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Buy Gowdurbar products worth Rs.2000, Apply coupon "GOWSEVAK24" and get a Bonus gift worth Rs.220


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Panchagavya Is A Mixture That Is Prepared With Swadeshi Cow Derivatives Such As Cow Dung, Urine, Milk, Curd And Ghee. This Has High Medicinal Value In Healing The Human Body And Cleansing Atmospheric Pollutants. Regular Intake Of Panchagavya Has Been Proven To Help Reduce Health Disorders Naturally.

The Swadeshi Cow In The Indian Continent Is A Boon To Human Society As These Are The Only Species In This World Whose Products And By-Products Have High Medicinal Properties And Helps In Economic, Social And Spiritual Betterment Of Human Beings Since Ages. Our Ancient Scriptures Have Extolled Their Inherent Virtues And Bestowed The Status Of A “Universal Mother” Upon Indigenous Cows. On The Other Hand, Crossbreed Cows Are Injected With Hormones And Grown Just For Their Higher Milk Yields, Not Keeping The Quality Of Milk In Mind. These Cows Are More Susceptible To Diseases, So Their Derivatives Are Not Healthy.

In General, The Majority Of The Agarbattis Available In The Market Are Made Up Of Carbon And Chemical Fragrances, Which Release Harmful Smoke When Burnt And Cause Health Issues. On The Other Hand, GowDurbar Agarbattis Are Formulated With 100% Natural Wood Powder, Panchagavya (Indigenous Cow Derivatives) And Herbal Extracts, Which On Burning Releases Therapeutic Fumes That Cleanses Surroundings And Create A Pleasant Environment.

Divinity Is All About Holistic Living With An Act Of Worship, Which Is Intended To Enrich Our Thoughts And Serene Premises To Lead Healthy And Harmonious Life. Worship Requires Items Of Oblation With Purity And Sanctity. Deepam Oil, Incense Sticks, Turmeric, Kumkum, Chandan And Camphor Are Main Pooja Items Used In Daily Worship, Religious Rites, Rituals And In Festivals. Unfortunately, Most Of The Pooja Items Available In The Market Are Of Chemical Base And Harmful To The Environment. In This Regard, GowDurbar Has Taken The Firm Initiative And Is Committed To Supply Unadulterated, Chemical-Free, And 100% Pure Pooja Products.

These Products Derived From Panchagavya, Natural Herbs, Along With A Therapeutic Aroma Are Your Ultimate Guaranteed Health Elixir For Holistic Living. Our Products Give You An Experience Of Serenity And A Feel Of Divinity That Will Enrich Premises & Uplift Inner Strength.

Our Skin Is A Living Organ And Is Highly Sensitive. The Pro-Biotic, Friendly Bacteria On Our Skin Act As A Guard To Prevent Infections. This Natural Process Gets Disturbed By Using Chemical-Based Soaps. To Counteract These Negative Effects, GowDurbar’s Handmade, Cold-Processed Soaps Are Manufactured With Skin-Friendly Oils, Plant Butters, And Herbal Extracts Along With Essential Oil Based Aromas. GowDurbar Soaps Are Completely Free From Additives, Synthetic Fillers, Petroleum Distillates, Dyes, And Metals. It Takes 3 Weeks To Make Each Soap In A Traditional Process At Room Temperature Unlike Machine-Made Soaps. Additionally, This Unique Formula Maintains The Pro-Biotic Balance Of The Skin And Does Not Strip The Natural Moisture Or Sebum. This Soap Is Suitable For All Skin Types And Delivers Healthy Nutrients To Your Skin As It Is Full Of Vitamins. It Is Purely Ayurvedic Skin Care That Assists In The Production Of Collagen, Improves Hydration, And Enhances The Glow Of Your Skin.

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