Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil

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A divine healing with a sacred lamp

100% natural medicated pooja oil for sacred lamps. It preserves the sanctity of the premises and invokes positive energy.

Net Wt. – 1000 ml

Gross Wt. – 966 g


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Quick Overview:

The reason behind this:
Lighting lamps in worship is not merely an act of devotion. By lighting the lamp with natural and pure oils, we achieve both of the following benefits: purifying the surroundings and protecting health with medicinal properties. The widespread use of petroleum products produces poisonous gases and pollutes the environment. To counteract this pollution and preserve the sanctity of the home, our ancient scriptures prescribe natural oils for lighting pooja lamps.

Why Punya deepam pooja oil:

Punya Deepam Oil is an Authentic sacred pooja oil made of sesame seeds, which rejuvenates the surroundings with positive energy and protects from fumes and pollution. Pure sesame oil for pooja leads to good fortune.
Authentic sacred pooja oil with all-natural ingredients
Spreads a pleasant fragrance throughout the house
Protects from fumes and pollution
Invigorates the surroundings and spreads positive energy
Calms the mind and promotes inner strength
Creates a serene environment for prayers and meditation

81 reviews for Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil

  1. Khanak

    I’m really enjoying this oil for my cooking and massages. It has a lovely aroma and adds a delicious flavor to my dishes. The quality is superior and it’s great value for money. A must-try for all Indian households!

  2. Vishwadeep Tomar Nath

    I have tried this oil and it is excellent for cooking. It adds a lovely flavor to dishes.

  3. Saanchi Shandilya

    Bhaiyo, yeh oil company waale toh sach mein miracle kaam karte hain! Sabse pure aur healthy oil hai. Ek dum value for money hai. Iska fragrance bhi bahut accha hai, khana aur baalon dono ko shining kar deta hai. Aapko ek try jarur karna chahiye!

  4. Apurva

    Quality and taste of Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil is very good and it has a pure smell of sesame oil.

  5. Azmi Dhaka

    Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil is very good and I am waiting for this product. Please make more items, thanks!

  6. Asutosh Vishal

    Good oil for Indian cooking. Tasty and gives nice aroma.
    Great, my family enjoying cooking with it.

  7. Abhigya Pareek

    Excellent oil! It has a rich aroma and enhances the flavor of my dishes.

  8. Prabhu

    Good product. I loved the authentic aroma and taste. Will definitely recommend to my friends and family.

  9. Adity Patel

    High quality and authentic. I’ve bought it twice and will keep purchasing. A must-have for Indian cooking.

  10. Shubh Gayathri

    This oil is very light and easy to use. It adds a delicious taste to our dishes. The price is also very reasonable.

  11. Veena Pokhriyal

    Great oil! It smells good and tastes so delicious. It adds a wonderful flavor to my dishes.

  12. Sowmya

    Quality is good…we can experience pure sesame seeds presence in oil

  13. Tarun Sonawane

    Very good oil. Gives tasty food and smells amazing. My mom love it.

  14. Manali Mehra

    This oil is pure and authentic, with a strong aroma when you open it. It’s excellent for cooking and adds a unique flavor to your dishes.

  15. Rana Subbapati

    The oil is very pure and gives a rich aroma. I highly recommend it for cooking. Love it!

  16. [email protected]

    Excellent quality.

  17. Rajiv Mhaske

    Thank you Punya Deepam for the best quality oil with its pure and authentic taste. It’s a must-have in every Indian kitchen.

  18. Abhijit

    Punya Deepam oil is great for cooking, it gives my food a unique taste. It’s worth buying!

  19. Dwijaa

    I have been using this brand for a while now. I recently tried this oil and it’s really good. All the products from Punya Deepam are worth buying. It is very pure and gives a nice taste to the food.

  20. Vivek Balasaheb

    This oil is my favorite for everyday cooking. I have tried numerous oils available online, but this one is the best. It’s perfect for all dishes. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  21. Nitin

    Bhaiyo, Punya Deepam wale toh asli magician hain.. Aapki rasoi mein yeh oil lajawaab hai! Sach mein zabardast taste hai.

  22. Balbir

    Amazing quality oil, perfect for Indian cooking. Adds a delightful aroma and enhances the taste of my dishes.

