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Thulasi zipper

(56 customer reviews)

Our Thulasi incense sticks are formulated from organically cultivated roots and herbs. Their unique ingredients include 100% natural wood powder, panchagavya ( indeginous cow derivatives) and soothing fragrance from aromatic plant extracts. This ancient formula helps to create a stress free mind and pleasant environment as well as purifies your home.

Net Wt. – 150 g

Gross Wt. – 155 g




Panchagavya (medicinal indigenous cow derivatives) cleanses the human body of all pollutants. By lighting panchgavya-based natural incense sticks, you can make your thoughts pure and your surroundings serene. They are created using 100% natural powder derived from organically grown roots and herbs. These incense sticks create a long-lasting, safe, and soothing fragrance from aromatic plant extracts. This therapeutic aroma, which is completely free from coal dust, helps your lungs breathe pure air. Use these sacred incense sticks to purify your home and create a positive, soothing environment for yoga, meditation, worship, and festivals.

Natural Thulasi Oil fragrance:

Thulasi is a highly medicinal herb with enormous health benefits. Intake of thulasi cleanses the respiratory system and relieves stress. It also has anti-microbial properties.

56 reviews for Thulasi zipper

  1. Vasundhara

    The fragrance of this incense is divine and it creates a calming atmosphere. The sticks burn evenly and the packaging is attractive. I highly recommend it.

  2. Jagriti Souza

    I love the fragrance, it fills my home with positivity.
    The incense sticks burn evenly and last for a long time.
    It is the best incense I have ever used.

  3. Siddharth Tidke

    We used many incenses available in the market but not satisfied with the results. This Thulasi incense is really good smell compared to others.

  4. Amitesh Anupama

    Amazing fragrance.. fills my home with divine aroma.. brings a sense of peace and tranquility.. love it! First of all I would like to thank you swamiji for providing natural products to society. This thulasi zipper is very amazing. Very finest quality it has.

  5. Vaibhav Chowdhury

    Thulasi Incense is truly divine, filling my home with a mesmerizing fragrance.
    The aroma takes me on a spiritual journey, creating a peaceful atmosphere.
    It is absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend it to all.
    A must-have for anyone seeking tranquility and serenity in their lives.

  6. Utkarsh Chouhan

    Best incense sticks I have ever used, the fragrance is divine.

  7. Akhil

    Simply superb smell. It feels like real tulasi fragrance coming in the room. Genuine products by swamiji, really great.

  8. Soumya Gite

    Very nice incense. The fragrance is amazing and it makes my home feel so peaceful and relaxing. Use again for sure.

  9. Ramadoss Dhinoja

    Very fragrant incense. My friend told me about it and it’s really good.

  10. Vishnu Khatoon

    Honestly, I recommend everyone buying this incense, as it is good in both quality and quantity. A renowned company and a good product..

  11. Diksha

    Yaar, Thulasi Incense toh ek dum dhamakedaar hai! Is company ki incense ki quality aur fragrance bilkul alag hai. Quantity bhi kaafi zyada hai, har roz badalne ki zarurat nahi padti. Ek dum jabardast!

  12. Aayush

    I bought his incense from a local shop and another brand from an online store, and the difference was clear. This incense has a pleasant smell and burns nicely, making my home feel peaceful.

  13. Srijan

    This incense has a very strong and pleasant smell. It burns fastly and long-lasting. I love its fragrance.

  14. Satnam Mahajan

    This incense has a lovely fragrance that fills the entire room. It creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for meditation or relaxation. The scent lasts for a long time, making it great value for money.

  15. Danish Deepak

    Original smell when you open it, very good incense. Happy with quality.

  16. Ajit Bhardwaj

    The fragrance is divine and lasts long. The packaging can be improved. Overall, a worth buy for incense lovers!

  17. Mahesh

    Good fragrance, attractive packaging. After purchasing this, I discovered the combo. Will surely purchase combo soon.. I will highly recommend it and recommend Wonderful teachings, very inspirational speeches by swamiji.

  18. Ramana murthy

    Lovely aroma, long-lasting and perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere.

  19. Ramesh battula

    Swamiji ki na namaskaramulu. This incense has a pleasant fragrance that fills my home with positive vibes. I have tried many incenses but this one is the best. Highly recommended for daily use!

  20. Chhavi

    Good fragrance, long-lasting burn. Recommend for relaxing ambiance at home.

  21. Shraddha Barai

    There is sometimes a smell of groundnuts, but it doesn’t overpower the food’s flavor, which is really good.

  22. Anavi Suchi

    I bought this incense from a local shop and the fragrance is amazing, it creates a calm and serene atmosphere in my home. The packaging could be better though, it was a little damaged when I received it. But overall, I am happy with my purchase and will definitely buy again.

  23. Amrit Pralhad

    We have been buying this brand since a long time. Tried these incense sticks for the first time and they are amazing. The fragrances available in Thulasi Incense are definitely worth purchasing from Gowdurbar’s store.

  24. Soumyadeep

    First test is success and enjoyed the fragrance. Very nice product, I love it.

  25. Sushil

    Incredible fragrance and long-lasting, but packaging could be improved.

  26. Upamanyu

    Thank you Thulasi Incense for your amazing fragrance and divine vibes. The delivery was prompt and hassle-free. I will definitely recommend it to others.

