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Buy Gowdurbar products worth Rs.2000, Apply coupon "GOWSEVAK24" and get a Bonus gift worth Rs.220

Herbal Combo – Sree Chandan Free

(57 customer reviews)

The amazing combo pack that you are about to purchase contains a selection of incense sticks that have been carefully created to improve your meditations and produce a sense of peace in your holy place. Take pleasure in the stimulating scent of Bilwapatra, the calming essence of Kasthuri, the refreshing notes of Jasmine, the therapeutic properties of Thulasi, and the calming aroma of Sandal. Other aromas that will help you relax include the pleasing scent of Woods, the soothing fragrance of Rose, and the calming essence of Kasthuri.

It is a special offer that, when you purchase the Herbal Combo Pack, you will also receive a complimentary pack of Sree Chandan. This will add an additional layer of divine fragrance to your spiritual rituals. The entire package is now available at a discounted rate of 420INR, which is a significant reduction from the standard price of 470 INR. Take advantage of this amazing offer and save 50INR with a flat 12% discount.

Net Wt. – 575 g

Gross Wt. – 750 g

Original price was: ₹470.00.Current price is: ₹420.00.



Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of sandal, experience the grounding essence of Woods, and be enchanted by the delicate fragrance of rose. Let the soothing aroma of Kasthuri envelop you, revel in the sweet allure of jasmine, and bask in the sacredness of Thulasi and Bilwapatra. The Herbal Combo Pack not only infuses your space with delightful scents but also brings the essence of nature’s beauty to your surroundings.

Awaken your senses, connect with nature, and embark on a journey of aromatic wonders with Gowdurbar’s Herbal Combo Pack. Place your order now and relish the transformative power of these captivating fragrances.

57 reviews for Herbal Combo – Sree Chandan Free

  1. Kishore Pradeep

    My mom loves listening to Sri Swami Paripoornananda garu’s lectures, that’s how we found Gowdarbar. This Herbal Combo sounds perfect for our home puja room. It has so many nice smells – jasmine, sandalwood, even rose! The free Chandan sounds great too.

  2. Jagadish

    Dad recently went to the Maha Sakthi Yagam in Kakinada and spoke highly of Gowdarbar products. We decided to try their Herbal Combo. So many different incense sticks – perfect for finding our favorite!

  3. Ranjit kumar

    Working long hours makes meditation tough. This Herbal Combo from Gowdarbar might help! So many calming scents like sandalwood and rose. The free Chandan is a nice bonus for a relaxing atmosphere. Thank you swamiji

  4. Poojitha

    Nanduri Srinivas garu always says to use pure puja items. Gowdarbar’s Herbal Combo sounds good because it’s natural. Plus, so many different scents to choose from – jasmine for mornings, maybe sandalwood for evenings?

  5. Haritha K

    I like to start my workday with a puja. This Herbal Combo sounds good for my office puja room. Different scents can set the mood, worth the price.

  6. Srinivas

    Before any performance, I do a small puja for good luck. This Herbal Combo would be handy! Lots of scents to choose from, all are best.

  7. Deepak

    Yoga is all about peace and focus. This Herbal Combo sounds ideal for my practice. The calming scents like sandalwood and rose can create a tranquil environment, and the free Chandan adds a touch of serenity. Thank you swamiji.

  8. Harsha K

    Natural products are important to me. This Herbal Combo sounds good because it’s incense sticks, not something artificial. Plus, a variety of scents like jasmine and sandalwood lets me enjoy my pujas without harming the environment.

  9. Rishikesh

    Namaste Swamiji. Our community center often hosts small pujas. This Herbal Combo sounds perfect! So many different scents like sandalwood and jasmine can cater to everyone’s preferences. The free Chandan adds a touch of tradition for these special occasions.

  10. Veera Raghav

    Dad saw Gowdarbar at the Kakinada Yagam and liked them. He bought few packs and we are using them. Very nice sticks.

  11. Vicky

    Always use good puja items, like Nanduri Srinivas garu says. This Herbal Combo sounds good because it’s natural. Plus, lots of scents to choose from

  12. Sameer

    Like to start work with a puja. This combo sounds good for my office. Different scents can change the mood. Thank you swamiji.

  13. Sameer

    Like to start work with a puja. wonderful combo this one.

  14. Suchitra Ajjarapu

    Quality of product is good. Packaging is attractive and price is reasonable. It’s a great option for those looking for natural remedies. The smell can be improved, but overall it’s worth buying. Thank you swmaiji.

  15. Durga lakshmi

    It’s okay. Affordable price. Fragrance is very natural and pleasant.

  16. Chinmai

    This Herbal Combo is really good. The packaging is nice and the fragrance is amazing. I am happy with my purchase and will surely buy it again. The price could have been little lesser, but overall it’s a great product.

  17. Tanvi Sharma

    Very decent product. Sri chandan is really good. Thank you swamiji.

