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Sacred Illumination

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Illuminate your sacred space with Gowdurbar’s Sacred Illumination offer. Buy 3 Punya Deepeam – Pure Sesame Oil and receive a complimentary Cup Dhoop – Herbal Sambrani.

Pack Contains:

Punya Deepam Pure Sesame Oil – 3
Cup Dhoop Herbal Sambrani – 1


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Experience the divine glow in your sacred space with Gowdurbar’s Sacred Illumination offer. Purchase 3 bottles of Punya Deepeam – Pure Sesame Oil, known for its auspicious significance in traditional rituals and lighting ceremonies. As a token of our gratitude, we gift you a Cup Dhoop – Herbal Sambrani, an exquisite blend of aromatic herbs that purify the air and elevate your spiritual practices.

Punya Deepeam’s pure sesame oil radiates a sanctifying aura, while the Cup Dhoop spreads a fragrant trail, creating an ambience of tranquillity and serenity. Embrace the essence of tradition and divine blessings with this exclusive offer, celebrating the profound heritage of sacred illumination. Enhance your spiritual journey with the harmonious synergy of these sacred offerings from Gowdurbar.

3 reviews for Sacred Illumination

  1. Sowmya

    Very nice deepam oil and best herbal sambrani for best price…i am very much satisfied

  2. Jayanth

    This sesame Puja oil is very pure…we can experience it’s quality standards… really appreciable

  3. Natarajan

    I used this oil for deepam….so much satisfied… packing also good

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