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Archana – Champa Aroma Incense

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The creation of Champa Floral Incense involves carefully extracting the essence of the Champa flower and harmoniously blending it with the Panchagavya components. The result is a natural and aromatic incense that not only pleases the senses but also holds cultural and spiritual significance.

Net Wt. – 90 g

₹ 80




Champa Floral Incense is born from the essence of the Champa flower, perfectly harmonized with the sacred Panchagavya components. The beautiful fusion results in a natural and aromatic incense that not only delights the senses but also carries deep cultural and spiritual significance. Embrace the soulful essence of Champa, as its fragrance becomes a bridge to connect with our heritage and spirituality. Let each waft of this exquisite incense be a reminder of the timeless wisdom and the profound journey of self-discovery it unveils. Immerse yourself in the divine aura of Champa, where the scent becomes a cherished companion, guiding you towards moments of introspection and reverence.


The name “Archana” bestowed upon this incense holds a sacred purpose as it offers its fragrance as a reverential tribute. Lighting Archana incense becomes a cherished ritual, a chance to connect with the divine and express gratitude to higher realms. Embrace the profound essence of Archana, where each gentle flicker of its flame becomes a heartfelt gesture of reverence, guiding us towards moments of spiritual connection and profound gratitude. Let this aromatic offering be a conduit to transcend the ordinary, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the sacred realm of divine devotion and inner harmony.


Champa fragrance, panchagavya and pure honey

1 review for Archana – Champa Aroma Incense

  1. Bhavani

    This agarbathi gave me natural feel of fragrance thank you so much to Gowdurbar

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