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Thulasi – Therapeutic Thulasi Incense

(73 customer reviews)

Our Thulasi incense sticks are formulated from organically cultivated roots and herbs. Their unique ingredients include 100% natural wood powder, panchagavya ( indeginous cow derivatives) and soothing fragrance from aromatic plant extracts. This ancient formula helps to create a stress free mind and pleasant environment as well as purifies your home.

Net wt. 75g

Gross Wt. – 95g




Quick Overview:

Panchagavya (medicinal indigenous cow derivatives) cleanses the human body of all pollutants. By lighting panchgavya-based natural incense sticks, you can make your thoughts pure and surroundings serene. They are created using 100% natural powder derived from organically grown roots and herbs. These incense sticks create a long-lasting, safe, and soothing fragrance from aromatic plant extracts. This therapeutic aroma, which is completely free from coal dust, helps your lungs breathe pure air. Use these sacred incense sticks to purify your home and create a positive, soothing environment for yoga, meditation, worship, and festivals.

Natural Thulasi Oil fragrance:

Thulasi is highly medicinal herb with enormous health benefits. Intake of thulasi cleanses the respiratory system & relieves stress. It also has anti-microbial properties.

73 reviews for Thulasi – Therapeutic Thulasi Incense

  1. Susmithaa

    The soothing of Thulasi Incense from Gowdurbar fills the room with a sense of tranquility and devotion. Exceptional quality that helps in meditation and creates a peaceful atmosphere.

  2. Arun

    Namaste Swamiji! Gowdurbar’s Thulasi incense truly impresses me with Refreshing aroma, and calming effect. Burns evenly, long-lasting fragrance. Spaces transform into serene havens. Quality is outstanding, price reasonable. Packaging eco-friendly, appreciable effort. Highly recommended for daily rituals!

  3. Sravya

    అగర్బతి అంటే చాలసేపు కలుతోంది. వాసన చాలసేపు రూమ్ అంత పట్టి ఉంటోంది. మేము రోజు మా ఇంట్లో అగర్బత్తి వాడతాము. గౌదుర్బార్ అగర్బతి చాలా బాగున్నాయి. మేము కాకినాడ లో జరిగిన మహా శక్తీ యాగానికి వచ్చి స్వామిజిని దర్సినచుకున్నాము. నిజంగ మా జీవితం లో అంత పెద్ద యాగం చూస్తాము అని అనుకోలేదు.

  4. Satya Narayana

    స్వామిజి నిజం గ అధ్బుతమైన ప్రొడక్ట్స్. మాకు franchise అవకాసం దొరుకుతుందా విశాఖపట్నంలో?

  5. Susmithaa B

    We heard the name of the Gowdurbar brand from Sri Nanduri Srinivas gari video and recently tried Thulasi Incense. The aroma is herbal and soothing. It’s calming and perfect for meditation or relaxation sessions. The sticks burn evenly, no rapid burning or excess smoke issues. It feels natural, not overpowering like some artificial scents out there. Packaging was secure, ensuring no damage in transit. Definitely a good buy for peace seekers.

  6. Kamini

    Exquisite aroma, truly elevates the home atmosphere. Instantly calming, serene experience upon lighting. Burns evenly, long-lasting fragrance persists delightfully. Absolutely natural, no artificial undertones detected. Ideal for meditation and daily puja rituals. Packaging ensures sticks remain fresh and intact. Impressively consistent quality with each purchase made. A staple for creating a tranquil space effortlessly.

  7. Soumyadeep

    I recently bought Thulasi Incense. The fragrance is refreshing and natural. It calms my mind effectively. The packaging was secure and neat. It burns evenly, no wastage at all. Price-wise, very affordable for everyday use. I recommend it for a peaceful ambiance. Will definitely repurchase soon!

  8. Annushka G

    Impressed by the calming fragrance. Thulasi incense sticks bring a soothing atmosphere to the home. Lasts long and is gentle for daily use. First of all I would like to thank you swamiji for providing natural products to society.

  9. Karun Chowdhury

    Effortlessly calming, these incense sticks bring tranquility to any space. Gowdurbar’s Therapeutic Thulasi is pure aromatic bliss for the soul. Thank you guruji for genuine and pure products.

  10. Naresh Gollaprolu

    Absolutely enchanting! The aroma fills the room, creating a serene atmosphere. Each stick burns smoothly, with no overpowering smoke. Consistently high quality, it’s now a staple in my daily routine. Noticeable stress relief after use. Perfect for meditation and relaxation sessions at home. ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Purnima Chowdhury

    Marvelous aroma, truly therapeutic. Burns evenly, very calming effect. Gowdubar delivers quality consistently. Sri Swami Paripoornananda garu always tells the importance of daily pooja’s. So we are here to start as a daily activity in our home.

