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Kumkum – Red

(51 customer reviews)

Symbol of Identity

Our kumkum is prepared traditionally with 100% natural kasthuri turmeric powder. It is completely unadulterated, utilized for pooja purposes and safe for all skin types. Use GowDurbar’s kumkum to glorify your rituals and worships.

FREE from Adulteration, FREE from Chemicals,  No added color.

Net Wt. – 50 g

Gross Wt. – 50 g


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Quick Overview:

GowDurbar’s Kumkum is traditionally prepared with pure turmeric rhizomes, which are cultivated in cow manure in western ghats. It is completely free from chemicals and safe for all types of skin. Natural fragrance derived from Champak aromatic essential oil. This high-quality kumkum is generally used for social and religious purposes and is additionally a symbol of charm and elegance for trendy women. Use GowDurbar’s kumkum to make your religious occasions, and festivals more auspicious and pious.

51 reviews for Kumkum – Red

  1. Prarthana

    This red kumkum is very good, it can be used for any occasion and is easy to apply. I recommend it!

  2. Indira Devi

    చాల రోజుల నుంచి నిజమైన కుంకుమ కోసం వెతుకుతున్నాము. స్వామిజి దయ వాళ్ళ మాకు చాల స్వచ్చమైన కుంకుమ మరియు ఇతర ప్రొడక్ట్స్ మాకు లభించాయి.

  3. S S Gopinath

    Absolutely love the vibrant red color and how it enhances my traditional Indian outfits. Adds a perfect touch of elegance.

  4. Kaushalya

    This Kumkum is excellent. It has a vibrant red color and stays on well. Perfect for hindu religious rituals.

  5. S B Shailendraa

    Very vibrant and beautiful color, perfect for Indian festivities. Adds a traditional touch to any outfit. Affordable price, value for money. Easy to apply and long-lasting. Highly recommended for anyone looking to add a pop of red to their look.

  6. Ajay Dattatrya

    Beautiful and vibrant red color. Gives a traditional touch to any occasion. Highly recommended for everyone.

  7. Vaishali puppala

    I shifted to this kumkum from another popular brand and am loving it!

  8. Mukund Kishore

    Nice red color for puja. Smell good, lasts long. Use it everyday, happy with the product.

  9. Soumya Sankar

    Usually I buy loose kumkum powder in the market. Suddenly I heard the gowdurbar name from our beloved Nanduri Srinivas gari video. I bought the kumkum along with punya deepam oil and bambooless insence. Really feel great after using it.

  10. Manisha

    This product is very good and I am excited to use it. It adds a beautiful touch to my traditional Indian outfits. Please produce more colors, thank you!

  11. Eeshwari S

    The kumkum is great. Affordable price. Smells really authentic and nice. Satisfied with the product quality, it’s value for money.

  12. Shreya Jagtap Teja

    Kumkum – Red is a good powder for forehead. Smell is strong and available at cheap price.

  13. Ravi Behara

    Awesome Kumkum-Red, loved its vibrant color and long-lasting effect!

  14. Anand

    good quality

  15. Pallavi S

    I bought this red powder for my puja and it has a vibrant color and smooth texture. Highly recommend it for religious ceremonies.

  16. Architha

    After applying on my forehead, Kumkum gave a vibrant red color and lasted long. Easy to use and suitable for festive occasions.

  17. Vivek

    Namaste swamiji. Gowdurbar kumkum red is a very good product, excellent quality! I switched to this brand from another famous one, and I am satisfied.

  18. Mohan G

    Red Kumkum is very good. I am happy with its quality and color. It is a must-have for religious ceremonies. Please produce more varieties.

  19. Shreya P

    I am writing a review for Kumkum – Red. It is a very good product and I have been using it for a while now. Natural and pure, thank you swamiji for providing great natural products for common people.

  20. Naveen B

    Best Kumkum I have ever used. The color is vibrant and long-lasting. Highly recommended for religious ceremonies.

  21. Arunima Vasant

    Bhaiyo, yeh Kumkum waale toh sach mein chamatkar karte hain.. Rang gehra aur pakka, khushiyon ka chinh hai. Sabhi sukh aur samriddhi aapke paas le aaye!

  22. Deepak B

    The Kumkum – Red is very good quality and the packaging is also very good. I am impressed with its best quality.

