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(87 customer reviews)

Instant Purifier

GowDurbar’s Camphor is processed with natural matured camphor tree leaves oil used for religious purposes . It is not a petroleum product.  It will make religious occasions such as daily worships and rites as complete, auspicious and pious with its natural fragrance.

NO Colors, NO Additives, NO Preservatives.

Net Wt. – 50 g

Gross Wt. – 70 g


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Quick Overview:

GowDurbar’s camphor is processed with natural, mature camphor tree leaf oil used for religious purposes. It is not a petroleum product.  It will make religious occasions such as daily worships and rites complete, auspicious, and pious with its natural fragrance. The fumes of this high-quality camphor are used to strengthen ozone and kill bacteria in the environment. It has a completely pure, natural aroma.


  • Completely pure natural aroma

  • Strengthen the ozone layer

  • Kills the bacteria in the environment

87 reviews for Camphor

  1. Kavya

    Value for money. I ordered from my aunt, she said the product is very good. Now today this purchase is for me. Camphor are nice smell

  2. Subham Shrivastav

    Good quality camphor, pleasant fragrance. The packaging could be improved. Overall, a great addition to Pooja rituals.

  3. Yeshaswini

    I like it, I will buy again. Good for Pooja.
    Camphor smell is very nice and soothing. Must have product

  4. Bhawani Aggarwal

    Smells so good and purifies the air. Using it during prayers. Nice devotional fragrance for spirituality.

  5. M RaviTeja

    I recently bought it and I was amazed by its natural fragrance and cleanliness. The smell was delightful and it clearly indicated that the Camphor was made from the best quality ingredients. I would like to thank sri nanduri sir for introducing gowdurbar. Thumbs up for genuine brand.

  6. Maheshwari

    Camphor is great for Pooja, adds fragrance to rituals. Affordable and pure quality, satisfied with its effectiveness.

  7. Spandana

    Camphor for Pooja is excellent quality. It smells divine and brings positivity to the atmosphere.

  8. Arti B

    This camphor for Pooja is very lightweight and good in smell. It is affordable and a must-have for all religious rituals. Great product from swamiji brand.

  9. Ajith Panesar

    I love the refreshing aroma it brings to my Pooja room. Great quality, affordable price. Highly recommended for religious rituals.

  10. Lakshmi Chaurasiya

    This is the perfect camphor for my daily Pooja rituals. I have tried so many different brands, but this one is the best!

  11. Govindam

    I am eagerly awaited for this product in Gowdurbar. It is very useful for Pooja ceremonies and brings a pleasant fragrance to the surroundings.

  12. Ashwini

    I am waiting for it and I am also using so many Gowdurbar products, really very good.

  13. Pranav

    Honestly, I recommend everybody to buy this product for Pooja rituals. It is of good quality and quantity. A famous company and an excellent product. However, please keep in mind that it’s smell too strong sometimes.

  14. Nitesh Sandilya

    I recently bought camphor for Pooja and I was shocked by its natural richness and purity. The smell and taste were both delightful, and it was clear that the camphor was made from the finest organic ingredients.

  15. Divya P

    Love the refreshing aroma it brings to my Pooja rituals. A must-have for every home, good quality at an affordable price. Highly recommended for spiritual purposes.

  16. Alka Shivagauri

    I have been using this Camphor for Pooja since a while now and it works effectively.

  17. Sushant S

    I have been using this brand for a long time and recently tried their camphor for Pooja. It’s really nice and worth buying from any gowdurbar store.

  18. Siddharth Bhardwaj

    This camphor for Pooja has a strong and pure aroma which creates a peaceful atmosphere. It enhances the spiritual experience.

  19. Anand Babu

    Camphor is amazing for Pooja, it has strong fragrance and helps in creating a divine atmosphere. Love it!

  20. Saurav Tiwari Satya

    quality is good and packaging also very good. I am impress with the best quality of it.

  21. Siddharth

    I like it for pooja rituals. It adds a pleasant fragrance to the environment. I will definitely buy it again. Highly recommended for spiritual practices.

  22. Prashanthi Choudhary

    Honesty, I recommend everyone to buy this camphor for Pooja, because is good in quality and quantity. A renowned company and a good product.

  23. Rahul T

    Best Camphor Purchased till date. Thank you for the fragrance and purity.. Can be used for performing poojas or as room freshener.


    Absolutely lovely. No black residue at all

  25. Jaya Lakshmi

    I was having doubts about buying this product, but all my doubts get cleared. It’s a very good camphor for Pooja.

