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7 Herbs Shampoo

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Natures Care for Strong Hair

This 100% Ayurvedic 7 Herbs Shampoo is a nutrient rich hair and scalp cleanser, suitable for all hair types. Prepared with completely natural herbal extracts, GowDurbar’s 7 Herbs Shampoo leaves your hair with a beautiful luster, swing, and fragrance.

Net Wt. – 750 ml

₹ 300




Quick Overview:

GowDurbar Natural Products 7 Herbs Shampoo is a perfect shampoo with resolving and purifying blends of herbs for healthy, sustaining hair. Infused with aloe, hibiscus, acacia, bhringraj, amla, nimba, aristaka, this 100% Ayurvedic formulation is perfect for maintaining hair and scalp health. The medicinal and antibacterial properties in these nutrients help preserve the original color of the hair as well as prevent dandruff, hair loss, premature graying, and damage. Each and every ingredient has been chosen carefully after years of research to create a one-stop natural solution for all types of hair for both women and men.


  • Nourishes the scalp, removes excess oil, and strengthens roots
  • Conditions hair, reducing hair loss and dandruff
  • Prevents premature graying of the hair
  • Maintains thickness and original color
  • 100% natural using time-tested herbs
  • Neutral pH of 6-7
  • Suitable for everyone in all climates

1 review for 7 Herbs Shampoo

  1. Sowmya

    Used this shampoo on my friends advise. Really it worked for me.No need for conditioner also.. very reasonable price

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