  23. Shaileja

    This pure sesame oil is excellent for everyday cooking. It is well-made and of high quality. Thank you to the brand for providing such a good product. I highly recommend it.

  24. Ankush Kiran

    Great product for cooking! It adds a rich flavor to our meals. My family and I love the taste. Highly recommend it for all Indian dishes.


    Very 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  26. Pranav Mahalka

    Absolutely love the Punya Deepam oil, it adds an amazing flavor to my dishes.

  27. Asmita Tripathi

    Very good oil, gives excellent taste to our traditional dishes. Affordable and high quality oil for everyday cooking.

  28. Swasti

    We have been using this oil for a while now and we are really happy with the quality. It is a great addition to our kitchen.

  29. Tarushi Mishra

    I had some questions about this oil before purchasing. All my queries were resolved and it is an excellent oil.
    It is great for cooking and has a rich aroma. Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil is the best.

  30. Aparsha

    I recently tried Punya Deepam and was amazed by its authentic aroma and flavor. It was obvious that this oil was extracted from high-quality sesame seeds. The rich texture of the oil added a delightful touch to my dishes. It is a must-have in every Indian kitchen. I highly recommend Punya Deepam for its purity and taste.

  31. Sweta Kochar

    Excellent quality oil for daily cooking. It adds a delicious aroma to my dishes. Thank you Punya Deepam for this amazing product.

  32. srinivasababu

    Good Quality Sesame oil.useing in puja Deepam.Must buy.👍👍

  33. Gnaneswar

    Good oil, makes food delicious and healthy but expensive for me.

  34. Saran Sarawagi

    Love the rich aroma it adds to my traditional Indian dishes. A perfect choice for health-conscious individuals, great value for money.

  35. Kalindi

    The Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil is a must-buy. The packaging is excellent and the fragrance is absolutely amazing. It’s worth every penny!

  36. Karthikeyan

    Good quality oil, perfect for cooking and beauty purposes.
    Impressed with its natural aroma and authentic taste. Value for money.
    Helps in promoting healthy skin and hair. Will definitely repurchase.
    The packaging is sturdy and leakage-proof. Prompt delivery service too!
    Happy with the overall experience, will recommend to family and friends.

  37. Lakshmi

    Punya Deepam oil quality is excellent. we are thankful to Paripoornana nanda Swami.

  38. Apratim Purkayastha

    The oil is very aromatic and gives a nice taste to the food, but we find it expensive for regular use.

  39. Kavya

    quality is awesome, the glow when i lit the deepam with this oil is different than other store bought oils. I felt it pleasant. Just try once and anyone will love it for sure.

  40. Prateek Shanoo

    Great for cooking Indian food, adds a delightful taste. Affordable and high-quality product, rcommended for every one here.

  41. Nethaji Chhateja Srinadha

    Good for frying and adding flavor to South Indian dishes. Tasty and authentic, just like homemade. You can use it for all your cooking needs.

  42. Jyoti Chand

    I highly recommend Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil for anyone looking to add a touch of pure, natural goodness to their meals. Good job by Punya Deepam, keep going..

  43. Riddhi Machra Sahadeorao

    I had a question about this oil, but all my doubts were cleared and it is an excellent product.

  44. Yogansh Ratn

    Excellent quality oil, gives an authentic taste to my Indian dishes.

  45. Manvendra Kaur

    This oil is perfect for all my cooking needs. I have tried numerous oils, but this one stands out. It’s simply amazing.

  46. Gaush Raj

    I absolutely love Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil! It adds a distinct and delicious flavor to all my recipes. The quality is top-notch and the price is reasonable

  47. Shrikant Pradhan

    This oil is amazing! Gives a distinct flavor to the food and keeps it fresh for longer. Great value for money too.

  48. Vipasha Swamy

    Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil is bahut hi achha hai. Iska aroma aur mithaas mujhe bahut pasand aaya.

  49. పెండెం లక్ష్మీ నరసయ్య

    నాన్యమైన నువ్వుల నూనె కల్తీ లేనిది

  50. Rohit

    The quality of the oil is top-notch and it has a distinct aroma that reminds me of traditional Indian cooking. It adds a delicious flavor to my dishes.

