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Cup Dhoop – Herbal Sambrani

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Experience a therapeutic herbal fragrance through our cup dhoops. A pleasing and long lasting aroma unfurls from the beautiful blend of 12 herbs and panchagavya. With the delicate extracts of Guggul, your environment instantly develops spiritual connection. The pure Sambrani (Loban) on the inside spreads positive energy and a lighter mood with its refreshing scent.

Net Quantity : 10 pc

Gross Wt. – 144 g



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Benefits :

Fills the surroundings with therapeutic Sambrani fragrance.
Removes negative energy in the surroundings.
Promotes well being of the family.
Purifies air with anti microbial properties.



5 reviews for Cup Dhoop – Herbal Sambrani

  1. Sravani Revinipati

    I am using this cup dhoop since an year. It fills the home with its unique fragrance and makes me feel as if I am in a temple.

  2. chaitanya_teja

    You should definitely experience the Panchgavya Cup – it offers a revitalizing experience and surpasses the regular coal-based cups. The Dhoop it produces creates a spiritual atmosphere, and you’ll notice the positiveness it brings to your surroundings.

  3. srinivasababu

    The Dhoop it produces creates a Recently bought Sambrani Cups from creates spiritual atmosphere, and you’ll notice the positiveness.It acts like mosquito repellent. Thanks Gow dubar.

  4. Padma (verified owner)

    Fragrant and spiritual aroma. Doesn’t give out too much smoke and spreads well all around the house. Thankyou for making this product.

  5. S . Poornima Rani (verified owner)

    Sambrani dhoop is filled with in the home gives us a positive energy Thanks😊Gowdurbar for providing such products .

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