Dwaraka – Amber Flora Incense

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Amber Flora Natural Incense Sticks are a type of incense known for their warm and rich fragrance reminiscent of amber resin. These incense sticks are carefully crafted using a blend of natural ingredients, aromatic resins, herbs, essential oil, panchagavya and pure honey. This incense is highly consecrated and named as Dwaraka, one of the most sacred cities in Hindu culture.

Net Wt. – 45 g

Gross Wt. – 80 g


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Our Amber Flora Panchagavya Natural Incense Sticks combine the warm and inviting fragrance of amber with the traditional blend of Panchagavya. Amber, with its captivating and comforting aroma, has been treasured for its therapeutic qualities for ages. Its scent is often associated with relaxation, stress relief, and creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The inclusion of amber in these incense sticks adds a touch of warmth and tranquility to the overall fragrance.


Amber fragrance, panchagavya, herbs, and pure honey


The Incense is named after Holy City, ” Dwaraka ” which is revered as one among seven Liberation cities in Indian culture. In Hindu tradition, seven places are considered as utmost sacred & believed to result in liberation (moksha) just by visiting once in a lifetime. Uttering those city names itself is highly regarded. Our Amber Flora Incense is made such that you would experience the vibes of consecrated place, Dwaraka at your doorstep.

48 reviews for Dwaraka – Amber Flora Incense

  1. Mohit

    This Indian incense has a beautiful fragrance and fills my home with a calming aroma. I highly recommend it to all incense lovers.

  2. Kamini Kumari

    I was eagerly waiting for this product in Gowdurbar. I am very happy with the quality and fragrance of the incense sticks.

  3. Saanchi

    This incense is very light weight and has a good taste. It is also affordable.

  4. Ritu Bhardwaj

    Good incense. Smells pleasant and lasts long. Worth buying for sure!

  5. Kalaivani

    Amber Flora Incense is very nice, smells good and long-lasting. Affordable prices, enjoy using it for meditation.

  6. Devadathan

    Perfect for Indian homes, brings divine fragrance. I am happy with its affordability and quality. It is a good product to buy for religious rituals.

  7. Prashansi

    Fragrant and long-lasting. Great for creating a peaceful atmosphere at home.

  8. Subodh Nischal Shyamkarn

    Best incense ever purchased. The fragrance is so divine and mesmerizing. Highly recommended for a soothing ambiance.

    Only con is the packaging, needs improvement in terms of durability.

    Overall, satisfied with the product and its aromatic experience.

  9. Sahil

    This incense comes with a pleasant fragrance that spreads across the room. It makes me feel calm and relaxed, and it lasts for a long time. Smells very nice!

  10. Ragini

    This incense has a soothing aroma that brings peace and tranquility.

  11. Madan Varma Ramdas

    Amazing fragrance, fills my home with positivity. Highly recommended for meditation and creating a peaceful atmosphere. Love it!

  12. Goldy

    Amazing fragrance, creates a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. Highly recommend.

  13. Mukesh

    The fragrance of Dwaraka – Amber Flora Incense is pleasant and doesn’t overpower the senses.

  14. Jyothsna

    I am impressed with this Incense… excellent

  15. Diganth Guha

    Good quality incense sticks. The fragrance is captivating and long-lasting. Will definitely buy again.

  16. Apratim Talwar

    Best incense I have used. The fragrance is divine and brings a sense of peace and tranquility to my home.

  17. Parth Jindal

    This Agarbatti don’t have strong smell as we expected. Also, it burns quite faster than other brands.

  18. Madhu Rungta

    I love it. No issues at all. Wonderful and pleasant fragrance. Perfect for creating a calming atmosphere.

  19. Sidhi

    This incense has a lovely fragrance. It made my home smell divine. Truly a great product, highly recommended for all incense lovers!

  20. Anavi Sonker

    First time tried Dwaraka – Amber Flora Incense, liked the fragrance. Good product, worth buying for peaceful vibes at home.