  12. Nagamani

    Exceptionally refreshing, it uplifts the ambiance instantly. The burn time is impressive, and the scent lingers pleasantly for hours. Overall, a soothing choice for daily use at home or in a meditation space.

  13. Priyal Sundar

    We are regular viewers of sri nanduri sir videos. In one video, we learned about the gowdurbar and bought Thulasi incense and honey. This is soothing and aromatic, these sticks instantly elevate the ambiance. Their long-lasting fragrance creates a tranquil space for meditation or relaxation. Highly recommended!

  14. Shravya Bala

    Long-lasting aroma fills the home. Very therapeutic after a long day. Good for peace seekers! Sri Swami Paripoornananda spoke about the importance of a dedicated puja space. Gowdurbar’s puja essentials can assist you in establishing this sacred area for your spiritual practice.

  15. Archita Nandanwar

    Enveloped in a soothing aroma, Gowdurbar’s Therapeutic Thulasi Incense sticks bring an unparalleled sense of tranquility to any space. True to its therapeutic claim, these incense sticks have significantly elevated my daily meditation practice. The swamiji teachings are so precious.We are big fan of him.

  16. Seshikanth S

    Fresh, calming scent. Truly reminiscent of serene temples.
    Burns slowly, evenly; very satisfying.
    Smoke feels light, not overpowering.
    Affordably priced for excellent quality offered.
    Packaging is eco-friendly and robust.
    Ideal for meditation and relaxation sessions.
    Highly recommend Thulasi Incense sticks!

  17. Aditya

    Wonderful teachings, very inspirational speeches by swamiji. Whether you’re meditating, unwinding, or making a space smell nice, trying Thulasi incense is something you should definitely try for a great experience.

  18. Satya

    Remarkable fragrance! Gowdurbar’s Thulasi Incense enchants. Therapeutic aroma elevates spaces. Burns evenly, long-lasting bliss. Purely natural, no headache. Highly recommend for serenity seekers! Perfect buy.

  19. Sai

    It’s like being in thulasi garden…. fantastic

  20. Nitish

    Pleasant aroma! The Thulasi incense sticks are truly therapeutic. Easy to light, they burn steadily. The fragrance is calming and lingers long after. Ideal for meditation or relaxation. Packaging is great, ensuring intact delivery. High-quality at a reasonable price; definitely recommend for daily use.

  21. Bindu Priyanka

    The Thulasi incense has a divine, refreshing fragrance. It burns evenly and creates a serene atmosphere. Perfect for meditation, it uplifts my mood every time. Highly recommend for the peace and tranquility it offers.

  22. Goka rajeswari

    Absolutely enchanting aroma. Elevates the ambiance instantly. Perfect for meditation sessions. Long-lasting fragrance, very soothing. Natural and not overpowering at all. Packaging is eco-friendly, a big plus. Would highly recommend for peaceful evenings.

  23. Tattarao

    The Thulasi incense had a soothing, herbal aroma that calmed my senses instantly. It’s a great choice for daily meditation or relaxation sessions. Sri Swami Paripoornananda garu always tells the importance of daily pooja’s. So we are here to start as a daily activity in our home.

  24. Abhishek

    Gowdurbar’s therapeutic incense rejuvenates. Each stick offers lasting tranquility. Perfectly balanced; not overpowering. Packaging preserves fragrance well. Thulasi scent lingers pleasantly. Highly recommended for peace seekers. Exceptional quality!

  25. Manisha

    Amazing aroma. Thulasi incense soothes the soul. Pure, natural essence brings tranquility. Perfect for meditation and prayer. Long-lasting fragrance fills my home. Highly recommend for peace seekers. Value for money, indeed!

  26. Nataraj

    Stunning aroma! Thulasi Incense from Gowdurbar brings a sense of tranquility to any room. Burns evenly, with an enduring fragrance that lingers soothingly. Excellent for meditation or relaxation, truly a high-quality choice. Highly recommend this product from Gowdurbar!

  27. Harshit

    Namaste swamiji, we are your followers. Mystic scent, very soothing. Burns evenly, lasts long. Calms the mind significantly. Great for meditation sessions. Truly high-quality incense sticks.

  28. Srinivasarao

    Therapeutic Thulasi Incense, and it has truly transformed my daily relaxation ritual. This incense blend is a hidden gem that deserves recognition for its incredible quality and therapeutic benefits.

  29. Shanker

    Absolutely divine fragrance! Elevates my daily meditation experience significantly. The incense sticks burn evenly with minimal smoke, perfect for indoor use. Long-lasting aroma that instills a sense of serenity throughout the house. Highly recommend for those seeking a peaceful ambiance.

