Aiswarya Deepam – Pure Pooja Oil

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100% natural medicated pooja oil for sacred lamps. It preserves the sanctity of the premises and invokes positive energy.

Net Wt. – 700 ml

Gross Wt. – 680 g


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Quick Overview :

The Reason behind:

Lighting lamps in worship is not merely an act of devotion. By lighting the lamp with natural and pure oils, we achieve both of the following benefits: purifying the surroundings and protecting health with medicinal properties. The widespread use of petroleum products produces poisonous gases and pollutes the environment. To counteract this pollution and preserve the sanctity of the home, our ancient scriptures prescribe natural oils for lighting pooja lamps.

Why Aishwarya Deepam Pooja Oil:

Aishwarya Deepam sacred oil emerged as a one-stop solution based on vedic scriptures. It is cultivated with indigenous cow ghee, 100% natural oils derived from sesame, neem seeds, coconut, and mahua flowers blended with medicinal herbs such as tulsi, cloves, and camphor extracts in proportions prescribed by ancient formula’s.


  • Authentic sacred pooja oil with all natural ingredients
  • Spreads a pleasant fragrance throughout the house
  • Protects from fumes and pollution
  • Invigorates the surroundings and spreads positive energy
  • Calms the mind and promotes inner strength
  • Creates a serene environment for prayers and meditation


Cow Ghee

Pure Ghee is considered as the best form of worship as it promotes health, wealth and happiness. Cow Ghee is one of the most important and significant products used for Pooja purposes in Indian tradition.

Tulasi oil

This powerful basil oil has been used for centuries and is cherished for its protective and uplifting nature. It prevents the formation of nascent oxygen and absorbs harmful gases from the atmosphere. Tulsi, a purifying radiance that refines body, mind and spirit.

Clove oil

Clove oil vapors have antimicrobial properties and negates their activity. Research has found that clove oil may have benefits for dental and topical applications, for treating infections, and even fighting cancer.

Camphor Oil

It is used as a shield from evil and bad influence of negative energies and protects one’s aura. Camphor exhibits a number of biological properties such as insecticidal, antimicrobial, antiviral, anticancer and antitussive activities, in addition to its use as a skin penetration enhancer.

Mahua Oil

Mahua oil is considered divine due to its various benefits. It is believed that lighting deepam using illupai oil everyday at home destroys negative energy and brings in positive energy, happiness, peace and prosperity.

Neem Oil

Lighting neem oil diyas helps in bringing prosperity into the house. One of the most versatile natural pest controls is Neem Oil and it helps in preventing fungal infections.

Sesame Oil

The use of sesame oil ensures removal of obstacles and evil effects that hamper one’s progress.

Complete list of ingredients:

Cow Ghee, Coconut oil, Sesame oil, Neem oil, Iluppai oil (Mahua oil), Camphor oil, Tulasi oil, Clove oil

79 reviews for Aiswarya Deepam – Pure Pooja Oil

  1. Sekhar

    I highly recommend Aiswarya Deepam – Pure Pooja Oil to everyone. It is of excellent quality and quantity. This product is from a reputed company and is perfect for your daily pooja needs.

  2. Sneha Tewary

    I have been using this brand for a while and decided to try this oil. It is truly amazing. All products from Gowdurbar are absolutely worth buying.

  3. Aatish Tomar Kumar

    Good quality, fragrance is good too. My grandmother always uses Aiswarya Deepam pure puja oil for our daily rituals.

  4. Abhishek Gayathri

    Excellent quality. suitable for daily puja rituals. Fragrance is divine and lasts long. Affordable price. Must-have for every household.

  5. Aryan

    Improved my worship experience. The fragrance is soothing. I am using it for all my religious rituals now.

  6. Vishnu Bajpai

    Used for daily pooja, it is amazing. My family absolutely loves it.

  7. Vishesh

    The fragrance is divine and it brings auspiciousness to our home. Best purchase from local puja shop. Will buy again.

  8. Sairam

    Good quality and suitable for all religious ceremonies. Definitely purchase from Gowdurbar..

  9. Soudeep Sarma

    I have been eagerly awaiting for this product in Gowdurbar. This pure pooja oil is amazing. It helps create a divine atmosphere during prayers. The fragrance is mesmerizing. Best for all your religious rituals.

  10. Siddhant Shingh

    I am very happy with the quality of Aiswarya Deepam – Pure Pooja Oil. It arrived quickly and the fragrance is divine.

  11. Sravani Revinipati

    I have been using Aiswarya Deepam oil since an year. I experienced aromatic, serene environment simply by lighting a diya… Amazing right!!! It also burns the wick with zero residues and with no black soot formation . I recommended this deepam oil to my friends and relatives too.

