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Dhyana – Lilly Aroma Incense

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Introducing Lilly, an enchanting incense derived from the essence of the Lilly flower. Its soothing and elegant aroma fills the air with tranquility and grace, setting the stage for a meditative journey. Lighting Dhyana incense becomes a cherished ritual, marking the start of a serene and contemplative session. Immerse yourself in its delighting fragrance, as Lilly guides you towards a state of inner calm and peaceful reflection. Embrace the enchanting essence of Dhyana, where each moment becomes an opportunity to find solace and connect with your deepest self.

Net Wt. – 90 g

₹ 80




Crafted with utmost skill, Lilly Floral Incense is born from the essence of the Lilly flower, perfectly harmonized with Panchagavya components. This exquisite blend yields a natural and aromatic incense that not only pleases the senses but also resonates with the spiritual essence of nature and ancient traditions. Embrace the soul-stirring fragrance, as Lilly becomes a bridge to connect with the profound wisdom of our ancestors and the timeless beauty of the natural world. Let its enchanting aroma guide you on a journey of serenity and reverence, where each moment becomes a cherished celebration of our sacred heritage.


The name “Dhyana” given to this incense holds a meaningful purpose – to support meditation and spiritual contemplation. Its fragrance serves as a gentle guide, leading us on an inward journey towards serenity and clarity of mind. Embrace the tranquil essence of Dhyana incense as it becomes a valuable companion, fostering a calm and focused state of being during moments of reflection and inner exploration. Allow its soothing aroma to uplift your spirit, enhancing the depth of your meditative experience and nurturing a profound connection with your inner self.


Lilly fragrance, panchagavya and pure honey

1 review for Dhyana – Lilly Aroma Incense

  1. Bhavani

    I could feel like a real fragrance and this is so amazing

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