  30. Devdarshdeep

    Blissfully aromatic, truly enhances the meditation experience.
    Effortlessly uplifts the home ambiance to tranquility.
    Long-lasting fragrance, not overpowering, subtle and pure.
    Eco-friendly packaging, shows thoughtful sustainability efforts.
    Burns evenly without much smoke, a pleasant surprise indeed.
    Value for money; a small quantity goes a long way.
    A natural stress-reliever after hectic work days; much needed.
    Perfectly complements morning rituals, setting a peaceful tone.

  31. Seshikanth Pereddy

    Captivating aroma, truly calms the mind. Lasts longer than expected, enhancing peaceful vibes. Absolutely worth every penny for serene ambiance. We heard the name of the Gowdurbar brand from Sri Nanduri Srinivas gari video.

  32. Prassanna Shrivastava

    Tranquil vibes upon lighting. Elevates the room’s ambience instantly. Ideal for meditation sessions. Burns steadily and cleanly. Highly recommended for peace seekers. Worth every rupee!

  33. Mrinalini

    Refreshing scent, long-lasting burn. Thulasi incense creates a calming atmosphere, perfect for meditation. Great value for peace and tranquility at home. Great products really from the house of gowdurbar. Thank you swamiji.

  34. Anusha

    Good and natural products from swamiji. Energizing aroma, truly uplifts the mood. Burns evenly, lasting long. Purchased from Gowdurbar, quality is remarkable. I got for best price as well.

  35. Atharva Govind

    Pure Thulasi scent. Instantly calms the mind. Burns evenly, long-lasting. Perfect for meditation. Totally recommend it….. The swamiji teachings are so precious. We are big fan of him.

  36. Vaishali

    Refreshing scent. Elevates my home’s ambiance. Burns slowly, lasts long. Truly calming experience. Good and natural products from swamiji.

  37. Deepthi

    Efficient service, delightful scent. Gowdurbar’s Thulasi incense brings tranquillity to my home.

  38. Praveenaprasanth vadakattu

    Happily go for purchasing

  39. Shanmukhi

    These Therapeutic Thulasi Incense sticks bring a soothing ambience to any room, perfect for meditation or relaxation after a long day.

  40. Karthik

    Relaxing fragrance, instantly uplifts the mood. Burns evenly, lasts long. Truly a divine and soothing experience with every stick.

  41. Utkarsha

    Calming effect fills the room quickly. Perfect for meditation sessions. Long-lasting aroma, not overpowering. Burns evenly without much smoke. Packaging ensures freshness intact. Highly recommend for tranquility seekers.

  42. Gayatri

    Thulasi aroma fills the room. Long-lasting sticks. Elevates mood instantly. Great for meditation. Worth buying!

  43. Yeshaswini

    Refreshing fragrance. Long-lasting Thulasi aroma. Elevates mood instantly. Perfect for meditation spaces. Burns evenly without much smoke. Affordable and worth it. Highly recommend!

  44. Lalitha

    Beautiful aroma, instantly soothing. Burns slowly, lasts long. Gowdurbar’s Therapeutic Thulasi Incense is exceptional. Truly elevates the home atmosphere. Highly recommend!

  45. Uday Kumar

    A fresh, earthy aroma is there. Thulasi incense creates a calming ambiance. Burns evenly, lasts long. Ideal for meditation and relaxation sessions. Highly recommend it!

  46. Harika

    I like this product very much. The fragrance is very good. It is value for money. The quality and packaging were also very good. Thank you

  47. Harika

    All the items have excellent fragrance. Thulasi and Kasthuri have excellent fragrances.

  48. Divya

    Sublime fragrance, instantly elevates the ambiance with its earthy, soothing aroma. Absolutely therapeutic, aids in relaxation after a long day’s work. Highly recommend for peace and tranquility at home.

  49. Swetha

    Exceptional fragrance, truly uplifting my spirits. Burns slowly with minimal smoke. Creates a serene ambiance, perfect for meditation. Packaging is eco-friendly and secure. Highly recommended for a calming experience.

  50. Chandra

    Amazing aroma, fills the room. Gowdurbar’s Thulasi incense is truly therapeutic. Burns evenly, long-lasting. Clears mind, soothes senses. Perfect for meditation and relaxation.

  51. Khushi

    🕉🕉🕉 This incense has a soothing, herbal fragrance that elevates my daily meditation routine. The burn time is impressively long, making it great value for money. No overpowering smoke, just pure tranquility in every stick. It’s a must-have for anyone seeking a serene atmosphere at home.

  52. Sathwika

    Exceptional incense! The Thulasi incense from Gowdurbar truly elevates my meditation experience. Its soothing aroma promotes tranquility and purifies the space. The natural ingredients assure a safe, therapeutic environment. Highly recommend for peace seekers!

