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Buy Gowdurbar products worth Rs.2000, Apply coupon "GOWSEVAK24" and get a Bonus gift worth Rs.220

Groundnut Cooking oil Combo -Salt and Jaggery Free

(41 customer reviews)

Enjoy GowDurbar’s Groundnut Oil Combo, a delicious and healthful combination, for the ultimate culinary experience. Together with fine jaggery powder and rock salt, our premium groundnut oil is carefully extracted to maintain its natural deliciousness. Together with making your food taste better, this special combination encourages a healthy way of living. This combination saves you ₹190, representing a fixed 16% discount off the original price. GowDurbar’s Groundnut Oil Combo will up your cooking game and let you enjoy the depth of taste.

Net Wt. – 4260 g

Gross Wt. – 4416 g

Original price was: ₹1,387.00.Current price is: ₹1,197.00.



Enhance your food experience with GowDurbar’s special offer on groundnut oil. Purchase 3 bottles and enjoy a fantastic 16% discount! Get this incredible deal at just Rs. 1197.

GowDurbar’s Groundnut Oil is popular for its best quality and health benefits. Made from the finest groundnuts, this oil is 100% pure, unrefined, and without any additives.

41 reviews for Groundnut Cooking oil Combo -Salt and Jaggery Free

  1. Aditya Raj

    I’m delighted to have found this GowDurbar Groundnut Oil Combo! It’s a fantastic way to stock up on healthy cooking oil that comes with complimentary jaggery and salt. Perfect for those who prefer to control their seasoning. Thank you, Swamiji, for these excellent products!

  2. Deepthi Sai Krishna

    Love that the GowDurbar groundnut oil combo I appreciate that the GowDurbar Groundnut Oil Combo comes with a salt and jaggery free offer. It allows me to adjust the flavors of my dishes precisely, and I can avoid any hidden sugars.

  3. Lavanya Varma

    The GowDurbar Groundnut Oil Combo seems like a good option for health-conscious cooks. However, the price point is a bit higher compared to regular options. Wondering if the health benefits justify the cost. I heard about gowdurbar from sri nanduri gari video. He recommnded such a great products to us.

  4. vaasu karthikeya

    While I appreciate the GowDurbar Groundnut Oil Combo, I wish they offered similar combos with other oils like mustard or coconut. More variety would be great!

  5. Krithika Jyotsna

    The quality of the groundnut oil in the GowDurbar Combo seems top-notch. However, some reviewers mentioned concerns about the slow delivery speed. However I appriciate great work done by our beloved paripoornananda swamiji.

  6. Prakash Reddy

    Namaste swamiji. This GowDurbar Groundnut Oil Combo would be a fantastic gift for health-conscious friends and family. The salt and jaggery-free aspect makes it a thoughtful choice for those with dietary restrictions.

  7. Meenakshi Raman

    I tried the GowDurbar Groundnut Oil Combo and noticed a distinct difference in groundnut oil taste compared to other groundnut oils I’ve used before. The unique flavor profile was quite noticeable, suggesting potential benefits beyond just taste.

  8. Ravi Teja Goka

    మేము మహా శక్తీ యాగం కాకినాడ వచ్చి పాల్గొన్నాము. ప్రతీ ఇయర్ స్వామిజి యాగం చేస్తే బాగుంటుంది అని అనిపించింది. గౌదుర్బార్ ప్రొడక్ట్స్ అన్ని చాల బాగున్నాయి.

  9. Srikar Varsha

    The GowDurbar Groundnut Oil Combo sounds promising, but I’d love to know more about where they source their peanuts. Transparency about ingredients and origin would be a plus.

  10. Gandhi

    Tried GowDurbar’s Groundnut Oil Combo after that, and the purity is amazing! Food tastes so much better, and the discount makes it a great value.

  11. Anitha Tangirala

    The oil quality is good and it has a nice aroma, but the price is too high for a regular purchase. I bought this product after hearing word from sri Nanduri srinivas garu. Really amazing products.

  12. Arun

    Best oil in the market. This combo is saves money. Good product.

  13. Sarika

    Good oil for cooking Indian food, adds great taste. Happy with the deal and quality.

  14. Srijan Vasistha

    Very tasty, affordable price. I tried many groundnut oils and this one is my final stop for regular cooking.