  12. chaitanya_teja

    The Aiswarya deepam Pooja oil is good, and the gentle scent from the lamp spreads nicely in my prayer room. It gives the room a temple-like atmosphere.

  13. Ritesh Selvaraj

    Oil is excellent, fragrance is divine. Perfect for rituals. Happy with the purchase, will buy again. Even my friends use this product.

  14. Meet Seth

    The fragrance and purity are good. It’s a nice purchase from local store.

  15. Gunjan Narain

    The fragrance is divine and it brings a positive energy to my home during pooja.

  16. Sowmya

    This is best of deepam oils I used …. So nice product

  17. Pradeep Sachan

    ayear back I was thinking to buy this pooja oil. Then I finally purchased it and used for my daily rituals. It’s fragrance spreads peace and purity in my home. Since then, it has become an essential part of my daily prayers. I recommend it to everyone who wants a divine experience during their pooja.

  18. Rupali Rao

    I tried the Pure Pooja Oil and it was amazing. The fragrance is so divine, I loved using it for my daily rituals.

  19. Yogansh Sharma

    Quality is very good. Very useful for daily pooja rituals. It is affordable and easily available in the market. Use it for religious purposes. Only downside is the bottle design can be improved for better pouring experience.

  20. Arvind Tayde

    It’s good. Priced reasonably. Fragrance is really divine and pleasant. I use it daily for my prayer rituals.

  21. Aakash Bhalla

    I had been eagerly waiting for this product in my village. It is the best puja oil ever!
    The fragrance is strong and it lights up the whole temple beautifully.

  22. [email protected]

    Excellent quality.

  23. Rajamani Swain

    Product very good, fragrance very nice, happy with this oil.

  24. Raksha Kumar

    I love the fragrance and it gives a divine feeling during the pooja ritual.

  25. Pardhuman

    It is a good oil for religious rituals. The fragrance is pleasant and it comes at a reasonable price.

  26. Rishu Parihar

    Best quality pure pooja oil, affordable price, using it since years.

  27. Umamaheswara Reddy

    I have tried this Aiswarya deepam Pooja oil, the aroma was very interested, and ordered second bottle. Nice experience

  28. Mamta Saraswat

    I am using this pooja oil regularly and I am satisfied.
    It has a pleasant fragrance and enhances the spiritual experience.
    Nice for all religious ceremonies and rituals.

  29. Sairam Mourya

    This product is very good quality and affordable for everyone.
    I have been using it for a long time and I am satisfied with its performance.
    The fragrance of this oil is very divine and perfect for puja rituals.
    I recommend this to all the people who perform daily poojas at home.
    It is easily available in stores nearby, making it convenient to purchase.

  30. Anitha Sanwal

    First time using Aiswarya Deepam and I really like it. The fragrance is amazing and it brings a divine feeling during puja. Pure pooja oil.

  31. yamuna adapa

    ultimate, many thanks to paripoornananda swamy for such a great thought of launching chemical free products for healthy pooja , temple atmospheric.pooja is possible only because of your products.

  32. Mahesh

    Good oil….very pleasant and aroma is good…. strongly recommend to use this

  33. Rashi

    It’s good. Worth the money. Fragrance is very traditional and pleasant.. Value for the price, I recommend it.

  34. sadhana

    swamiji has introduced a very nice product. Thanks a lot for the purity.

  35. Varenyam

    Good quality oil, perfect for daily rituals. My family really enjoys using it during our prayers. All religious ceremonies have now the presense of this Gowdurbar oil.

  36. Sapna

    Best Pooja Oil bought ever. It brings divine vibes to my home during prayer time. Grateful for its purity!

  37. Divyansh

    Nice-smelling and pure oil for daily pooja rituals. Thank you swamiji for such a great product.

  38. Srimannarayana

    I recently bought it and was amazed by its genuine richness and authenticity. The fragrance and flavor were both pleasing, and it was evident that the oil was crafted from top-quality ingredients.

  39. Kalavathi G

    Good product for pooja. Nice fragrance and pure oil. This is my second purchase and I will keep buying it in the future.

  40. Srikanth Sharma

    Aishwarya Deepam oil fragrance and quality is excellent. We are thankful to Paripoornana nanda Swami Who has introduced to Gowdurbar Products.

  41. Ramana Ayyana

    Amazing product at a reasonable price. This pooja oil adds divine fragrance to my prayer room. Recommended to all my friends and family.

  42. Chandran

    Quality is very good and packaging is also very impressive. Highly satisfied with the best quality of this product.

