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Radiant Blessings

(69 customer reviews)

A divine healing with a sacred lamp

100% natural medicated pooja oil for sacred lamps. It preserves the sanctity of the premises and invokes positive energy.

Pack Contains:

Aiswarya Deepam Oil Bottles 5
3 in 1 Premium Agarbatti 1
Net Wt. – 2910 g

Gross Wt. – 3480 g

Original price was: ₹1,125.00.Current price is: ₹975.00.



Experience Radiant blessings with our special offer. Purchase our divine Radiant Blessings combo and immerse yourself in the blissful energy of these sacred products. Receive a 15% discount, saving 150 INR on this spiritually enriching package. Illuminate your life with positivity and wellness. Don’t miss this opportunity to invite Radiant blessings into your home.

69 reviews for Radiant Blessings

  1. Sravya Bala

    The product is truly amazing, it brings a lot of positive energy and happiness into my home. I absolutely love it!

  2. Pramod

    Really a blessing whe we get a pure oil. Thanks to swamiji for providing pure and genuine oil for our poojas.

  3. Om

    It fulfills our needs and we are completely satisfied with the quality. We came across it on a popular YouTube channel and it is worth the price.

  4. Apurva

    I like it. No issues at all. Superb and good quality product.

  5. Priyesh

    Nice fragrance, good quality packaging. Found a great deal on the combo pack. Will surely buy the combo again soon.

  6. Purvi

    I really liked this product because it is made by a very respected company. The fragrance is amazing and genuine. Thank you!

  7. Niteesh H

    Great value for money. This product is a must-have in my daily pooja routine. Shared the product info with my friends.

  8. Rekha Sitaram

    I like this product. It is very useful and I am satisfied with the results. I will definitely buy it again in the future.

  9. Narayan Ji

    The product from Gowdurbar is worth buying. The packaging is good and the fragrance is really great. It has a traditional Indian scent that I love. The quality of the product is also impressive. Overall, it’s a good purchase for anyone looking for a pleasant fragrance option.

  10. Anubhav A

    After purchasing this product, I discovered the combo offer. I will surely buy the combo soon. It’s a must-try for everyone! Thank you swamiji for this great combo.

  11. Hari

    Amazing deepam oil @ best price…also premium agarbatti is fantastic

  12. Bhavani

    Aiswarya deepam oil is of excellent quality…and provided offer is very reasonable

  13. Soumyadeep Mishra

    The Radiant Blessings product is very nice and I am waiting for this product. Please make more items, thanks.

  14. Radhika Wathore

    Punya Deepam Puja Oil promises a pure and authentic experience for your puja rituals. Perfect for daily pooja’s.

  15. Adapa venkata ganesh babu


  16. Adapa venkata ganesh babu

    Natural products very good

  17. Sujathaadapa

    Hearth touching products

  18. Poornima Revinipati

    A must buy for every day pooja performers. Pure oil, thank you.

  19. Vanireddy

    Natural product’s very good
    Best price and excellent quality

  20. Shankar veerendra

    We ordered the Radiant Blessings product and it has no negative points. The packaging is good and the quality of the product is excellent. We are satisfied with our purchase.

  21. Shloka

    I bought this product from a nearby shop and compared it with another brand. The quality of this product is good and the fragrance is also nice. It’s worth buying for sur

  22. Rameeza

    Excellent quality.

  23. Vikash Kumari

    Amazing fragrance, beautiful packaging. After using this, I discovered the combo offer. Will surely purchase the combo soon.

  24. Rajeswari

    Superb product

  25. Rajeswari

    Super product

  26. Vaishnavi Priya

    Best oil bought till now. Thank you for the quality and purity.

  27. Jaykant S

    I have tried various oils but not satisfied with the outcome. This oil is better than others. I’m happy with it.
    It’s a good product, better than the rest. I am pleased with its performance and would buy it again.
    After using different oils, this one stands out as the best option. It works well and I am content with my purchase.

  28. Raghu Dwivedi

    Punya Deepam Puja Oil seems like a good option with natural ingredients and clean burning. Good product from the house of swamiji.

  29. Mayank Mathur

    I have been using this product for a few months now and I must say, it is really good. The quality is worth the price.

  30. Amrutha

    This pooja oil punya deepam is a good option for those looking for a basic and functional oil for their diyas. Good combo.

  31. Poonam Khare

    Amazing product, it has made a huge difference in my pooja rituals. Using the genuine products at pooja makes a lot of difference. I have told all my friends about it, they also loved it! Thank you swamiji for pure pooja oil.

  32. Chandrakala

    It’s good. Affordable price. Fragrance is very pleasant and soothing.

  33. Ajith

    Gowdurbar’s Punya Deepam oil promises a pure and traditional experience for your pujas. Minimal smoke means less irritation and a serene puja space.

  34. Rahul

    Nice product.