  51. Apurwa Chaturvedi

    Perfect for Indian cooking, enhances the flavors. Happy with its affordability and good qualities.

  52. Saran Bhardwaj

    We ordered Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil and there’s no negative point about the product. Packaging is good and oil quality is very nice.

  53. Ranu Kunjir

    Pure Sesame Oil good for health… Punya Deepam pure sesame oil quality and price is good.. It is made from high-quality sesame seeds.

  54. Nav Magdum

    Punya Deepam oil has amazing flavor and affordable price. I have tried many oils but this one is my ultimate choice for everyday cooking.

  55. Kushal Anam

    Punya Deepam oil is very good quality and tastes so delicious. It’s the best oil I’ve used in a long time!

  56. Ganesh

    I like this oil..my food are now tasting well… full of flavor.. improved the taste of every bite.. helps in healthy cooking

  57. Anadi Shankdhar

    I really like this product because it is made from pure and authentic sesame oil. The aroma is amazing and it adds a delightful flavor to my dishes. Thank you!

  58. Sourav

    I suggest Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil. It is of excellent quality and provides a rich aroma to my dishes. A must-have in every Indian kitchen!

  59. Santosh

    Oil is good for cooking and massages, but has strong smell.

  60. Mugdha Shiromani

    Used for all my daily cooking. Excellent, my family loves it.. But it’s quite expensive.

  61. Deeksha Samaddar

    Best Sesame oil used. Loved the aroma and taste. 5/5 stars.

    Thank you for the purity, Punya Deepam!

  62. Satti Reddy

    Super 👍👍


    చాలా బాగుంది, నేనే వాడుతున్నాను, గురువు గారికి ధన్యవాదములు 🙏🏻🙏🏻


    Good product

  65. K. Naga Sujatha

    excellent product. regularly using this oil for daily pooja.

  66. Akash

    Best sesame oil I have ever used. It is pure and adds a delightful taste to my dishes.

  67. Shubhanshi Pandey

    Excellent quality and authentic taste. Perfect for all traditional Indian recipes. Highly recommended for cooking and Ayurvedic therapies.

  68. Ramakrishna Bhardwaj

    I have been using Punya Deepam – Pure Sesame Oil for a while now. It is amazing! The quality and taste are exceptional. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  69. Vilas Kar

    Good oil, very pure and tasty. No smell and good for cooking Indian food.

  70. Pragun Talwar

    Punya Deepam, very good oil! I am really impressed with its quality and taste. It’s a must-have in every Indian kitchen. Please make more items like this. Thanks!

  71. Shubhanshi Meghwal

    We have been buying this product for few months, and it’s amazing. This oil tastes great and is perfect for cooking Indian dishes. All the items available at Punya Deepam are really worth purchasing!

  72. Rishu Tyagi

    Great quality oil, perfect for Indian cooking. Highly recommend it!
    Heard about it from a family member and it’s worth the price.
    Satisfied with its purity and rich flavor in our recipes.

  73. Vatsalya Hosur

    This product is very light weight and easy to handle. It has a good taste and is affordable to buy.

  74. Rishu

    This oil is great for cooking as it adds a nice flavor to the dishes. Highly recommend it!

  75. Angad Raj

    I recently tried it and was amazed by its authentic flavor and freshness; truly the best pure sesame oil.

  76. Sumeet Bais

    I love Punya Deepam – it’s pure, aromatic and perfect for all my Indian cooking needs.
    The quality is excellent and I appreciate the traditional method they use to extract the oil.
    I will definitely buy Punya Deepam again for its authentic taste and health benefits.

  77. Vedha

    100% pure నువ్వుల నూనె , ప్రతీ product high quality maintain చేస్తున్నారు…

  78. M. Mallikharjun

    Excellent Product, I am using dailypooja

  79. Veerendra Dhaulakhandi Chandra

    This sesame oil has a lovely aroma and enhances the taste of my food. It is worth the price and I will continue to use it regularly.

  80. Siddhesh Kairati Vasantrao

    Very good quality and packaging is also very good. Impressed with the best quality. It makes my food more tasty and it smells really good.

  81. nikhil

    Using it since 5 months. No complaints in quality. So far all products of GOW darbar are amazing. I hope and wish they maintain it. Thanks to the whole team.

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