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Sambrani Dhoop Cones – Herbal Dhoop Cones

Gowdurbar Sambrani dhoop cones are traditional aromatic incense cones made from natural ingredients. Their soothing fragrance creates a calming ambiance, purifies the air, and enhances spiritual practices.

Net Wt. – 40 g



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Gowdurbar Sambrani dhoop cones are aromatic incense cones that have been used for centuries in spiritual and religious rituals. Made from a blend of natural ingredients such a resins and Panchagavya, these cones emit a fragrant smoke when lit. The smoke from these cones is believed to purify the air, dispel negative energy, and attract positive vibrations. With their rich and lingering aroma, sambrani dhoop cones add a touch of sacredness to any space.


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