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Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil

(53 customer reviews)

A divine healing with a sacred lamp

100% natural medicated pooja oil for sacred lamps. It preserves the sanctity of the premises and invokes positive energy.

Net Wt. – 1000 ml

Gross Wt. – 966 g


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Quick Overview:

The reason behind this:
Lighting lamps in worship is not merely an act of devotion. By lighting the lamp with natural and pure oils, we achieve both of the following benefits: purifying the surroundings and protecting health with medicinal properties. The widespread use of petroleum products produces poisonous gases and pollutes the environment. To counteract this pollution and preserve the sanctity of the home, our ancient scriptures prescribe natural oils for lighting pooja lamps.

Why Punya deepam pooja oil:

Punya Deepam Oil is an Authentic sacred pooja oil made of sesame seeds, which rejuvenates the surroundings with positive energy and protects from fumes and pollution. Pure sesame oil for pooja leads to good fortune.
Authentic sacred pooja oil with all-natural ingredients
Spreads a pleasant fragrance throughout the house
Protects from fumes and pollution
Invigorates the surroundings and spreads positive energy
Calms the mind and promotes inner strength
Creates a serene environment for prayers and meditation

53 reviews for Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil

  1. Kanaka Rao

    I’m really enjoying this oil for deepams. It has a lovely aroma A must-try for all Indian!

  2. Vishwanath

    I have tried this oil and it is excellent for deepams. Namaskaram to pujya swamiji for providing this fantastic oil.

  3. Apurva

    Quality of Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil is very good and it has a pure smell of sesame oil.

  4. Anjali A

    Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil is very good and I am waiting for this product. Please make more items, thanks!

  5. Prabhu

    Good product. Very nice for daily pooja usage. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

  6. Sowmya

    Quality is good…we can experience pure sesame seeds presence in oil

  7. Rambabu Kaki

    Very good oil. After hearing the news about this oil online, I found pujya swamiji recommendation. Truly fantastic oil.

  8. [email protected]

    Excellent quality.

  9. Shaileja

    This pure sesame oil is excellent for everyday deepams. It is well-made and of high quality. Thank you to the brand for providing such a good product. I highly recommend it.


    Very 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  11. Pranav Mahalka

    I absolutely love the Punya Deepam oil. It is a pure oil for deepams.

  12. Asmita Tripathi

    Very good oil, gives excellent burn time. Affordable and high quality oil. Thank you swamiji for genuine products at an affordable prices.

  13. Aparsha

    I recently tried Punya Deepam and was amazed by its authentic aroma. very nice pooja oil for daily deepam purposes.

  14. Sweta K

    Very good oil for lighting deepams. Thank you swamiji.

  15. srinivasababu

    Good Quality Sesame oil.useing in puja Deepam.Must buy.👍👍

  16. Saran Sarawagi

    Best for daily deepams in puja. We are a regular sesame oil buyers from local shops. But we start buying punya deepam from gowdurbar after listning to swamiji videos. Excellent product.

  17. Kalindi

    The Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil is a must-buy. The packaging is excellent and the fragrance is absolutely amazing. It’s worth every penny!

  18. Lakshmi

    Punya Deepam oil quality is excellent. we are thankful to Paripoornana nanda Swami.

  19. Kavya

    quality is awesome, the glow when i lit the deepam with this oil is different than other store bought oils. I felt it pleasant. Just try once and anyone will love it for sure.

  20. Riddhi Machra Sahadeorao

    I had a question about this oil, but all my doubts were cleared and it is an excellent product.

  21. Veeresh Swamy

    Punya Deepam oil is very pure. Really nice and referred to my friends and family. Thank you swmaiji.

  22. పెండెం లక్ష్మీ నరసయ్య

    నాన్యమైన నువ్వుల నూనె కల్తీ లేనిది

  23. Sarath Bhardwaj

    We ordered Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil and there’s no negative point about the product. Packaging is good and oil quality is very nice.

  24. Navya M

    Punya Deepam oil hasgood smell and affordable price. I have tried many oils but this one is my ultimate choice for everyday deepams.

  25. Kaushik

    very nice, deepam lasts for long time.

  26. Ganesh

    During the ligting time, the smell is good and looks pure.

  27. Anadi Shankdhar

    well made product. swamiji choice is perfect for sel;ecting oils.

  28. Surya Kumar

    excellent quality and really pure for lighting diyas.

  29. Santosh

    best oil for deepams. ordered for karthika masa deepams.

  30. Mugdha

    I have an extended family and ordered first time. So we need bulk orders for daily usage. quality product, very nice.

  31. Diwakar jogiraju

    Pooja kosam order chesanu, after using I felt it is one of the best for all rituals. good product.

  32. Satti Reddy

    Super 👍👍


    చాలా బాగుంది, నేనే వాడుతున్నాను, గురువు గారికి ధన్యవాదములు 🙏🏻🙏🏻


    Good product

  35. K. Naga Sujatha

    excellent product. regularly using this oil for daily pooja.

  36. Bharadwaj

    Best quality sesame seed oil for pooja. I bought 12 bottles for this karthika masam. Thank you swamiji for pure products.

  37. Shubhanshi Pandey

    authentic oil for deepams. excellent quality.

  38. Ramakrishna Bhardwaj

    I have been using Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil for a while now. It is amazing! Swamiji products are excellent.

  39. Vilas Kar

    Good oil, smell during the pooja is very nice.

  40. Pragnya

    Punya Deepam, very good oil! I am really impressed with its quality. Please make more items like this. Thanks!

  41. Shubash

    very nice product, im using it daily for pooja.

  42. Vedhavati

    100% pure నువ్వుల నూనె , ప్రతీ product high quality maintain చేస్తున్నారు…

  43. M. Mallikharjun

    Excellent Product, I am using dailypooja

  44. Veerendra Chandra

    used many oils in the market for deepam lightinh. this one is a promising one.

  45. Vasantha Rao

    Very good quality and packaging is also very good. Impressed with the best quality. Best for pooja deepams.

  46. Narayana

    Using it since 5 months. No complaints in quality. So far all products of GOW darbar are amazing. I hope and wish they maintain it. Thanks to the whole team.

  47. Jagadeeshk

    Very good quality oil. It fill divinity through Deepam. I strongly suggest to use this for all Pooja activities.

    Jagadeesh K

  48. Sai Charan

    Namaste swamiji, we are your followers. First of all I would like to thank you swamiji for providing natural products to society. This Punya Deepam Oil is very amazing. Very finest quality it has.

  49. A. Dharshani

    Last year, I visited the Maha Sakthi Yagam, it is a life time experiance for me. Good and natural products from swamiji.

  50. A. Subba Raju

    We recently visited the Maha Sakthi Yagam in Kakinada, and the experience fantastic and cannot explain in words. We bought Punya deepam Oil from gowdurbar website and it is really worth every rupee we spent.

  51. Naga Satya

    The Gowdurbar products endorsed by Nanduri Srinivas Garu were a delightful discovery, infusing my surroundings with calming fragrances with purity.

  52. K. Sangeetha

    Thank you Swamiparipoornanada for the amazing natural products available on the Gowdurbar website. The fragrances are divine and uplifting, creating a peaceful atmosphere in my home with 100% natural products. I highly recommend them to everyone!

  53. P. Rajendra

    I am impressed by the high quality of the natural Gowdurbar products suggested by Nanduri Srinivas garu – they create a lovely ambiance.

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