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Flower Combo – Yagnadhara Free

(42 customer reviews)

With the Flower Combo Agarbatti Offer from GowDurbar, you can take your spiritual atmosphere to the next level. During your moments of devotion, allow yourself to be amazed by the delicate and beautiful scents of five different floral blends that have been carefully created to enhance your experience. Indulge in the beauty of Mantra, Dhyana, Archana, Sadhana, and Sahasra, each of which carries its own distinct aura of positivity. Now, when you buy all five packs of agarbatti together, you can take advantage of a wonderful discount of ₹70, which is equivalent to a savings of 17%. The bliss of a spiritual journey can be experienced while these divine aromas illuminate your surroundings and bring you closer to the divine.

Net Wt. – 600 g

Gross Wt. – 774 g

Original price was: ₹470.00.Current price is: ₹400.00.



Enhance your spiritual ambiance with our exquisite Flower Combo Agarbatti Offer. Immerse yourself in the delicate and enchanting fragrances of five distinct floral blends, carefully crafted to enhance your moments of devotion. Indulge in the beauty of Mantra, Dhyana, Archana, Sadhana, and Sahasra, each carrying its own unique aura of positivity. Now, when you purchase all five agarbatti packs together, enjoy a delightful discount of ₹70 and a generous 17% savings. Illuminate your surroundings with these divine aromas while experiencing the bliss of a spiritual journey.

42 reviews for Flower Combo – Yagnadhara Free

  1. Sharanya Kumari

    Flower collection is good, packaging average. After buying it, I found the combo. Will definitely buy combo in few days.

  2. Deepika

    Great combo of flower smells, perfect for any occasion. Each and every packs smell is very good. Thank you swamiji for awesome products.

  3. Kailash M

    Perfect for any occasion. Smells are really cool.

  4. Jagan

    Wow…. wonderful fragrances… really liked a lot

  5. Sheela

    Combos is a very good idea… flower agarbatti are so impressive…you could have tried all in one packs too

  6. K Ramanamma

    I bought this flower combo from a nearby shop and another combo from a different store, when I compared them, the flowers in this combo were fresher and the colors were more vibrant.

  7. Madhu Nandakumar

    Product good. Packing also good. I am impressed with the quality of flowers and combo offer is nice. Thank you swamiji.

  8. M Gadhi Reddy

    Flower combo is very nice. The price is reasonable and it is easily available. I liked the fragrance of the floral fragrances. It is a good option for gifting someone special

  9. Prasanna M

    I like the flower combo. It is good and I will buy it again.

  10. Ganesh

    Used for all occasions. Good, my family likes it.

  11. Rajamani Kamble

    Nice combo. It looks beautiful and smells good. Price is also reasonable. I like it very much and will buy again.

  12. Mondru satyanarayana

    5 star

  13. Ashvini

    Good value for money. This flower combo is a must-have.

  14. Sowmya

    My goodness…. flower agarbatti are amazing…so thankful.. especially nightqueen my favourite smell..very rarely found, finally got here

  15. Preeti Rajesh

    I am using this flower combo and it is really nice.

  16. V Sekhar

    ఈ ఫ్లవర్ కాంబో లో ఉన్న అన్ని వాసనలు చాల బాగున్నాయి. మేము స్వామిజి యొక్క అన్ని ప్రవచనాలు వింటాము. అయన మాట లానే అన్ని ఉత్పత్తులు చాల బాగున్నాయి.

  17. Gangadhar rao

    It’s a wonderful purchase from gowdurbar. All floral smells are super.

  18. Kaushiki Shiromani

    I use Flower Combo for evening in my home. Good job by gowdurbar, keep going.

  19. Naveen

    My First buy Flower combo is amazing and I have to try all the other products.

  20. Sreelakshmi

    మంత్రం మరియు అర్చన వాసనా గురించి ఐతే చెప్పకర్లేదు. అధ్బుతమైన సువాసన మరియు చాల సేపు ఉంటోంది. నండూరి శ్రీనివాస్ గారి వీడియో ద్వార మాకు గౌదుర్బార్ తెలిసింది. ధన్యవాదములు.

  21. Kunaal Vaish

    Good one. I ordered it twice and will keep buying in future.

  22. Ayushi

    Perfect combo, good job gowdurbar.

  23. Shyam T

    Definitely a good buy. The packaging is nice and the fragrance smells really amazing. I will suggest to my friends too.

  24. Vignesh

    Amazing value for money.

  25. Kapil Shekhar

    I am using this flower combo and it is really good. I have been using many products from Gowdurbar and they never disappoint. Waiting for more such amazing combos.

  26. srikanth

    all are super except lily for me

  27. Ratnamani

    It is a very good combo with beautiful flower smells. 5 stars given. Gow durbar and swamiji did good job.

  28. Rampratap h


  29. Sonika Mohan

    super vasana, chala bagundi.

  30. Jamuna

    I will definitely buy again in future. Perfect combo, thank you swamiji

  31. Shailendra K

    Been waiting for this flower combo in Gowdurbar. It is very good and I like it a lot. Must buy!

  32. Anjana

    I love this flower combo. Perfect for gifting. I gifted for a pooja ceremony in my relatives house. Thank you swmaiji.

  33. Shreya

    My puja room needs a special touch. This Flower Combo Agarbatti sounds perfect! Five different floral scents for prayers? Amazing! The discount is a nice bonus. Thank you swamiji

  34. Maha Lakshmi Iduri

    Meditation is all about focus and peace. This Flower Combo Agarbatti sounds interesting! The discount helps, but the variety of floral scents could be perfect for creating different atmospheres for different types of meditation.

  35. Naveena

    Relaxing after a long day is important. This Flower Combo Agarbatti sounds promising! Thank you swamiji for wonderful products

  36. Shivam S

    This Flower Combo is cheaper than other brands and the quality is also good.

  37. Suryakala

    Amazing value for money. This flower combo is a must-have in my home. Thank you swamiji.

  38. V Priyadarshini

    Best flower combo bought till now, thanks for the freshness.

  39. Bala murali krishna

    Excellent fragrance. This flower combo is perfect for gifting. Affordable and good quality.

  40. Aravind

    I like the flower combo. No issues at all. The quality of the product is superb. Thank you swamiji.

  41. Madhuri

    Thank you gowdurbar for delivering beautiful flower incenses with a fast delivery. The incenses fragrance is so nice and the combo was perfect for gifting. I am satisfied with my purchase and will surely buy again. Thank you swamiji.

  42. Prasuram

    Wonderful incense combo from gowdurbar. I really appreciate the quality of products offered by gowdurbar and swamiji

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