  53. Shreya Kiran

    Incredible aroma, truly uplifts the home atmosphere. Subtle yet distinctly refreshing, lasts long. Elegant packaging, reflects authentic Indian craftsmanship. Perfect for meditation, creates a serene ambiance. Absolutely natural ingredients ensure a safe experience. Burns evenly without excessive smoke or residue. Reasonably priced, offers great value for money. An essential addition to daily rituals.

  54. Nitesh

    Exceptionally fragrant! Creates a serene ambience instantly. The burn time is satisfyingly long. Perfect for meditation or relaxation sessions. No overwhelming smoky residue. Highly recommend this for peace seekers.

  55. Vedanshi

    Bought from Gowdurbar, the Thulasi incense elevates my home. Burns evenly with a soothing aroma. Great for meditation and relaxation. Quality is impressive; worth every rupee. Packaging was secure and eco-friendly. Highly recommend this therapeutic indulgence!

  56. Sai Kumar Pallela

    Unexpectedly refreshing. Thulasi incense’s aroma is divine. It calms the mind effectively. The smoke is not overpowering. Ideal for daily pooja rituals. Lasts a good amount of time. Affordable price point.

  57. Pagathi

    Nice fragrance. The Thulasi incense sticks are a real treat. They burn smoothly and the scent is purely therapeutic. It lingers long after burning, which is great. Noticed it helps in calming the mind. Packaging was adequate, ensuring no damage to the sticks. Definitely recommend for daily use or meditation sessions. Great value for money! 🕉

  58. Monu

    Refreshing aroma, really uplifts the mood. Long-lasting fragrance, perfect for meditation or relaxation at home.

  59. Narendra K

    It has a natural, refreshing fragrance that uplifts the mood instantly. Lasts quite long and doesn’t overpower. Perfect for meditation or just to relax after a hectic day. Eco-friendly packaging is a bonus too! Highly recommended for peace seekers.

  60. Shiv Charan

    Refreshing and calming scent. Gowdurbar’s Thulasi Incense sticks create a peaceful ambiance, truly therapeutic.

  61. Sanjana

    Refreshing aroma, calms the mind. Burns evenly, long-lasting fragrance. Definitely enhances meditation and relaxation time.

  62. Meghana

    Fresh and natural, this incense fills the room with a calming aroma. The Thulasi scent is soothing and not overpowering. It burns evenly and lasts a decent amount of time. Great for meditation or relaxation sessions after a long day.

  63. Subhash T

    Amazing fragrance, feels very natural. Refreshing Thulasi scent calms the mind instantly. Long-lasting sticks, smoke isn’t overpowering. Perfect for meditation and daily puja rituals. Definitely recommend for a serene experience.

  64. Tammiraju A

    🥢🥢Whenever I visit Gowdurbar, I’m always drawn to their Thulasi Therapeutic Thulasi Incense. Its divine aroma fills my home, creating a serene ambiance. The sticks burn evenly and the fragrance lingers long after. If you’re seeking peace and tranquility, these incense sticks are a must-try from Gowdurbar.

  65. Sailaja A

    Effortlessly refreshing and divinely fragrant, the Therapeutic Thulasi Incense from Gowdurbar enhances any space with its soothing aroma. A must-buy for those seeking a tranquil ambience at home.

  66. Pragnya

    Nice and very delightful scent, truly therapeutic. Calms the mind instantly, very soothing. Perfect for daily meditation sessions. Burns evenly without much smoke. Try it out. Creates a serene environment effortlessly!

  67. Supriya H

    Absolutely love these incense sticks! Purchased from Gowdurbar, their Therapeutic Thulasi Incense emits a divine fragrance. The scent is calming and purifying. They last quite long during each session. Packaging was secure and delivery prompt. Definitely worth the buy for peace seekers.

  68. Sowjanya Dara

    i found amazon delivering these products in faster times

  69. Saritha

    Adhbuthaha! burns slow, full aroma, stays with you longer, soothing, what not !! Pranaamam Guruji, for introducing chemical free Incense sticks and for our well being, your sankalpam is great! we are blessed!

  70. P. Devika

    We recently visited the Maha Sakthi Yagam in Kakinada, and the experience fantastic and cannot explain in words. We bought Thulasi Incense from Gowdurbar website and it is really worth every rupee we spent

  71. Vikramaditya

    Wonderful teachings, very inspirational speeches by swamiji. And your products also very good to use. Genuine brand.

  72. Srujana

    స్వామిజి గురించి ఎంత చెప్పిన తక్కువే. అయన యొక్క వేదం సారం అపురూపం. అందరికి అర్ధం అయ్యేలా చెప్తారు. గౌదుర్బార్ కూడా అంతే. అన్ని చాల బాగుంటాయి.

  73. Sai

    Great efforts by swamiji gaaru … Great and superb …… Type of fragrance is really superb

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