Aiswarya Jumbo Offer

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Experience the divine synergy of light and fragrance with Gowdurbar’s exclusive offer: Purchase 10 bottles of Aiswarya Deepam Oil and receive 2 bottles of oil for free.

Pack Contains:

Aiswarya Deepam Oil – 10 + 2 Free
Net Wt. – 8160 ml

Gross Wt. – 8400 g


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Aiswarya Deepam Oil, known for its purity and spiritual significance, kindles the essence of divinity in your surroundings. Infuse your space with the sacred glow of Aiswarya Deepam Oil and let its radiance illuminate your rituals and moments of worship.

Buy 10 Aiswayra Deepam oils and get 2 Aiswarya Deepam oil for free.

Indulge in this exclusive offer to enhance your spiritual practices with the harmonious interplay of light and aroma. Elevate your worship experience and create an ambiance that reverberates with sanctity and fragrance.

54 reviews for Aiswarya Jumbo Offer

  1. Meenal Deepak

    We tried various oils but not happy with results. This oil is better than others. Great offer.

  2. Anish Kairati

    I bought this oil from a nearby shop and compared it with another oil I had, the quality of this oil is good and the fragrance is also nice. It’s worth buying for daily use.

  3. Hari Puri Prakash

    I want to share my thoughts about this product.
    1. The oil is very light and easy to use.
    2. It has a good fragrance and adds shine to my hair.
    3. The price is reasonable and worth the purchase.

  4. Mansi Chaubey

    Used for all cooking purposes. Amazing, my family enjoys it. Affordable with the jumbo offer.

  5. Suryakala Mittal

    The oil has a strong aroma of sesame seeds, but it doesn’t overpower the taste of the food. The packaging is attractive and the quantity provided in the jumbo offer is sufficient for a long time. I am satisfied with this product and will definitely buy it again.

  6. Bhavani

    In my pooja room always lit with deepam 🪔 by using aiswaraya deepam oil . I feel so pleasant.

  7. yamuna

    Oh my god, Oil is very natural and lightening deepam with this oil gives calming pleasant divine environment with smoothening smell in the pooja room.

  8. Minakshi Mehta

    This oil doesn’t get much absorbed by the food means we are not eating too much oily stuff. Very light we feel after consuming the food. The price is also very reasonable and it comes in a big bottle which lasts for a long time.

  9. Prateek Manchanda

    Good deal. The oil is effective and affordable. Will definitely buy again.

  10. Arish Kansal

    Amazing value for money. This oil is a must-have in every Indian kitchen, enhancing the flavors of our dishes. Even suggested it to my family members.

  11. Sowmya

    Excellent deepam oil…worth for this price

  12. Anjana Chinni

    Enni days kalthi oil vadaka ipudu pure oil vadutunte aaah anandam matallo chepalenu. Oil smell makes environmen so pleasant

  13. Vishwas Gond

    We bought the jumbo offer and it’s a great deal. The packaging is good and the oil quality is excellent. No complaints at all!

  14. Ekta Shivastava

    This product is amazing, it gives a nice fragrance and lasts longer than expected. Perfect for big homes.

  15. Surajit Ravsaheb

    Honestly, this oil is great in terms of quality and quantity. It is from a well-known brand and provides good results. I would suggest everyone to try it out as it offers great value for money during the jumbo offer.

  16. Snehil Veerepalli

    The oil is very good and it smells nice when you open it, but the offer is too big to miss.

  17. Sujan Saxena

    Good offer. My friend told me about this product, it is effective and gives shiny hair. Today I bought it for myself.

  18. Kalluru Yallareddy

    Good for Pooja oil

  19. Vishwadeep Kisshan

    It’s good. Affordable price. Fragrance is very traditional and pleasant. Works well for hair and body massage. Smells like a fresh flower garden.

  20. Hunny Rungta

    I use Aiswarya Deepam Oil Jumbo Offer for anyone looking to enhance the taste of their food. It is a great product that adds a rich flavor to my dishes. Good job by Aiswarya Deepam, keep up the good work!

  21. Rishi Kukreja

    This product is really good. It fulfills all our needs. We are completely satisfied with its quality. We came to know about this brand from a YouTube channel and it is definitely worth the price.

  22. Hira Arya

    Though there is a slight smell of peanuts, it doesn’t overpower the taste and aroma of the food cooked using this oil. The jumbo offer is worth it.

  23. Arun Rawlani

    The oil’s quality is good and it has a pure smell. It is a great deal. I love it.

  24. Sitaram Jha

    This oil doesn’t get much absorbed by the food, so we don’t end up eating too much oily stuff. It feels very light after consuming the food. I am not recommended it highly, but it’s a good product overall.