  27. Babli Bistagond

    This incense from Thulasi is amazing! It has a wonderful fragrance that fills the room. I will definitely be buying more of their products. Keep up the good work, Thulasi!

  28. Gayathri

    I was eagerly waiting for this product in my hometown. It is amazing and fills the air with a lovely fragrance. Highly recommend it! Last year, I visited the Maha Sakthi Yagam, it is a life time experiance for me. The swamiji teachings are so precious. We are big fan of him.

  29. Adhyantika

    Good quality incense. It has a pleasant fragrance and lasts for a long time. I would recommend it to others. Value for money.

  30. Durga Jyotish

    Honestly, I recommend everyone to buy this product, as it is good in both quality and quantity. It is a renowned company and the fragrance of the incense is mesmerizing. The packaging could have been more attractive though.

  31. Sweta Johari

    There is a lovely fragrance of jasmine in this incense but it doesn’t overpower the smell of the room. The incense burns evenly and stays lit for a long time. The packaging is simple and easy to use. Overall, it’s a great product that I would recommend to others.

  32. Shubhanshi

    Good smell and long lasting. My mother told me about this, so I buy now. Very happy with my purchase, it brings peace to my home.

  33. Medha Mahajan

    Affordable and great quality incense. I have been using it for 6 months and I am extremely satisfied with its fragrance and longevity.

  34. Ragini Souza

    This incense has a strong and pleasant fragrance that fills the room quickly. It is also long-lasting and burns evenly without leaving any residue behind. I highly recommend it for a delightful aromatic experience.

  35. Akshay Balkoty

    Great quality and packaging is also very good. Impressed with best quality. Loved the fragrance and it brings positivity in my home ambiance.

  36. Jimi Varghese

    I have been using this brand of incense for a few months now. I tried Thulasi incense for the first time and it is really good. Most products available at Thulasi are worth buying.

  37. Pragya

    Hei mem aaj 5 pack order kiyaaa

  38. Babu

    Amazing fragrance and long-lasting. My home feels divine with the aroma of this incense. For everyone looking for a spiritual atmosphere in their homes.

  39. Seema Balot

    Arre bhai, Thulasi incense ka toh kamaal hi kuch aur hai! Company ki incense ek dum alag hai, quality aur fragrance mein. Jabardast quantity bhi, roz-roz badalne ki zarurat nahi padti. Ek dum mast!.

  40. Naveen Tibrewal

    I am writing review for Thulasi Incense. Very good quality, smell is nice. I heard about it on YouTube and it worth the price.

  41. Vibhanshu

    I am using Thulasi Incense and I am fully satisfied with the fragrance. The incense sticks are long-lasting and we heard about it from a friend. 🕉

  42. Ramandeep Pawar

    Amazing fragrance, fills my home with divine vibes. Perfect for daily puja rituals, highly recommended.

  43. Arnav Durgavansh

    Great fragrance, soothing and calming. Perfect for daily meditation and relaxation.

  44. Manya

    Thank you Thulasi Incense for best quality incense sticks and prompt delivery. The fragrance is captivating and it creates a calming atmosphere in my home. I highly recommend this product to everyone who loves incense.

  45. Sidhi Sawlani

    Thulasi Incense is very good for my pooja room. I like the fragrance and it helps to create a peaceful atmosphere. The packaging is attractive and the price is reasonable too.

  46. B Satish

    Smell is good and quality is very nice, but price little high for such kind of product. We heard the name of the Gowdurbar brand from Sri Nanduri Srinivas gari video.

  47. Srujana

    Bhaiyo, yeh incense company waale toh magician hai.. Inki incense ki khushboo se poori ghar mein sukoon ka mahaul ban jata hai. Bahut acchi quality hai.

  48. Soubhagya

    Product very good. Great fragrance, long-lasting and affordable. Used it during a puja and the scent filled the entire room. I use it for spiritual rituals.

  49. Padma gudimaredu

    First, I heard of this brand name from a YouTube video. We have been buying this brand of incense for a while now. I tried Thulasi incense for the first time, and it is really good. All their products are worth buying from Gowdurbar.

  50. Pallavi J

    The fragrance of this incense is really pleasant and doesn’t overpower the surroundings. It adds a serene and calming atmosphere to the room. Absolutely loved it!

  51. Sai Bhaskar

    I have been eagerly waiting for this incense in our store.
    The fragrance is divine and fills the room with positive vibes.
    Highly recommend it for a peaceful and calming ambiance at home.

  52. Vaibhav

    Smells good and great for meditation. Price is good and packaging is nice, but it have a strong fragrance.

  53. Navneet Atri Prasad

    This incense is fantastic, with a soothing aroma that fills my home. It helps create a peaceful atmosphere for meditation and relaxation. Highly recommended to all incense lovers! 👍

  54. Raghav Priyadarshini

    Namaste swamiji, we are your followers. It’s good… I will buy again… Smells nice, but the packing is damaged.

  55. Ramana kumar

    Excellent product I love to buy it again and again and it smells very good .
    It changed my total environment into a magnificent with the smell it produces

  56. Vennela

    Finally found what I was looking for – truly genuine products! Swamiji ji’s offerings are a welcome change from all the machine-made stuff these days. The quality is excellent, and you can tell they’re made with real care. Thank you for your honesty.

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