  43. Gangadhar Kuchimanchi

    I really liked this oil for my daily puja rituals.
    The fragrance is divine and fills the entire room.
    It is made with pure ingredients, which adds to its authenticity.
    A must-have for anyone who wants to enhance their spiritual experience.
    Thank you for this wonderful product!

  44. Gowri

    This oil gives divine aura to place

  45. Satyavani Akula

    The oil is very good. It gives nice fragrance and makes the pooja experience more peaceful. Use it in my office as well.

  46. Ashish

    This oil is pure and perfect for pooja with its divine fragrance, currently using it for my daily rituals.


    Iam using this pooja oil, very good experience. Very nice

  48. Raja Sekhar Sharma

    Excellent oil! Perfect for daily poojas, with a divine fragrance and long-lasting light. I use it every day.

  49. Chinmay

    I am fully satisfied with the quality of this product. It meets our requirements and is worth the price. I first came to know about it from a YouTube channel.

  50. Harish Lova

    This oil is amazing. It smells so good and stays for long time. Perfect for doing pooja at home. No disappointment after buying this product.

  51. Surya Nandini

    Great quality pooja oil, gives a divine fragrance to our home.

  52. Hari Sita Rukmini

    Very very good, smell like pancha tulasi.

  53. Hiranmai

    This is the best oil I used till now and i recommend this

  54. Ramesh Kaki

    Aiswarya Deepam – Pure Pooja Oil for anyone looking to elevate their religious rituals with its divine fragrance and purity. Good job by Aiswarya Deepam, keep going.. The oil is really usesful.

  55. Sowjanya Bommana

    The frangance is so refreshing when I lit deepam using this oil. I got this for best price in offer. I recommend to use this and you can defenetly feel the difference.

  56. Harika

    Happy purchase during the Dussehra season. All my devi pooja dipams are illuminated with Aiswarya deepam. Best quality product by Gowdurbar.

  57. Murali Krishna Ch

    I ordered 1L of this product and there is nothing wrong with it. The packaging is nice and the quality of the oil is very good. I am satisfied with my purchase.

  58. Ravali uppalapati

    The Pooja Oil is very good and gives a pleasant fragrance while performing rituals.
    It comes in a sturdy bottle and the oil doesn’t spill, making it convenient for usage.
    The quantity is also sufficient and lasts for a long time. The packaging is attractive as well.
    Overall, it’s a great option for those looking for a quality Pooja Oil at an affordable price.

  59. Dharmendra Karthikeya

    Great product! It is a must-have for every household. The oil has a divine fragrance and enhances the ambiance during prayers.

  60. Pavan sai

    I am using this pure pooja oil and I love it. It enhances the spiritual ambiance in my home, recommended to everyone.

  61. Bhavani

    Ordered 10+2 Aiswaryadeepam combo. Very decent package and worth buying for Karthika masam.

  62. Snighda

    I’ve been using this for the last three months and it really great, the mild aroma that this oil gives off in diya(when burning) is soothing too.

  63. Suryanarayana Mittala

    This oil has a divine fragrance and enhances my puja experience. I love using it for all religious rituals.

  64. Pavan Sai Kumar

    This is one of the best pooja products in both Gowdurbar and in the market as well.

  65. Ramadevi P

    Very good product!. Helps to make pooja much better. Smells amazing and makes the atmosphere peaceful.

  66. Akshit

    This is my favourite oil for Pooja. I have tried many oils but this one is the best.

  67. Hartesh

    Amazing fragrance, ideal for daily puja rituals. Comes at an affordable price and is of great quality.

  68. K. Naga Sujatha

    best product. daily using this oil.

  69. Abhilash

    Quality and tasty is very good and it has pure smell of groundnut oil. It helps in daily pooja rituals.

  70. Pakhi Khokhar

    We have been purchasing brand since few months. Tried this oil first time and yes it is really good. Almost all products available in Gowdurbar are worth to buy..

  71. Soni

    I bought this oil for pooja from Aiswarya Deepam. I am happy with its bottle design and fragrance is divine.

  72. Khushi

    Aiswarya Deepam – Pure Pooja Oil is very good, I am waiting for this product. Make more items, thank you!

  73. Sravan Nigan

    Oil very good for pooja. Smell excellent and long-lasting. I recommend to everyone for auspicious prayers at home.

  74. B. Amaravathi

    Unparalleled Excellence in Product and Packaging

  75. Pankaj Sain

    This oil make pooja experience good, I am using since many years, recommend.

  76. Siva Prasad

    Excellent oil, gives out Tulasi aroma all around, when used to light a lamp. Divine atmosphere is what results.

  77. Smita

    Amazing product! The fragrance is very nice and it lasts long. Best for daily pooja at home.

  78. Triveni

    Excellent👍I recommended this…..

  79. venur9

    Simply Awesome

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