  18. Keerthana annavarapu

    This herbal combo is perfect for daily use. I have tried many combos online, but this one is the best. thank you swamiji and gowdurbar for wonderful products.

  19. Aakash Chowdhury

    Namaste swamiji. I really like this herbal combo. It has helped me a lot with my health issues. I will definitely buy it again. The price is reasonable too.

  20. Anil

    Combo is cheaper compared to other brands and the quality is good. I have been using it for 6 months and I am really satisfied with its quality. It’s a great product for its price.

  21. Akshaya

    I like it… I will buy again.. It is very good for health and has nice fragrance. Thank you swamiji.

  22. Sameera

    All fragrances are good… calming and pleasant smell

  23. Divya

    Thank you swamiji for amazing products. So nice agarbatti… collection is awesome.

  24. Vikranth

    No words to compare this agarbatti with other companies…. really these are special

  25. Manohar

    Best of the best. herbal combo is worth the price. It has improved my overall health and I have suggested it to my family too. Thank you guruji for this awesome collection.

  26. Vahnika

    I recently tried the Herbal Combo and was pleasantly surprised by its natural goodness. The fragrance and flavor were both amazing, and it was evident that the ingredients used were of top-notch quality. I am happy with my purchase and will surely buy again. Thank you swamiji.

  27. Yeshaswini

    Herbal combo is really good for health. The fragrance is pleasant and the price is reasonable. I would definitely suggest trying it out.

  28. S Suchi

    Before purchasing Herbal Combo, I had some doubts but they were all cleared. Not too smokey, pleasant smell.

  29. Hemalata Devi

    Affordable and good quality. My friend told me about this herbal combo. Yes, he is right, the products are very nice. I am happy with my purchase and will definitely buy again.

  30. Shravya

    This Herbal Combo is really good. Packaging is nice and fragrance smells really great. I will surely buy again.

  31. Usha ratna

    I want to say some things about this product. Very nice smell, affordable and long lasting. Thank you swamiji for gowdurbar.

  32. Ankita

    Good product, value for money. Hoping for more variety in the future.

  33. Hari Narayana

    Perfect for my daily pooja needs. I have tried many similar products, but this one stands out. It’s a must-try!

  34. Sruthi

    The quality of this product is good and it has a nice fragrance. The taste is also nice. I found it beneficial for my health. It is worth trying out.

  35. Rajashekar Reddy

    Product packaging is nice and the smell is amazing. It’s a good buy for herbal lovers.

  36. Surya Kumari

    I bought this herbal combo from a local shop and tried it for a week. It was nice and smell lasting for long time.

  37. Kasthuri

    I have been using this herbal combo for a while now and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. The quality is excellent

  38. Anil Kumar S

    Good combo for daily use in home and office. As nanduri sir said, gowdurbar is must try.

  39. Narendra D

    Kasthuri and sandal are my fav one’s in this combo. very nice fragrances.

  40. Subrahmanyam

    Good product, worth buying. I hope they introduce more herbal combos in the future.

  41. Satyachandra

    It’s good. Affordable price. Smell is nice and natural. Thank you swamiji.

  42. Annapurna Ajjarapu

    excellent fragrance set to buy. ordered 2 more for my family friends as a gift.

  43. Koushik

    tried many agarbatti fragrances but this one is very nice from the rest.

  44. Trivedi

    Very good..

  45. Ramakanth

    I bought this herbal combo from a nearby shop and compared it with another brand. Gowdurbar has best smell and long lasting fragrance effect. Thank you swamiji for herbal combo

  46. Urmila

    The fragrance is amazing. Kasthuri is the best of the best smell.

  47. Sulochana B

    Seems a perfect combo of fragrances. Shifted from a big agarbatti brand to gowdurbar because of the quality, price and mostly for our beloved guruji.

  48. Satwik M

    It’s good. Worth the price. Smell is really natural and pleasant. I like it very much, very useful for me.

  49. Shweta J

    Very nice quality and the packaging is also very nice. I am impressed with the good quality.

  50. Chandrika

    I absolutely love the herbal combo!

  51. Srujana

    I really like this Herbal Combo. A genuine product from swamiji.

  52. Keerthana

    Herbal combo is very nice. worth every rupee.

  53. Suribabu

    Great combo of herbal fragrances. Affordable and very good quality.

  54. Surya Kiran Chowdary

    Perfect fragrances. I bought it for my shop which is a iron related business. The rust smell is not coming because of pure fragrances. I’m a big fan of swamiji, products are really good.

  55. Sreelakshmi Kasniya

    It’s good. Affordable price. Smell is refreshing and pleasant.

  56. Manogna Ramesh

    NAMASTE GURUJI. You are providing a collection of calming fragrances. good combo for home purposes.

  57. M Padma

    స్వామిజి యొక్క భాగవత ప్రవచనాలు చాల అపురూపం. ఈ వెబ్సైటు లో అవికూడా పెట్టవలిసిందిగా కోరుచున్నాము.

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