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Free shipping for orders over 500/-. Elevate your wellness journey.
Buy Gowdurbar products worth Rs.2000, Apply coupon "GOWSEVAK24" and get a Bonus gift worth Rs.220


At Gowdurbar, our mission is to provide you with the best in natural, swadeshi products that nurture your well-being and uplift your spirits. We are overwhelmed by the response, love, and support we receive from our happy customers across various platforms. Here are some heartwarming testimonials that inspire us to continue our commitment to your health and happiness:


The holy cow is immensely sacred… Gowdurbar products are indeed pure and pristine… With a mind free from impurities, and with the unsullied Gowdurbar products, Let us offer our prayers to God and protect nature…!

—Swami Paripoornananda

In the abode of cows resides Goddess Lakshmi… The utilization of cow-derived products is prosperous and auspicious… Congratulations to the Gowdurbar organization, which is offering grand and sacred Pooja products… Best wishes

—— Brahmashree Chaganti Koteshwararao garu.

In the regions where “Yagna” are performed, deities wander… Even in the area where Gowdurbar Pooja products are utilized, one can experience a divine ambiance similar to a sacred ritual… Bestowing blessings upon the Gowdurbar organization, which offers worship products based on pure Panchagavya (five sacred products obtained from cows)

——Brahmashree Samavedam Shanmukha Sharma garu.

Using cow-related products in puja mandirs is considered highly auspicious. After incorporating Gowdurbar products, there is immense joy in finding even more pure and cleaner puja rituals. By utilizing these puja products made with Panchagavya (a blend of five sacred cow products), we also contribute to the protection and welfare of cows – a reason for our own involvement in cow conservation efforts.

—— Nanduri Srinivas Garu

Gowdurbar products are of excellent quality, and we can experience export-grade standards. I use them on a daily basis.

——-Viswanath garu.

Preserving the welfare of cows holds significance that is evident through the tangible impacts showcased by the products derived from the diligent efforts of Gowdurbar. Safeguarding of cows takes on heightened importance when considering the multifaceted benefits illustrated by the endeavors of Gowdurbar and the commodities it generates.

—- Sai Krishna Garu

The Dhoop, carefully composed from the amalgamation of Panchagavya, exerts a remarkable influence by mitigating airborne pollutants, thus becoming a tangible embodiment of Gowdurbar’s commitment to eco-friendly pooja products that hold a parallel significance to the ancient practice of yagna

——  Annadanam Chidambaram Sastry garu

Gowdurbar’s pooja commodities stand as a testament to their commitment to purity, being devoid of chemicals and the taint of pollution. Engaging with these offerings not only bestows tranquility but also cultivates a sense of mindfulness.

——–  Chaitanya Brothers

Gowdurbar’s array of pooja products emerges not merely as chemical-free entities, but as compositions derived from the very essence of herbs, bestowing a dual blessing. Beyond their spiritual significance, these offerings weave a tapestry of health preservation, where the natural properties of these herbs intertwine to safeguard one’s well-being.

—— Anantha Lakshmi garu

Gowdurbar meticulously crafts its pooja products, harnessing ingredients from Cow (Gomatha) that exude a touch of divinity. The utilization of these offerings extends beyond rituals, for they harbor health-enhancing properties. Rooted in purity and hailing from the quintessential Panchagavya, each item epitomizes a holistic connection to tradition and nature. Engaging with these products becomes an indirect act of sheltering the cows.

—–  Bachampalli Santhosh Kumar sastry garu

Gowdurbar’s illuminating deepam oil blends the essence of natural oils with the richness of essential oils, crafting a harmonious concoction. Meanwhile, their dhoop, an intricate fusion of 14 herbs, resonates with a profound connection to nature’s bounty. Embracing these offerings bestows profound advantages, nurturing not only the physical body but also the mind and soul.

—– Matha Siva Chaitanyaananda Garu