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Aiswarya Deepam – Pure Pooja Oil

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100% natural medicated pooja oil for sacred lamps. It preserves the sanctity of the premises and invokes positive energy.

Net Wt. – 700 ml


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Quick Overview :

The Reason behind:

Lighting lamps in worship is not merely an act of devotion. By lighting the lamp with natural and pure oils, we achieve both of the following benefits: purifying the surroundings and protecting health with medicinal properties. The widespread use of petroleum products produces poisonous gases and pollutes the environment. To counteract this pollution and preserve the sanctity of the home, our ancient scriptures prescribe natural oils for lighting pooja lamps.

Why Aishwarya deepam pooja oil:

Aishwarya Deepam sacred oil emerged as a one stop solution based on vedic scriptures. It is cultivated with indigenous cow ghee, 100% natural oils derived from sesame, neem seeds, coconut, and mahua flower blended with medicinal herbs tulsi, cloves, and camphor extracts in proportions prescribed by ancient formula’s.


  • Authentic sacred pooja oil with all natural ingredients
  • Spreads a pleasant fragrance throughout the house
  • Protects from fumes and pollution
  • Invigorates the surroundings and spreads positive energy
  • Calms the mind and promotes inner strength
  • Creates a serene environment for prayers and meditation


Cow Ghee

Pure Ghee is considered as the best form of worship as it promotes health, wealth and happiness. Cow Ghee is one of the most important and significant products used for Pooja purposes in Indian tradition.

Tulasi oil

This powerful basil oil has been used for centuries and is cherished for its protective and uplifting nature. It prevents the formation of nascent oxygen and absorbs harmful gases from the atmosphere. Tulsi, a purifying radiance that refines body, mind and spirit.

Clove oil

Clove oil vapors have antimicrobial properties and negates their activity. Research has found that clove oil may have benefits for dental and topical applications, for treating infections, and even fighting cancer.

Camphor Oil

It is used as a shield from evil and bad influence of negative energies and protects one’s aura. Camphor exhibits a number of biological properties such as insecticidal, antimicrobial, antiviral, anticancer and antitussive activities, in addition to its use as a skin penetration enhancer.

Mahua Oil

Mahua oil is considered divine due to its various benefits. It is believed that lighting deepam using illupai oil everyday at home destroys negative energy and brings in positive energy, happiness, peace and prosperity.

Neem Oil

Lighting neem oil diyas helps in bringing prosperity into the house. One of the most versatile natural pest controls is Neem Oil and it helps in preventing fungal infections.

Sesame Oil

The use of sesame oil ensures removal of obstacles and evil effects that hamper one’s progress.

Complete list of ingredients:

Cow Ghee, Coconut oil, Sesame oil, Neem oil, Iluppai oil (Mahua oil), Camphor oil, Tulasi oil, Clove oil

8 reviews for Aiswarya Deepam – Pure Pooja Oil

  1. Sravani Revinipati

    I have been using Aiswarya Deepam oil since an year. I experienced aromatic, serene environment simply by lighting a diya… Amazing right!!! It also burns the wick with zero residues and with no black soot formation . I recommended this deepam oil to my friends and relatives too.

  2. chaitanya_teja

    The Aiswarya deepam Pooja oil is good, and the gentle scent from the lamp spreads nicely in my prayer room. It gives the room a temple-like atmosphere.

  3. Sowmya

    This is best of deepam oils I used …. So nice product

  4. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Excellent quality.

  5. Umamaheswara Reddy

    I have tried this Aiswarya deepam Pooja oil, the aroma was very interested, and ordered second bottle. Nice experience

  6. yamuna adapa (verified owner)

    ultimate, many thanks to paripoornananda swamy for such a great thought of launching chemical free products for healthy pooja , temple atmospheric.pooja is possible only because of your products.

  7. Mahesh (verified owner)

    Good oil….very pleasant and aroma is good…. strongly recommend to use this

  8. sadhana

    swamiji has introduced a very nice product. Thanks a lot for the purity.

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