  35. Syamala Chandra

    Namaste poojya swamiji. After opening the bottle, I found the fragrance of this product really natural and refreshing. Very good quality oil for deepams. Great combo to use in karthika masam.

  36. Satvik Kashyap

    I really like it. It’s worth the price. I will definitely buy it again. The quality is great and it’s perfect for everyday use.

  37. Srishti Kiran

    Nice fragrance, beautiful packaging. After purchasing this, I discovered a great combo. Will surely buy the combo soon.

  38. Supriya Gadge Pawar

    Nice oil.

  39. Akshita Nischal

    I really enjoyed using this product as it gives me a feeling of divine blessings. The fragrance is pure and soothing. Thank you!

  40. Ananya Gond

    I recently tried it and was amazed by its natural beauty and effectiveness. The fragrance and results were both amazing, and it was evident that the product was made from the best organic ingredients. I would definitely use it again for its incredible benefits and affordability.

  41. Jhansiprasad

    Today i received my oder, best quality oil, smell as sooo good, Resanobile price, everyone must try this AISWARYA deepam oil, agarbatti smell as sooo good,good quality, tq sooo much gowdurbar team, for mainting this good products

  42. Puneet

    We have tried various oils in the market, but none of them lived up to our expectations. However, this particular oil stands out from the rest. It has truly been a blessing for us and we are extremely satisfied with its performance.

  43. Shubhendu Yaddanapudi

    This product is a blessing in disguise. The fragrance is divine and lingers in the air for hours. It creates a peaceful ambiance, perfect for meditation or relaxation. A must-have for every home.

  44. Sailaja

    Best product for pooja.

  45. Rekha Pareek Subhash

    Radiant Blessings is a nice product. I liked it and will buy more. Good job, keep it up!

  46. Gayatary Vaitla

    What a great offer. One month of full stock is sufficient for karthika masam period.

  47. Kunal Putta

    I tried so many puja oil but this punya deepam puja oil is the best i found.

  48. L Prashanth


  49. Varun

    I love it! It brings positivity and radiance to my life. I will definitely purchase it again.

  50. Sidarth Jha

    This product is really amazing. It brings a divine fragrance to my home. Perfect for small spaces and the scent lingers longer than I expected. You won’t regret buying this, it’s truly a blessing in disguise.

  51. Lakshya Dev

    Radiant Blessings is very good, I am waiting for this product. Please make more items thanks. It’s a great product to have and I am loving it. The quality and effectiveness are amazing, and it has become a must-have in my daily routine. I can see visible changes after using it regularly. Definitely worth trying!

  52. Suresh Chaithanya

    First class product. Genuine oil. Everyone must use genuine products for their pooja’s. This swamiji brand stands as a trusted one.

  53. Balaramakrishna

    I really liked this because it is made by a well-known brand. The fragrance is amazing and feels very natural. Thank you!

  54. Saranya A

    It’s good. Affordable price. Smell is truly Indian and pleasant. I like it very much!

  55. Avinash Lakhmani Kartik

    This product is really good. I’m very happy with the oil quality.

  56. Deepa Rompicharla

    Nice quality and good for health. Bought it again and will keep purchasing in the future. No complaints whatsoever.

  57. Deepika P

    Perfect pooja oil. Very nice quality.

  58. Vidhya K

    This product is amazing, it has really helped me feel better and relaxed. I am using this now..

  59. Saswath

    Product quality is really good and packaging is also very nice. I am impressed with the top-notch quality. It’s worth buying and I am satisfied with my purchase.

  60. Swati Paalepu

    Product is worth the money. My friend suggested it, she said it’s really nice. Today I am buying this for myself too.

  61. ramalakshmi bhagavathula

    This oil, when you burn it, has good aroma. Quality is good.

  62. Srinivas Reddy

    Love this puja oil! Makes the whole house smell divine. Thank you Sri Nanduri Srinivas Garu for Gowdarbar reference.

  63. Venu Madhav Sharma

    Burns clean and lasts a long time! Perfect for daily pujas. Great quality oil, thanks Gowdarbar!

  64. Pruthivi Chowdary

    This oil fills my puja room with a peaceful fragrance. Feels very pure and natural. Namaste Swamiji!

  65. Jeevan

    Finally found a puja oil that doesn’t smoke! Burns beautifully and cleans easily. Thank you Gowdarbar!

  66. Kriti

    My family loves the gentle fragrance of this puja oil. Guruji ki namaskaramulu.

  67. Srikar

    Namaste! This natural puja oil from Gowdarbar is a true blessing. It burns clean and bright, leaving my puja room feeling cleansed and energized. The subtle fragrance is perfect for meditation.

  68. Vasanth

    This puja oil isn’t just for lighting diyas – it’s a natural air freshener too! After using it, my puja room is filled with a subtle, calming fragrance that lingers for hours.

  69. Sowbhagyam

    I never thought puja oil could be this calming! The soft fragrance of this Gowdarbar oil helps me quiet my mind and enter a meditative state during my evening pooja.

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