and it gives a nice aroma to my food.

  3. Savan Meena

    Quality and taste is very good, and it has a pure smell of sesame oil. It is a must-have in every Indian kitchen.

  4. Mritunjay Khokhar

    Authentic and traditional Indian oil, perfect for cooking. It has a rich aroma and adds a delicious flavor to dishes. Definitely worth trying!

  5. Anoop Sehgal

    I tried this oil and it really helped with my joint pain. I have been using it for a while now and I can feel the difference. It is good for cooking too.

  6. Suryakant Suri

    I like it. No no complains. Super and fine quality oil. It’s very good for cooking.

  7. Akhilesh Alwadhi

    We have been using this brand of oil for a while now and recently tried their Cold Pressed Sesame Oil. It is really good and we are satisfied with its quality. The products available at this store are definitely worth buying.

  8. Naini Dhananjay

    Affordable and good quality. My friend told me about it, and I agree, the oil is very nice.

  9. Ratan Mahalka

    The oil is very good quality. It has a nice smell and is thick. I am happy with my purchase from the local store.

  10. Ritesh Mehendale

    Pretty good oil is amazing! It adds a delicious flavor to my dishes and makes every bite taste even better.

  11. Bhushan Ojha

    This oil is really good for cooking and has a nice flavor. It’s made from sesame seeds and it’s healthy too. I use it regularly in my kitchen and it gives a unique taste to my dishes.

  12. Ramkrishna Mahankali

    Reasonably priced and good quality. My uncle told me about it. Yes, he is correct, the oil tastes very nice.

  13. Shipra Sutariya

    Very nice taste, affordable price also. I tried many sesame oils and this one is my go-to choice for everyday use. It’s a must-have in every Indian kitchen.

  14. Medha Soni

    Good quality oil, using it regularly for cooking. Will buy again and suggest to my friends.

  15. Sawan Ilmi

    I like it… It is good for cooking and has a nice flavor. I will buy again.

  16. Susmithaa Mahadev

    The product fulfilled all our needs and we are completely satisfied with its quality. We came across this oil on a popular YouTube channel and it is definitely worth the price.

  17. Saawani Shaji

    This oil is good for health. It has a pleasant smell and is priced reasonably.

  18. Himanshi Menon

    This oil is very light weight, tastes good and is affordable. It’s a great choice for cooking and has many health benefits.

  19. Vishesh Prasath

    Nice packaging. Happy with my purchase. Will buy again in the future.

  20. Ajit

    I like this oil. No complaints. It has a great quality and works well in cooking.

  21. Nisha Chawla

    Good quality oil for daily cooking. It gives a nice flavor to the food. Thanks to the brand for providing good products. I will definitely buy it again in future.

  22. Kalaivani Patil

    I bought this oil from a nearby shop and it has a nice aroma. I compared it with another oil and found this one to be pure and good quality.

  23. Smita Nitheesh

    Quality wise oil is very good for health. It has a nice aroma and taste. I use it for cooking and it gives a unique flavor to my dishes. The bottle is easy to handle and the price is reasonable too.

  24. Suman Maurya

    Thank you gowdurbar for the good quality oil and fast delivery. The oil is great for cooking and has a nice flavor. I will definitely buy it again in the future.

  25. Adity Purkayastha

    The quality of the oil is good and it has a pure smell. It is a great choice for Indian cooking. I will definitely buy it again.

  26. Kundalik Ramesh

    Good quality and beneficial for health. Bought it again and will keep buying in the future.

  27. Prajjwal Wathore

    Good oil for Indian cooking, adds a nice taste. Affordable and good quality. I like it.

  28. Arvind Nigam

    This oil is great for cooking as it adds a nice flavor to our dishes. It is also healthy and light on the stomach. I use it regularly in my Indian recipes.

  29. Devbrat Swamy

    Great for Indian cooking, adds a rich flavor. Happy with the reasonable price and good quality. Works well for both frying and as a finishing oil. Would definitely buy again.

  30. Anunay Khanna Ranjan

    The oil is good. I liked the taste and quality. It’s a nice product to use for cooking. I found it beneficial for my health too.

  31. Rajendra Katta

    It’s okay. Affordable price. Fragrance is really good and genuine

  32. Hari Pawar

    First test is success and loved the taste. It’s a very good product. I am very happy with this oil, it’s really nice and helpful for cooking.

  33. Rajveer Puri

    The oil is good for cooking and has a nice smell. It is a great product to have in the kitchen.

  34. Diksha Soni

    Good oil for cooking and massages. Affordable price, but packaging could be better. Also, it’s not available in smaller sizes which is inconvenient. Overall, a decent product for daily use.

  35. Alina

    Health wise it is a good oil. Smell is also good and available at affordable price. It’s a best buy!

  36. Raunak Suman Ajit

    Bhai, yeh ek dum ultimate oil hai! Quality aur taste mein alag level ka hai. Kam quantity mein bhi bahut accha result deta hai. Ek dum solid!

  37. Aakash Vardhan

    I am writing a review for this product. I am using it for a long time and I must say it is really good. It has become an essential part of my cooking routine. The quality and taste are amazing, and it adds a unique flavor to my dishes.

  38. Suhaas Dutt Dinkarrao

    It’s okay. Worth the price. Fragrance is truly genuine and pleasant. The oil is great for cooking and has many health benefits, but it can be a bit expensive for regular use.

  39. Manu Shukla

    Honestly, this oil is great. It has a nice aroma and tastes delicious. The packaging is attractive and the price is reasonable. I love it!

  40. Mayukh Bais

    Bhai, yeh oil ek dum alag hai! Quality aur taste mein kamaal hai. Bahut achhi quantity bhi hai, har roz use karne ki zarurat nahi padti. Ek dum mast oil hai, sabjiyon aur parathe ke liye perfect hai. Ek dum mazaa aata hai iska istemal karke!

  41. Priyakanta Verma

    I like it. No no complaints. Very good quality oil. Gives a nice taste to my food and keeps me healthy.

  42. Soumyadeep Jagtap

    Value for money, this oil is a must-have in my kitchen. It enhances the flavor of every dish. I also shared it with my family and they loved it too!

  43. Nishtha Guduri

    Before buying this oil, I had some doubts. But after using it, I can say it is a fantastic product. It has a great taste and is very beneficial for health.

  44. Gurjot Sahadeorao

    After opening the bottle, I found the really natural aroma of groundnut. Good for taste too. It is good for cooking and gives a nice flavor to dishes.

  45. Nalanda Ashok Kiran

    After experiencing purity in all the products from Gowdarbar, This has become my designation to Purchase genuine goods. Sesame Oil is also as good as all other products. Requesting Gowdarbar team to make this website a one point solution for all our home needs as much as possible.

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