  15. M Vanitha

    Doesn’t get much absorbed by the food means we are not eating much oily stuff. Very light we feel after consuming the food. The quantity is very good for the price, it lasts long.

  16. Sarath M

    Nice taste, good packaging. After buying this, I discovered the combo offer. Will surely buy combo soon! Thank you swamiji.

  17. Apoorva D

    The groundnut cooking oil is absolutely delicious and adds a wonderful flavor to my dishes. It is definitely worth the price and I am happy with my purchase. The quality of the oil is top-notch and it has become a staple in my kitchen.

  18. B. Hasini

    Affordable and good quality. My friend told me about this amazing deal on groundnut cooking oil. I must say, it’s really nice. The packaging is attractive and the taste is great too. I’m glad I bought it.

  19. Ramakrishna Chowdary

    The cooking oil jumbo offer is perfect for our needs. We are completely satisfied with the quality. We came across this product through a popular YouTube channel and it is definitely worth the price.

  20. Radhika H

    I tried this groundnut cooking oil and I must say it was a success. The flavor was loved by everyone in my family. It’s a really nice product with good quality. I found it to be reasonably priced as well. Thank you swamiji for genuine products.

  21. Pranav Bhushan

    It’s good. Worth the money. The smell is really authentic and nice. It’s a great deal for those looking for cooking oil in bulk.

  22. Paripoorna Lakshmi

    Excellent for health and has a pleasant smell. It is available at an affordable price. Thank you swamiji.

  23. Ankit

    Namaste swamiji, I am happy with the Jumbo offer.I had doubts before buying, but all my doubts got cleared and it is a very good oil.

  24. Ramakanth

    I bought it from the store near me. Gowdurbar cooking oil is worth buying from the grocery store. The packaging is good and the smell is really great. I found it to be a good option for daily cooking.

  25. Sarveswara rao

    I am using this cooking oil for a while now and it is really good. The offer on this product is great, making it a value for money purchase. I have been using it in my everyday cooking and the taste of the food has improved significantly.

  26. Vaidehi Pullabhotla

    Very light and tasty. It is also pocket-friendly. I have no complaints about it.

  27. Sulochana S

    This cooking oil is very affordable and comes in a large quantity. It is great for everyday cooking.

  28. Vijaya Lakshmi

    Gow durbar cooking oil jumbo offer is worth buying from the local grocery store. The packaging is good and the taste is really great. Thank you swmaiji.

  29. Rohith M

    Namaste swamiji, This cooking oil is light and tasty. It is also reasonably priced. I am happy with it.

  30. Sarvesh Kannaujia

    The cooking oil has a natural groundnut aroma and tastes great. It’s a good deal with the jumbo offer.

  31. Ragunath

    I am using this cooking oil for a while now and it has been great. The Jumbo offer is a bonus!

  32. Tejaswini

    Namaste guruji. I found this cooking oil is cheaper than other brands and the quality is good. I have been using it for 6 months and I am satisfied with its quality.

  33. Kavya Kumari

    This oil is very good in taste and pure in quality. I switched to it from a well-known brand. It is a great deal.

  34. Sunil

    Though there is a slight smell of groundnuts, it doesn’t overpower the taste of the food cooked with this oil. The Jumbo offer is value for money.

  35. Niranjan Boddu

    Best cooking oil ever used. Great deal with Jumbo Offer. Thank you for the quality and affordability.

  36. Seenepu Krishna

    This cooking oil is very good taste and pure quality. I shifted to this oil from a famous brand and it has been a great choice for me.

  37. Srinivas Rao

    Honestly, this cooking oil is very good and the quantity is also sufficient. It’s from a well-known company and a great deal.

  38. Bhargavi

    This oil is amazing.. it makes my food delicious and tasty… enhances the flavor of every bite… great value for money.. I am very satisfied with this product. and freebies are super, thank you swamiji.

  39. Pooja B

    Oil is good, taste is nice and quality is pure. I switched to this oil from another famous brand. It’s great value for money.

  40. Prasanna Lakshmi

    I really like the taste this cooking oil adds to my dishes. It is a good buy, good quality at a reasonable price. I love using it for all my Indian recipes. The free jaggery and salt are really good, thank you guruji for this offer.

  41. Neeraja kanuganti

    Great combo, pure oil. Namaste to swamiji.

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