  26. Rama

    Camphor is good for Pooja, it smells nice. My aunt uses it and she says it’s effective.

  27. Raghav L

    This camphor is very aromatic and perfect for performing pooja. It creates a peaceful atmosphere and adds to the spiritual ambiance. The size of the camphor is ideal for burning during prayers. Overall, a great product for religious rituals.

  28. Gnaneswary K

    Quality of camphor for pooja is excellent. Packaging was also good. Very impressed with the high quality. For religious ceremonies.

  29. Neeraja Kumari

    మొదట గా నేను నండూరి శ్రీనివాస్ గారికి ధన్యవాదాలు తెలుపుతున్నాను. మీ వల్లే నాకు గౌ దర్బార్ తెలిసింది. ఈ కర్పూరం చాల బాగుంది .

  30. Kavya

    love it & worthy to buy

  31. Rishu Tibrewal

    This product is essential for any Indian household during Pooja. The fragrance is authentic and the quality is unmatched. Highly recommended for religious rituals.

  32. Nagavenkatasudheer


  33. Kaushik Chary Damian

    This camphor for pooja is very good and effective. It helps in purifying the environment and creating a peaceful atmosphere. I would definitely recommend it to others. Please keep making more such products.

  34. Shreya G

    I am using this for Pooja and I find it very effective.
    The fragrance is strong and fills the room beautifully.
    It helps create a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere during prayers.
    I have been using this for a long time and it never disappoints.
    Highly recommended for all your religious rituals.

  35. Shubhankar Pandey

    I bought this camphor from my local shop and it smells nice. When I compared it with another brand, this one is more pure and have a good fragrance.

  36. Pragati

    Camphor is essential for Pooja. It has a nice fragrance and burns easily. The quality of this particular brand is great and the price is reasonable too.

  37. Bhuvananjali

    Good quality camphor for Pooja purposes. Fragrance is soothing and long-lasting. It helps create a peaceful environment during prayers. Thank you for this great product, very satisfied with it.


    Very nice. Good quality

  39. Manoj

    Camphor is amazing for Pooja. It smells divine and the package is really nice. Must buy it from Gowdurbar.

  40. Varalakshmi C

    Camphor is very good for Pooja, it smells really nice and brings positive vibes. Excellent product!

  41. Saumya Rai

    Good product for Pooja. Nice fragrance. Happy with the purchase. Will buy again. Jai Mata Di!

  42. Subhashini Guha

    I have been using this product for my daily pooja for quite some time now. Really satisfied with its quality and fragrance.

  43. Neeraj Pasupuleti

    met our needs. We are fully satisfied with its quality. We heard about the brand from a YouTube channel and it is worth the price.

  44. Poojitha

    Camphor really works good for Pooja, it gives positive energy and keep away negative vibes completely. I am using this always with great satisfaction.

  45. M Pawan

    Namaste guruji. It’s good and affordable. Smell is very spiritual and pleasant, perfect for daily pooja rituals.

  46. Lakshmi Subbapati

    I bought this camphor for my daily pooja rituals. The fragrance is amazing and it burns smoothly. I am happy with the quality and will definitely buy again.

  47. Sushmita Lockwani

    Very good camphor for performing Pooja. It has nice fragrance and burns well. Thank you baba for this wonderful product.

  48. Sivaganesh Kaushik

    I bought a packet of camphor for Pooja and it was really good. The packaging was nice and the camphor quality was excellent. It enhanced the spiritual atmosphere during our Pooja.

  49. Sai tejasvani

    Superb products

  50. Surya Prajapati

    This Camphor is very light weight and it has a good taste. It is also very affordable for daily use in Pooja.

  51. Subbarao pendurthi

    I strongly suggest using Camphor for Pooja as it brings positive vibrations and helps create a serene atmosphere. Great work, keep it up!

  52. Arun Jaiswal

    Very strong fragrance, perfect for religious ceremonies. Affordable price and long-lasting. A must-have for every household.

  53. kalyan kumar

    Very good for pooja, but smells very strong and overpowering.

  54. Kalaivani Devi

    Quality and smell are very good, but could be better packaging to minimize chance of damage in transit.

  55. Bhanu Bisht

    This camphor burns well and has a strong smell, making it perfect for pujaThe fragrance is so divine, and it creates a serene atmosphere during the prayer rituals. It burns evenly and releases a calming aroma that lingers in the air. Great product and Namste swamiji.

  56. Vedanth

    I really like this camphor as it gives a divine fragrance during pooja. The quality is amazing, and it burns smoothly. Thank you swamiji.