  21. Kshitij Waybhase

    Amazing fragrance! This incense is perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere at home. I burn it daily and my whole family loves the smell.

  22. Ramsundar Khokhar

    We tried many incenses, but not happy with the smell. This Amber Flora Incense is really nice and long-lasting.
    The fragrance of this incense is so beautiful and calming.

  23. Kaushiki

    Product good quality, fragrance pleasant, worth buying for peaceful ambiance.

  24. Tulshidas

    Cool. Original Incense with strong scent and beautiful packaging. Perfect for creating a peaceful and calming atmosphere at home.

  25. Shivakumar Rathore

    We bought 100g pack of this incense and it is very good. The packing is nice and the fragrance is amazing.

  26. Pooja

    Though there is a aroma of Groundnuts, but it does not over power the aroma and taste of the food cooked is really good.

  27. Gnaneswar Kavi Sarjerao

    I used this incense and it smells so divine, like fresh flowers.
    It creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere in my home.
    Those who love natural fragrances will love this.

  28. Snigdha Durgavansh

    Smells amazing! The fragrance is so refreshing and soothing. Perfect for meditation and creating a calming atmosphere at home.

  29. Sachin

    Amber Flora Incense smells amazing and makes my home feel peaceful…Price is reasonable and quality is great…It’s a must-have for creating a calming ambience.

  30. Pragati

    Thank you Dwaraka for the amazing quality incense and prompt delivery. It creates a lovely aroma.

  31. Monti

    I was waiting eagerly for this product in Gowdurbar. It is very good quality incense with pleasant fragrance.

  32. Ayan Pravesh

    Very nice smell. Makes the room feel peaceful and calm. Will buy again.

  33. Shreyaansh

    Thank you Dwaraka for the amazing incense sticks. The fragrance is divine and instantly relaxes my mind. Affordable and long-lasting.

  34. Prastuti Paul

    I have been purchasing this brand for a few months now. I tried this incense for the first time and it is really good. All the products available at Dwaraka-amber are worth buying.

  35. Jahnavi Karkhele

    Very aromatic incense, fills my home with a soothing fragrance.

  36. Garv Hasija

    This incense has a lovely fragrance that fills the room and creates a soothing environment. It lasts for a long time, making it great value for money.

  37. Gurjot

    Thank you Dwaraka for excellent quality incense and speedy delivery.

  38. Vibhanshu Kushalappa

    Product meet our requirement. Very happy with the quality. We heard brand name from a YouTub channel and its worth price.

  39. Harika

    Memories made at such moments are better retained. Fragrances are too good. Specially liked the consecrated series

  40. Jenamani Yamala

    Nice fragrance of Amber Flora Incense, makes my home smell amazing. Reasonably priced and good quality. I recommend it for a relaxing atmosphere.

  41. Ravisankar Barnawal

    The incense has a calming and refreshing fragrance, perfect for meditation and relaxation. Affordable price and long-lasting.

  42. Kanha Seth

    The fragrance of Dwaraka – Amber Flora Incense is pleasant and does not overpower the ambiance, making it a great choice to create a soothing atmosphere.

  43. Anitha

    Best incense ever! The fragrance is divine, takes me to heaven.

  44. Madhusri Kaur

    Good quality and long-lasting aroma. This is my third purchase and I will definitely buy it again in the future.

  45. Shreyasi Kasera

    worth the price. The fragrance brings positive vibes to my home. Now I’m hooked on it.
    I orderd from my uncle, he says the product are very good.

  46. Shivanshi

    It fulfills our needs. Totally satisfied with the quality. We watched a Youtube video about it and it is value for money.

  47. Hunny

    Good fragrance, creates a peaceful atmosphere. My family enjoys the calming effect it brings to our home.

  48. Sheesh

    Excellent fragrance and long-lasting, beautifully packaged incense sticks. The calming effect is amazing. Truly impressed by the top-notch quality.

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