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Woods – Pleasing Woods Incense

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Our cedarwood therapeutic fragrance based Incense Sticks are formulated from organically cultivated roots and herbs. Their unique properties include 100% natural wood powder, panchagavya (indigenous cow derivatives), and soothing fragrance from aromatic plant extracts. This ancient formula helps to purify your home as well as to create a stress-free mind and pleasant environment.

Net Wt. – 75 g




Quick Overview:

Panchagavya (medicinal indigenous cow derivatives) cleanses the human body of all pollutants. By lighting panchgavya-based natural incense sticks, you can make your thoughts pure and surroundings serene. They are created using 100% natural powder derived from organically grown roots and herbs. These incense sticks create a long-lasting, safe, and soothing fragrance from aromatic plant extracts. This therapeutic aroma, which is completely free from coal dust, helps your lungs breathe pure air. Use these sacred incense sticks to purify your home and create a positive, soothing environment for yoga, meditation, worship, and festivals.


  • Create a serene environment that clears the mind
  • Arouse positivity within and around you
  • Enhance yoga practice by connecting to the spiritual and divine
  • Made with natural wood powder and completely coal dust-free
  • Will not leave any marks on walls

Natural Cedar wood oil fragrance:

Several studies have pointed to the fact that inhaling the scent of cedarwood can decrease the effects of anxiety. It can serve as an all-natural antiseptic agent.


Cedarwood fragrance, panchagavya and Pure honey

2 reviews for Woods – Pleasing Woods Incense

  1. Aditya

    I really like the woods incense! It has a nice, earthy smell that makes the room feel peaceful and it is like bringing a piece of nature indoors.

  2. yamuna adapa (verified owner)

    It is calming the mind, the smell surrounds the entire house causing temple Atmosphere , i am dam sure stick to cow darbar you will feel lot of difference from other products.good job and very good work.

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