  57. Anukriti Ritikesh

    Camphor for Pooja is very useful in Indian rituals. The fragrance fills the room and creates a peaceful atmosphere. It lasts for a long time, ensuring a continuous divine presence. The price is reasonable and it comes in handy packaging. Highly recommended for spiritual purposes!

  58. Yash Das Preet

    This camphor is great for pooja rituals. It has a nice fragrance and burns easily. I’ve tried many brands before but this one is the best! It adds a serene ambiance to my home during prayers. Highly recommend it for anyone looking for camphor for pooja purposes.

  59. T Devi

    I highly recommend Camphor for Pooja. It adds a divine fragrance to the prayers. Good job, keep it up!

  60. Ankita

    Good quality camphor for Pooja. Long-lasting fragrance and affordable price. Satisfied with the product.

  61. Ranga

    very good quality camphor.

  62. Aparajitha

    This camphor is perfect for Pooja rituals. I have tried many camphors online, but found my favorite here.

  63. Yachna Maheshwari

    Camphor is a great product for Pooja. It has a pleasant smell and is easily available at an affordable price.

  64. Sashidhar

    This camphor is very light weight and easy to use. The fragrance is pleasant and it adds a nice touch to our Pooja rituals. It is also affordable and easily available. Overall, a great product for Pooja purposes.

  65. Santoshi

    Very good camphor and better than the most of the camphors available in the local market. Namaskaram swamiji.

  66. Sai Dheeraj

    I used different brands of camphor for pooja but not happy with the quality. This brand is excellent compared to others.

  67. B. Amaravathi

    It’s clear that the GowDurbar understands the true value of delivering natural Camphor to customer with excellence..

  68. Darshini V

    We bought Camphor for Pooja and it is a great product. The packaging is good and the quality is very nice. Highly recommended for all Pooja rituals.

  69. Aravind

    This camphor is very good quality and the packaging is also very good. I am impressed with the best quality of this product.

  70. Divya Sri

    The camphor is very good for pooja, I like it and want more items. Thank you.

  71. Maheshwari

    Very good quality camphor. I use it for pooja regularly. The fragrance is divine and soothing. Affordable price too.

  72. Arunlal

    Great product for performing pooja rituals. The camphor has a strong and pleasant fragrance. It burns nicely and lasts for a long time.

  73. Ramana kumar

    Quantity and quality is excellent and affordable price

  74. pavan velugula

    nice camphor, no too much smoke.

  75. Naveen H

    Gowdurbar camphor is perfect for our daily pujas! It burns cleanly and releases a beautiful fragrance that fills the puja room with a sacred feel. Best camphor available online really. Thank you swamiji.

  76. Sukumarr D

    The fresh smell of Gowdurbar camphor is amazing. Very natural product. What I can say? thanks to swamiji.

  77. Kailash J

    Namaste swami paripoornananda garu. I like to use camphor to create a purifying atmosphere. Still we use spread camphor around the house for positive energy. This one is a good one.

  78. Rajyalakshmi

    We recently moved into a new apartment and wanted to cleanse the space before moving in. We used Gowdurbar camphor, and it felt like a great way to start fresh. All credit goes to our beloved swamiji.

  79. Lakshmikar

    During festivals like Diwali, camphor is a must-have in our home. This Gowdurbar camphor burns beautifully and creates a festive atmosphere. The fragrance is pure and uplifting, perfect for celebrating special occasions and daily poojas.

  80. Suvarchala

    Heard Nanduri Srinivas garu talk about the gowdurbar. Tried this camphor, and it seems to great.

  81. Sahasra

    Sri nanduri garu recommended gowdurbar products. Camphor quality is very nice, genuine barnd.

  82. Chaithanya

    Nice Fragrance but should have lasted longer period and it is soothing.

  83. Pooja Srivatsava

    I am a happy customer! I will be purchasing from this seller again, I had no issues. Thank you Gowdurbar.

  84. V. Saraswathi

    Namasthe Swamiji, I bought it for hawan and it’s really good.

  85. Dilip

    It’s a very good quality. I used to buy other expensive camphor, but this one is good in smell. By watching Nanduri Srininvas Gaari video I got to know about this brand Gowurbar, Thank you.

  86. Rajesh

    It is a good product and effective when compared to others. Thank you Gowdurbar for providing this at a reasonable price as I have tried many in the market and fin this to be the best for my daily pooja.

  87. G. Ajay

    We use it as to protect clothing and utensils to keep insects free and also as air fresheners by putting on a specific hot coil. Nice Product

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