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Cup Dhoop – Herbal Sambrani

(64 customer reviews)

Experience a therapeutic herbal fragrance through our cup dhoops. A pleasing and long lasting aroma unfurls from the beautiful blend of 12 herbs and panchagavya. With the delicate extracts of Guggul, your environment instantly develops spiritual connection. The pure Sambrani (Loban) on the inside spreads positive energy and a lighter mood with its refreshing scent.

Net Quantity : 10 pc

Gross Wt. – 144 g



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Benefits :

Fills the surroundings with therapeutic Sambrani fragrance.
Removes negative energy in the surroundings.
Promotes well being of the family.
Purifies air with anti microbial properties.



64 reviews for Cup Dhoop – Herbal Sambrani

  1. Priyamani

    This is my favorite herbal sambrani for daily use. I have tried several sambranis available online, but this one is the best. I love the soothing fragrance it emits and how long it lasts.

  2. Chaithanya

    Cup dhoop is good for prayers and meditation. The smell is pleasant and the price is affordable. I would recommend it to frinds.

  3. A Madhuri

    I personally loved this product as it is made with natural ingredients. The fragrance is soothing and long-lasting. It creates a serene environment during prayer rituals. Thank you!

  4. Krishan

    Quality and fragrance is excellent, it gives a divine atmosphere when burned. It lasts for a long time and has a nice packaging.

  5. Devendra Sharma

    Good quality dhoop, nice fragrance. I will buy again. It is useful for puja and meditation purposes.

  6. Kirti

    Good quality, nice fragrance. I bought it from my uncle, he said the product are very well. I am happy with this purchase.

  7. Hemlata B

    Great for performing religious rituals. Love the soothing fragrance it spreads. Affordable and high-quality product for everyday use.

  8. Satvik R

    First test is successful and loved the fragrance. Really a very nice product. Highly recommended for religious rituals.

  9. Babitarani Suman

    I have tried many dhoop brands but this herbal sambrani is the best. The fragrance is soothing and long-lasting. Highly recommend it to everyone!

  10. Shaurya Uppal

    I absolutely love the soothing fragrance and calming effect of this herbal sambrani. It’s a great purchase for anyone looking to create a peaceful atmosphere at home.

  11. Archana Samrat

    This product is very lightweight and easy to use. It has a good taste and aroma when burnt. The price is affordable, making it a great option for daily use or special occasions. I recommend this product for its quality and value for money.

  12. Priyanshi Vikram

    I love the soothing fragrance it spreads in my home. The packaging is good quality and at an affordable price.

  13. Sravani Revinipati

    I am using this cup dhoop since an year. It fills the home with its unique fragrance and makes me feel as if I am in a temple.

  14. chaitanya_teja

    You should definitely experience the Panchgavya Cup – it offers a revitalizing experience and surpasses the regular coal-based cups. The Dhoop it produces creates a spiritual atmosphere, and you’ll notice the positiveness it brings to your surroundings.

  15. Triveni

    It’s a good product to buy. I am expecting more variety in the future. The fragrance is very pleasant and soothing.

  16. Akshaya B

    Thanks to gowdurbar for the amazing quality product and speedy delivery. I am very much satisfied with the fragrance and it creates a peaceful ambiance in my home.

  17. Aditi Aishwary

    The fragrance is amazing and it lasts long. I bought it from the local store and I’m very happy with my purchase, definitely worth the money!

  18. Lavanya

    Amazing fragrance that lingers for hours. Perfect for meditation and relaxation. Highly recommended to all my friends and family. Must try!

  19. Harika

    Quality of Cup Dhoop – Herbal Sambrani is very good and it has a pure smell of herbs. It helps in creating a peaceful atmosphere.

  20. Archana G

    This herbal sambrani is really nice and pure. I switched to this from another brand and I am happy with the quality.

  21. Siddhesh

    Nice fragrance and long-lasting. Authentic Indian scent that fills the room. Perfect for creating a calming and peaceful ambiance during prayers or meditation.

  22. Vanshika Kishor

    This herbal sambrani is very good. My family enjoys the fragrance. It helps create a calm and peaceful atmosphere at home.

  23. Suman

    The fragrance and quality of this herbal sambrani is amazing. Highly recommended for a traditional Indian experience.

  24. Govindam Upadhyay

    Fragrance is good, but it’s a bit expensive for daily use.

  25. Yogita P

    Very good fragrance and long-lasting. The packaging is also very nice. Impressed with the quality of this herbal sambrani.

  26. Pawan Kumar

    Amazing fragrance, perfect for rituals and creating a soothing ambiance. I am so thankful to Swamiparipoornanada garu for providing these amazing natural products on Gowdurbar website.

  27. srinivasababu

    The Dhoop it produces creates a Recently bought Sambrani Cups from creates spiritual atmosphere, and you’ll notice the positiveness.It acts like mosquito repellent. Thanks Gow dubar.

  28. Vijay John

    Herbal sambrani’s are rare to find. This one is perfect to use.

  29. Padma

    Fragrant and spiritual aroma. Doesn’t give out too much smoke and spreads well all around the house. Thankyou for making this product.

