Kumkum – Maroon

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Symbol of Identity

Our kumkum is prepared traditionally with 100% natural kasthuri turmeric powder. It is completely unadulterated, utilized for pooja purposes and safe for all skin types. Use GowDurbar’s kumkum to glorify your rituals and worships.

FREE from Adulteration, FREE from Chemicals,  No added color

Net Wt. – 50 g

Gross Wt. – 50 g


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Quick Overview:

GowDurbar’s Kumkum is traditionally prepared with pure turmeric rhizomes, which are cultivated in cow manure in western ghats. It is completely free from chemicals and is safe for all types of skin. Natural fragrance derived from Champak aromatic essential oil This high-quality kumkum is generally used for social and religious purposes and is additionally a symbol of charm and elegance for trendy women. Use GowDurbar’s kumkum to make your religious occasions and festivals more auspicious and pious.

47 reviews for Kumkum – Maroon

  1. Rupali Kulkarni

    I was skeptical about using Kumkum, but after using it, my doubts are cleared. It is a very good quality maroon color.

  2. Shaileja Sen

    Kumkum – Maroon is good quality and packaging is also very nice. I am impressed with the best quality.

  3. Durga Rauniyar

    I highly recommend Kumkum – Maroon, as it is a great product. The color is vibrant and it stays on for a long time. It adds a beautiful touch to any traditional outfit. A must-have for every Indian woman.

  4. Kritika Mittal

    Maroon Kumkum is much cheaper than other brands and quality is also good. I am using it since 6 months and very happy with the quality..

  5. Surya Priyadarshi

    I have been using this Kumkum for a while now and it is really good. Worth buying from Gowdurbar!

  6. Kori Kanchhal

    The color is rich and vibrant, perfect for traditional occasions. It stays on for a long time without fading. Great value for money.

  7. Srasti Indora

    The color of this product is beautiful and vibrant, it adds a nice touch to any outfit or occasion.

  8. Prathmesh Chandra

    After opening the box, I found the beautiful color of maroon and really liked it. Good for traditional occasions.

  9. Vaibhav Vasistha

    I ordered Kumkum in maroon color and there’s nothing negative to say about this product. The packaging is good and the quality is excellent.

  10. Shrikant

    Kumkum – Maroon is very vibrant and gives a traditional feel.

  11. Jaypreet Bhatia

    Color is vibrant and traditional, ideal for Indian ceremonies. It stays on well and blends nicely with other colors. Very happy with my purchase!

  12. Monti Pratim

    Maroon Kumkum is very vibrant and rich in color. Absolutely love it!

  13. Pradip Palata

    After opening the packet I found the very nice color of Kumkum. Looks good on forehead too..

  14. Digvijay Bhatia

    The color of this Kumkum is so beautiful, it adds a lovely touch to my forehead. Very satisfied with my purchase!

  15. Kundan Bhardwaj

    Nice color for traditional occasions. Looks beautiful on forehead.

  16. Surajit Divakar

    Arre bhai, Kumkum ke toh kamaal hi kuch aur hai! Company ka Kumkum ek dum alag hai, rang aur texture mein. Jabardast quantity bhi, roz-roz badalne ki zarurat nahi padti. Ek dum mast!

  17. Dev Virendrabhai

    Kumkum – Maroon very vibrant and bright, perfect for festivals… price affordable and quality superior… Adds traditional touch to any Indian attire.

  18. Suryakala Sitaram

    Kumkum – Maroon is a great product. It adds a beautiful touch to my forehead. Easy to apply and long-lasting. I love the vibrant color it gives me. Definitely recommend it!

  19. Saimadhav

    I am using Kumkum and it is very good. I am waiting for new stock. Gowdurbar products are also nice.

  20. Aswin Hansdah

    I am using Kumkum in my daily rituals and it gives a beautiful maroon color.

