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Rose – Soothing Rose Incense

(42 customer reviews)

Our Rose incense sticks are formulated from organically cultivated roots and herbs. Their unique ingredients include 100% natural wood powder, panchagavya ( indeginous cow derivatives) and soothing fragrance from aromatic plant extracts. This ancient formula helps to create a stress free mind and pleasant environment as well as purifies your home.

Net wt. – 75g

Gross Wt. – 95g


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Quick Overview:

Panchagavya (medicinal indigenous cow derivatives) cleanses the human body of all pollutants. By lighting panchayat-based natural incense sticks, you can make your thoughts pure and your surroundings serene. They are created using 100% natural powder derived from organically grown roots and herbs. These incense sticks create a long-lasting, safe, and soothing fragrance from aromatic plant extracts. This therapeutic aroma, which is completely free from coal dust, helps your lungs breathe pure air. Use these sacred incense sticks to purify your home and create a positive, soothing environment for yoga, meditation, worship, and festivals.

Natural Rose Oil fragrance:

Rose oil is extremely popular for its medical and cosmetic benefits. It serves to boost confidence & desire by controlling depression and anxiety.

42 reviews for Rose – Soothing Rose Incense

  1. Shweta

    This incense has a lovely smell that creates a calming and soothing atmosphere in our home.

  2. Indira

    Very soothing. Fragrance of roses is calming and pleasant.

  3. Sandhya Kamble Kiran

    Very nice smell.. made my home feel peaceful and calm. Thanks gowdurbar.

  4. Aditi

    Good fragrance. Helps to relax and create a calming atmosphere. Worth buying for a peaceful environment.

  5. Suresh

    I found gowdurbar brand after watching sri nanduri gari video. This Rose Fragrance is very calming and soothing. The packaging is attractive, and delivery was on time.

  6. Apoorva Inavolu

    Very peaceful smell, affordable price. I tried many incenses and this one is my final destination for relaxation.

  7. Neha

    great fragrance, creates a calming ambience in my home. Love it!??
    Burns very slowly and lasts for long time.

  8. Deepthi

    Fragrant and calming, this incense creates a serene atmosphere that fills my home with happiness.

  9. Sukumar

    The incense has a pleasant fragrance and creates a calming ambience.

  10. Priyanka

    I suggest Rose – Soothing Rose Incense to anyone looking to add a touch of calming, fragrant ambience to their surroundings. Good job by Rose, keep going..

  11. Ashwini

    Nice fragrance, calming effect. The incense packaging is attractive. Very good. After using this, I discovered the combo pack. Will definitely purchase the combo soon.

  12. Jahnavi

    Absolutely love the calming fragrance it brings to my home. The soothing aroma creates a peaceful ambiance. Great value for money, highly recommend this incense.

  13. Sowjanya

    Rose – Soothing Rose Incense is very fragrant and relaxing, perfect for creating a peaceful ambiance in any space. The scent lingers for a long time, making it worth every penny.

  14. Tharun Goswami

    I highly recommend Rose – Soothing Rose Incense for anyone looking to add a touch of calming fragrance to their surroundings. Good job by Rose, keep going!

  15. Ashok

    Thank you for the soothing rose incense, it smells divine.

  16. Prabhakar Rao

    It smells amazing and creates a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Good and natural products by swamiji. Thank you Swamiji.

  17. Sai Kishore

    I like rose fragrance. It makes my room smell good. It’s very smooth and calming incense to use.

  18. Ashmita

    Thank you Rose – Soothing Rose Incense for best quality smell and a soothing effect. Delivery was quick too.

  19. Arun Kumar

    pleasant fragrance, long-lasting scent, and perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere in my home.

  20. Ganesh

    I personally like this product because it is made by a trusted brand. The fragrance is delightful and calming. Thank you for your Wonderful teachings, very inspirational speeches by swamiji.

  21. Tapani

    Fragrant and calming. Bought for prayers, will purchase again.

  22. Ambika

    I ordered the incense for the first time and it has no bad point. The packaging is good and the fragrance is so nice.

  23. Aishwarya

    This incense has a calming fragrance, feels so relaxative and fresh.

  24. Shalu Shekhar

    Soothing fragrance, perfect for relaxation. My home feels calm and peaceful with this incense. Love the beautiful aroma it leaves behind.

  25. Prabhakar G

    Swamiji teachings are so good. I really loved this incense because it has a calming fragrance.

  26. Dhruva

    This incense has a soothing fragrance that reminds me of a beautiful garden. I love the calming effect it has on my mind and i got it for a very cheap price.

  27. Keerthika

    Best incense I’ve ever tried, it has a calming and soothing effect. The smell of roses is beautiful and fills the room with a pleasant fragrance.

  28. Pradip

    This incense has a wonderful fragrance, creating a calming and soothing atmosphere in my home. Love the aroma it brings!

  29. Pranavi

    Amazing fragrance, calming and relaxing. The packaging is attractive. Will definitely repurchase this incense in the future.

  30. Kalyani

    Very good incense. Fragrance of the rose is very soothing and refreshing. Bought it after watching a YouTube video and it’s definitely worth buying.

  31. Shanker

    This rose incense is amazing. The calming fragrance fills my home and creates a peaceful ambiance. I highly recommend it to everyone!

  32. Sandhya

    Thank you for the lovely Rose incense. It smells divine and creates a soothing atmosphere in my home.

  33. Sarath Babu

    Nice aroma, helps in relaxation. Recommend to try it for a calming atmosphere at home. I visited the Maha Sakthi Yagam, it is a best experiance.

  34. Mahendra

    Fragrance is pleasant and soothing. Incense burns well and lasts for a long time. Happy with the purchase.

  35. Sangeetha

    Really love the calming smell of this incense, it adds a beautiful atmosphere to my home. The packaging is nice and good quality.

  36. Vaishavi

    Beautiful fragrance, creates a calming environment. Love the soothing effect. Good.

  37. Satyanarayana

    Rose incense smells good and helps me relax…the price is reasonable too. We heard the name of the Gowdurbar from Sri Nanduri Srinivas gari video. Thank you sir.

  38. Kalyani K

    excellent incense with a soothing fragrance. Perfect for relaxation and meditation. Thank you for this amazing product.

  39. Priyamani

    This incense is amazing! It has a soothing aroma that relaxes my mind. It fills my home with a calming atmosphere. Love it!

  40. Sri Lakshmi

    Absolutely loving the soothing fragrance it adds to my home. A total steal for the price, top-notch quality incense.

  41. Sree Vidya

    Namaste swamiji, we are your followers. The fragrance is very calming and the price is affordable. I have tried many incenses but this one is perfect for my relaxation.

  42. Annapurna Devi

    It is a life time memorable moment to visit the maha sakthi yagam. I visited the event and met swamiji. Best quality products at affordable prices. Thank you swamiji.

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