  30. Rashmi

    I am using this dhoop and it is very good. I like the herbal fragrance and it lasts long. I also appreciate the quality of the product. Will definitely recommend to others.

  31. S . Poornima Rani

    Sambrani dhoop is filled with in the home gives us a positive energy Thanks😊Gowdurbar for providing such products .

  32. Niti

    This Cup Dhoop is very good for puja purposes, but it has a very strong fragrance.
    It’s herbal and authentic, but the delivery was not timely.

  33. Sita Bhanu

    Herbal sambrani good for home… Cup dhoop fragrance and lasting is good, price also decent…

  34. Vishnu Priya

    This Cup Dhoop is excellent. Gives a pleasant fragrance when burnt.
    I have never come across such a good product before.

  35. Sai Krishna

    Namaste swamiji! Excellent product! It’s very effective and smells amazing. Only thing is the packaging can be improved. Thank you.

  36. Rudra

    Good product. Smells nice. My cousin told me this is very useful for pooja. I happy with this purchase today myself.

  37. Anusha

    I recently bought Cup Dhoop – Herbal Sambrani and was surprised by its natural fragility and purity. స్వామిజికి నమస్కారములు.

  38. Shakti J

    High-quality herbal sambrani for everyday use. Swamiji’s products are good. Thank you for providing such a great product.

  39. Harshini K

    Good cup dhoop. Best pooja products are available online. We are expecting it in the local market too.

  40. Suryadeep

    First time use is successful and smell really loved. The product is very nice, happy with it.

  41. A Narayana

    This Dhoop is very effective and has a nice fragrance, but the packaging is not good.

  42. Shivangi J

    Packaging is good. After buying this, I found a combo option. Combo buy soon for sure.

  43. Aviral

    Nice fragrance, traditional packaging. After using this, I discovered the combo pack. Will surely purchase the combo soon.

  44. Sumit Lakhmani

    I would highly recommend Cup Dhoop – Herbal Sambrani to everyone. It adds a pleasant fragrance to my home and the quality is amazing. Keep it up!

  45. Jeevan Macharla

    Good-quality herbal sambrani for daily use. Thankies swamiji for the wonderful product.I like muchly the fragrance it gives off when I burned it.

  46. Ravirala Venkatesh

    🪔Excellent product! Very good fragrance, perfect for puja and meditation. The packaging is nice too.

  47. Vignesh Nagraj

    I love the soothing fragrance it brings to my home. A wonderful buy, excellent quality at an affordable price. First of all I would like to thank you swamiji for providing natural products to society.

  48. Rajya Lakshmi

    Cup Dhoop is very good product, it make my house smell nice…incredible fragrance.

  49. M Sitaram

    Cup dhoop is very nice. Quality superb and I expect more products from the gowdurbar. Thank you swamiji.

  50. Nikita

    I am very satisfied with this product, it has a nice fragrance and is long-lasting. I have been using it regularly and it creates a pleasant atmosphere in my home.

  51. B. Amaravathi

    The Sambrani Cup Dhoop is nothing short of remarkable. I recommend these Good and natural products from swamiji.

  52. revathi gorentla

    We have tried many sambrani brands, but not satisfied with the results. This herbal sambrani is really better than other brands. It has nice fragrance and lasts long.

  53. Venkata Krishna

    Best Sambrani I have ever used. The fragrance is divine and it lasts for a long time. Highly recommend this product. Last year, I visited the Maha Sakthi Yagam, it is a life time experiance for me.

  54. Rajendra

    Value for money. Good quality product, recommended by my aunt. Now buying for myself…

  55. kumar v

    The fragrance is divine, perfect for our daily prayers. Highly recommended.
    This herbal sambrani burns smoothly and lasts for a long time.
    I love the traditional design of the cup, adds charm.
    Great purchase to create a peaceful and aromatic ambiance at home.

  56. Vishwa

    Used for fragrance in our home temple. Very pleasant aroma. 🥢

  57. Diwakar Ponnaganti

    Thank you Swamiji,and Thank you gowdurbar for the best quality product and a quick delivery, I am really happy with my purchase!

  58. Pavan karthikeya Velugu

    nice product…

  59. ranjith

    కప్ ధూప్ చాలా బాగుంది. ఇలాంటి మంచి ఉత్పత్తులు చూపించినందుకు స్వామీజీకి ధాన్యవాదాలు.

  60. Sulekha srivani

    delivery time is slow. needs to be improved.

  61. Hema cherukuri

    ఈ సాంబ్రాణి మార్కెట్ లో పొడి కన్నా చాలా మంచి వాసన వస్తుంది.

  62. Saritha

    Superb Sambrani…Pranaamam Guruji, for introducing chemical free products and for our well being, your sankalpam is great! we are blessed!

  63. Somanath

    స్వామీజీకి నమస్కారములు. మీ ఆశయం చాల గొప్పది, మీ వెంట మేము ఎప్పుడు ముందు ఉంటాము

  64. Venkatesh V

    The natural products endorsed by Nanduri Srinivas Garu were a delightful discovery, infusing my surroundings with calming fragrances.

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