  21. Mohandas Behuria

    Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of this Kumkum – Maroon. It gives a beautiful and vibrant look on my forehead without any irritation. The packaging is also attractive and convenient to use. Highly recommended for traditional occasions!

  22. Divyanshi Chandra

    Kumkum – Maroon is a vibrant red color and adds beauty to traditional Indian attire.

  23. Manas Ratan

    Good quality Kumkum – Maroon color. Loved it. Ordered twice and will continue purchasing in the future.

  24. Divyam Purkayastha

    The color of Kumkum is very vibrant and pleasing to eyes.
    Its texture is smooth and easy to apply on forehead.
    It gives a traditional look and enhances the beauty overall.
    The fragrance of Kumkum is refreshing and long-lasting.


    Good quality

  26. Rupal Barnwal

    Thank you Kumkum for providing a beautiful maroon color. It arrived quickly and was of great quality. I am satisfied with my purchase.

  27. Snehlata

    Kumkum – Maroon is amazing, it adds beauty to my forehead and completes my traditional look.

  28. Siddhesh Baddur

    Kumkum – Maroon is the best quality Kumkum I have ever used. It gives a traditional and vibrant look to my forehead. Thank you for this amazing product.

  29. Shreepriya

    Yaar, kumkum, ek dum mast hai! Iski color aur texture bahut accha hai. Bilkul aapko Indian culture ka touch deta hai. Sach mein lajawab!

    Translation: “Dude, kumkum is absolutely amazing! Its color and texture are very good. It truly gives you the essence of Indian culture. Seriously fantastic!”

  30. Hariom

    I highly recommend Kumkum – Maroon for anyone looking to add a touch of traditional beauty to their attire. Good job by Kumkum, keep going.

  31. Jivani Bhadouriya

    Great color for traditional Indian attire, adds elegance and charm. Love its long-lasting effect and affordable price.

  32. Anita

    Nice and vibrant color for auspicious occasions. Love the quality. Thank you shopkeeper for good products.

  33. Anubhuti Seth

    Good quality and vibrant color. Ordered it for the second time and will keep buying in the future. Looks beautiful on my forehead. Highly recommended for festive occasions.

  34. Dev Dadarwal Ashok

    Thank you gowdurbar for the good quality product and fast delivery. I love the color, it is very vibrant and traditional. It makes me feel beautiful. The packaging was secure as well. Kudos to the seller!

  35. Grover Chellani Kumari

    Good worth buying. Gives a beautiful touch to traditional outfits. Hoping for more shades and sizes to be introduced in the future.

  36. Abhishek

    Kumkum quality was very good and packaging was good but the maroon color was not vibrant enough.

  37. Namrata

    Maroon Kumkum is very good quality. It stays on for a long time and the color is beautiful. I recommend it to everyone.

  38. Ramanakanth Malviya

    Good value, I bought it for my sister-in-law who said it was very nice. Now I will order it for myself.

  39. Akarshita Tewary

    After applying Kumkum, I felt the rich cultural essence on my forehead. The vibrant maroon color enhanced my traditional look. Suitable for any auspicious occasion

  40. Unknown number lookup

    Reading your website feels like attending a valuable masterclass.

  41. Ganesh Kisshan

    Good color, nice smell. After purchasing this I found the small bottle. I will definitely buy a small bottle in few days.

  42. Ajeet Sen

    This Kumkum – Maroon is very good. I use it daily and it stays for a long time.

  43. Amish

    Kumkum color nice, applying on forehead looks beautiful… Kumkum – Maroon quality and price is good.

  44. Harsha Roy

    Best Kumkum ever used. The color is vibrant and the quality is superb. Value for money.

  45. Amol Katta

    Good product, vibrant color, perfect for traditional Indian occasions.

  46. Karthik Mani

    Kumkum is good for forehead, but it doesn’t stay long time and its color is not bright red.

  47. Rituraj Sarnobat

    Made my forehead look beautiful. Easy to apply. Stays on for a long time. Will definitely buy again.

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