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Kumkum – Maroon

Symbol of Identity

Our kumkum is prepared traditionally with 100% natural kasthuri turmeric powder. It is completely unadulterated, utilized for pooja purposes and safe for all skin types. Use GowDurbar’s kumkum to glorify your rituals and worships.

FREE from Adulteration, FREE from Chemicals,  No added color

Net Wt. – 50 g

₹ 25




Quick Overview:

GowDurbar’s Kumkum is prepared traditionally with pure turmeric rhizomes which are cultivated in cow manure in western ghats. It is completely free from chemicals and is safe for all types of skin. Natural fragrance derived from champak aromatic essential oil. This high quality kumkum is generally used for social and religious purposes and is additionally a symbol of charm and elegance for trendy women. Use GowDurbar’s kumkum to make your religious occasions, festivals more auspicious and pious.


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