  25. Vijendra Dadarwal

    This oil is amazing! It has made my cooking so much better. The taste of my dishes has improved a lot. I am really happy with this purchase and will definitely buy it again.

  26. Harshraj Zope

    This oil is amazing. It has a strong fragrance that fills the entire room. The quantity in this jumbo offer is great and lasts for a long time. Definitely worth buying for a delightful experience!

  27. Ashutosh Suresh

    Best oil I ever bought. Thank you for the amazing offer. The quality is very good and the price is reasonable.

  28. Shiromani Chaubey

    This oil is really good, taste and quality are very nice. I changed to this brand from another famous one. It’s a great offer with jumbo size pack, so happy with my purchase!

  29. Shruti Hosur

    Oil quality is good and packaging is also nice. I am impressed with the best quality of this oil. It is value for money and worth buying it.

  30. Ritu Dhamane

    I had some doubts about this product before purchasing it. However, after using it, I must say that it is a very good oil. It has exceeded my expectations and I am satisfied with the jumbo offer.

  31. Tanneru madhuri

    Till now I ordered all pooja items they are very good in the smell wise and also the pleasant feeling will come
    Thanks for gow Darbar for the. Natural products
    Padabhivandanalu gurugariki

  32. Abhilasha Hanul

    The oil is good and affordable. I switched to this brand because it offers a great deal on the quantity.

  33. Prarthana Priyadarshini

    Best oil purchased till date. Thank you for the purity and the amazing jumbo offer. It has become my go-to choice for cooking.

  34. Sukumaran Gaur

    This oil is perfect for everyday cooking. I have tried many oils online, but this one is the best. It has a great taste and gives my dishes a delicious flavor. I always buy it when there is a jumbo offer available.

  35. Ritank

    I bought this oil during the jumbo offer and compared it with another brand, and I must say that this oil is pure and has a great fragrance.

  36. Ramakrishna Cheruvuri

    Really holy combo for karthika masam. SUPER

  37. Subhakar Mondeti

    Very soothing smell whie burning. I feel it is standing on its words.

  38. Ritank Govind

    The fragrance and quality of this oil are amazing. It’s a steal at the discounted price. Will definitely buy again from Aiswarya Deepam Oil Jumbo Offer.

  39. Sudhanshu

    Great product! I bought it during the jumbo offer and I am really satisfied with the results. It has a nice fragrance and makes my hair shiny and smooth. The quantity is also good, it will last for a long time. Happy with my purchase!

  40. Kori Bhukya

    Very good oil, affordable price. I have tried many oils but this one is perfect for daily use.

  41. Rana Khatoon

    Bhaiyo, yeh oil wale toh kamal ke hain.. Bahut sasta offer hai, bahut acchi quality hai.

  42. Aayushi Dhindhwal

    Reasonably priced and good quality. My neighbour suggested this oil to me. Yes, she is correct, the cooking oil is very nice. It gives a rich flavor to my dishes and the jumbo offer is great value for money. I definitely will buy it again.

  43. Archita Tanu

    After using this oil, I noticed its pleasant fragrance and how it enhanced the taste of my food. It is a great value for money with the jumbo offer. The quality of this oil is remarkable and it has become a regular in my kitchen.

  44. Pragati Divakar

    This oil is very useful for cooking and has a nice fragrance. It is reasonably priced and I am happy with my purchase.

  45. Mohit Porwal

    This oil is good for health and has a pleasant smell. It is available at an affordable price during the Aiswarya Deepam Oil Jumbo Offer.

  46. Akshay Bhukya

    I have been eagerly waiting for this product in my local market. Finally, it arrived and I am really happy with the jumbo offer. The oil is of great quality and the price is very reasonable.

  47. Arihant

    This oil is not easily absorbed by the food, so we don’t end up eating too much oily food. It leaves us feeling light after meals.

  48. Palata Chandel

    This oil is not easily absorb by the food, so we don’t eat much oily stuff. After eating, we feel very light. Great jumbo offer for Aiswarya Deepam Oil!

  49. Prakhar Thawani

    I was eagerly waiting for this product in the market. Finally got it at Gowdurbar. Amazing offer, great quality.

  50. Prashanth Raju PS

    It’s refreshing. the aroma of the oil is very pleasant.
    It would be nice to have a 5 ltr option for those planning to buy larger quantities.

  51. Vamsi

    We have been using this oil for a while now and it is really good. The price is also reasonable. All the products at Gowdurbar are worth buying.

  52. Aparna Virendrabhai

    I was eagerly waiting for this product in my local store. It has brought great relief to my hair. The packaging is attractive and the price is reasonable. I will surely buy it again.

  53. L vimala kumari

    Chala bagundhi oil thank you gowdurbar and nanduri Srinivasarao thank you for information 🙏

  54. Nirupadevi

    It is very useful. Feeling very peaceful during Pooja

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