  23. Durgesh Priya

    The color of this kumkum is vibrant and bright, perfect for traditional occasions. It stays on well and doesn’t smudge easily. Great buy!

  24. Suribabu

    Best Kumkum purchased till date. The color is vibrant and long-lasting. The packaging is convenient to use. Highly satisfied with the quality and affordability. Thank you for a great product!

  25. Jyotsana

    Quality is very good. It has the pure smell of kumkum, reminding me of old days in my childhood pooja times. I love it!

  26. sowjanya gunadi

    This is my favorite red kumkum for auspicious occasions. I have tried many colors but this one stands out. It adds a vibrant touch to any celebration!

  27. Saloni Sharma

    I highly recommend Kumkum – Red for anyone looking to add a vibrant and traditional touch to their attire. Good job by the makers, keep it up!

  28. Akhila D

    The color of this Kumkum is vibrant and eye-catching.
    Its texture is smooth and easy to apply on the forehead.
    The fragrance of this Kumkum is pleasant and long-lasting.
    It gives a traditional touch to any religious ceremony or festival.
    Overall, it’s a great product that I would highly recommend.

  29. Sandeep

    It meets our requirement. Fully satisfied with the quality. We heard about it from our local store and it’s worth the price.

  30. Divyanshu Ganapathy

    Good product. Nice color. Affordable price. Happy with the purchase. Will definitely buy again.

  31. Kundana Kumari

    After applying it, I loved the bright red color and long-lasting effect. Perfect for special occasions.

  32. K Alekhya

    Good quality Kumkum, vibrant red color stays long and looks beautiful on the forehead.

  33. Shrinivas Shukla

    Kumkum – Red is amazing. It adds beauty and elegance to my traditional outfits.

  34. Shraddha G

    This red powder adds a vibrant touch to our traditional outfits. It enhances our beauty and cultural traditions. Highly recommended for festive occasions.

  35. Vishwanath

    Kumkum – Red is very good.. it looks nice and brings positive vibes to my forehead.

  36. Usha

    Love this red adds a vibrant touch to my outfits.

  37. Deepika V

    Great color, beautiful design. After applying this Kumkum, I found the combo. Will surely buy combo again in few days.

  38. Nikhilesh

    I love the vibrant red color of this kumkum. It adds a beautiful touch to my traditional outfits. The packaging is convenient and easy to use. The quality is great, it stays on for a long time without smudging. I highly recommend this kumkum for any festive occasion.

  39. Sunish Katiyar

    Kumkum – Red is very bright and vibrant, perfect for festive occasions. It stays on the forehead for a long time without smudging.

  40. Koushik C

    Love this product..perfect for poojas in home. Color is brigh red and very attractive.

  41. Vatsalya D

    I had a confusion earlier, but now all my confusions are cleared and it is a very good red powder.

  42. Vishnu priya H

    I bought this Kumkum from a local shop and it is of very good quality. The color is vibrant and the texture is smooth. It adds a beautiful touch to my traditional Indian attire. I highly recommend it for any auspicious occasion.

  43. Shankar

    I recently bought the Kumkum – Red and was amazed by its vibrant color. The smell and texture were both pleasing, making it stand out from other brands. Highly recommend!

  44. Venkannababu mandalam

    The color of this Kumkum is vibrant and rich. It has a pleasant fragrance as well. I use it for religious ceremonies. Great value for money.

  45. Vigneshwari

    Good smelling and perfect tint

  46. T. Kathyayini

    Namaste swamiji, we are your followers. Gowdurbar Kumkum is nonstick. Even if you try to put it on your forehead it doesn’t stick and color we observe.

  47. Sandhya Krishna

    The smell of the kunkum is fragnrant and pleasant. It does not itch and it is easily washable while taking bath. It does not stick to finger which is good because I can control the amount I need to apply. Thank you Swamiji for providing this natural product.

  48. H. Poornima

    Nice sticky sindoor, lovely red colour. A great product from Gowdurbar.

  49. H. Poornima

    Good one. Have been using for a month now, its safe to use and smells good too. A great product from Gowdurbar.

  50. A. Nalini

    No chemical was added. You can get the pure Kumkum store carefully as keeping open can get fungus as the kumkum is pure. Store carefully.

  51. Usha Ratnam

    Suitable for anytime usage. The selection of products in gowdurbar is excellent. I would definitely say thank you to swamiji.

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