Multi Flower Honey

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Indulge in GowDurbar Multi Flower Honey, a golden portion crafted by bees from diverse blossoms. With a color ranging from pale yellow to rich golden yellow, its taste is a delightful blend of sweetness, floral notes, and a hint of tanginess. The smooth, runny texture adds a touch of luxury to your palate. Packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, this honey not only gives pleasure to your taste buds but also bestows numerous health benefits.

Net Wt. – 500 g

Gross Wt. – 550 g


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Dive into the rich flavors of GowDurbar Multi Flower Honey, a natural treat crafted by bees from various flowers. With its golden hues ranging from pale yellow to deep golden yellow, this honey offers a delightful blend of sweetness, floral notes, and a hint of tanginess. Its smooth texture adds a touch of luxury to your culinary creations.

Packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, this honey not only satisfies your taste buds but also brings numerous health benefits. It’s more than just a sweet addition to your pantry; it’s a natural brew celebrating the goodness of diverse blooms.

58 reviews for Multi Flower Honey

  1. Neha Goel

    Honey is very nice and I am enjoying it. The taste is good and I will buy again. More options please, thank you.

  2. Prajeeth Mahalka

    Good product. I bought it from my neighbor, he said it’s very nice. Today, I am buying it for myself. Worth the money.

  3. Kalash Taneja

    Health wise it is a good honey. Taste is also good and available at affordable price. I will suggest to buy this honey for better health benefits.

  4. Meenu Sundar

    I bought this honey from a nearby shop and another brand’s honey from a different store, when I compared them, this honey tasted better and had a nice floral fragrance.

  5. Suraj Nagoria Yogesh

    The honey has a nice taste and the packaging is good. I recently discovered a combo offer after purchasing this product. I will surely buy the combo in a few days. The honey is worth trying for its quality and price.

  6. Devashish Khare Nitheesh

    We have been using this brand of honey for a while now. Tried this honey for the first time and it is really nice. All products at Gowdurbar are worth buying.

  7. Gundeep Barnwal

    Sweet and tasty honey. This is a must-have in my kitchen. It adds a delightful sweetness to my dishes and I have even shared it with my family and friends.

  8. Rambabu Kotha

    taste is good.

  9. Vikaas

    I compared this honey with other popular brands, found its is one of the best from rest.

  10. Leena Kansal

    I personally liked this product because it is made by a trusted brand. The taste is delicious and pure. Thank you for providing such a great quality honey.

  11. Pragun Shahi

    This honey is my favorite for everyday use. I have tried many honeys available online but this one is the best. It adds a delicious flavor to my meals and I always keep it stocked in my kitchen.

  12. Nethaji Krishna

    It is nice honey… I will purchase again.. I like the taste and quality.

  13. Snehit Mani

    I like this honey, it tastes good and I will buy it again.

  14. Rupal Suri Ranganadh

    The taste of this honey is very nice and it smells natural. It is a good quality product and I am satisfied with my purchase. The packaging could have been better, but overall, it is a good choice for honey lovers.

  15. Disha Narayan

    I had a doubt before buying this honey, but all my doubts got cleared and it is a very good honey. The taste is delicious and it has many health benefits. I will definitely buy again.

  16. Jyoti Mourya Anil

    The honey has a sweet and pleasant taste, but it lacks the strong flavor of other brands. It is good for everyday use in cooking and as a natural sweetener.

  17. Aatish Dasila

    I am waiting for it. Please make more items thanks.

  18. Jami Tidke

    I use this honey for adding sweetness to my dishes. It’s pure and natural. Good job by the brand, keep it up!

  19. Adithya

    One of the best product as compared to other brands

  20. Fariya Shinde

    The taste of this honey is very sweet and it adds a nice flavor to my tea, but the packaging could be better.

  21. Pradosh Kumari

    I really liked this honey because it is sourced from local farms. The taste is delicious and it adds a natural sweetness to my food. Thank you for this amazing product!

  22. Babli Durgavanshi

    I love the sweet and natural taste it brings to my dishes. It’s a good buy, good quality at a reasonable price.

  23. Jaykant Kothari Shanoo

    Thank you Gowdurbar for delivering a good quality honey. The taste is delicious and the packaging is nice. I am satisfied with my purchase and will buy again in the future.

  24. Karishma Kamble

    I was eagerly waiting for this product in Gowdurbar. It is a great quality honey with a variety of flowers. The taste is amazing and it has numerous health benefits. I am really happy with my purchase and would definitely buy it again.

  25. easwar1202

    Very very happy

  26. Divya Swamy

    I use Multi Flower Honey for anyone who wants to add a touch of sweetness to their food. It’s pure and natural, a good choice for health-conscious people. Good job by the brand, keep it up!

  27. Prashansi Narain

    Using for 2 months. Good for health. Smell is nice and it is available at a reasonable price.

  28. Shubhendu Dudeja

    This honey is great for everyday use. It adds a delicious sweetness to my family’s meals.
    We all enjoy the taste and it’s a staple in our kitchen.

  29. Sanjit

    I really like this product because it is made by a well-known swamiji. The smell of the honey is fresh and genuine. Thank you!

  30. Joy Agrahari

    Delicious honey with attractive packaging. Discovered a great combo after purchasing. Planning to buy the combo soon!

  31. Kasniya Sinha

    After opening the bottle I found a really natural aroma of honey. It tastes good and is perfect for adding sweetness to my tea.

  32. Chiranjeev Babasaheb

    This honey is very good for health and has a pleasant smell. It is also reasonably priced.

  33. Anavi Venkateshwaran

    We bought 1kg of this honey and there are no bad things about this product. The packaging is good and the taste of the honey is very nice. It’s a must try for everyone who likes honey.

  34. Dheeraj Bhukya

    Good quality honey. Tastes delicious and has a nice aroma. Will definitely buy again in the future.

  35. Nalin Macharla

    The taste of this honey is very delicious and it adds a nice flavor to my tea. It has a hint of sweetness without being too overpowering. The only downside is the price, which could be a bit more affordable. But overall, it’s a good product that I enjoy using in my daily routine.

  36. Himanshu Deshmukh

    This honey is cheaper compared to other brands and the quality is also good. I have been using it for the past 6 months and I am really satisfied with its quality. It has a nice taste and adds a natural sweetness to my food.

  37. Sampath Kumar

    Fresh honey quality and came with very good packaging from company. Delivery is fast too.

  38. Rohith Grover

    I appreciate that Gowdurbar Honey is sourced sustainably and produced with great care for the environment. Knowing that this brand supports cow care. Now Im a genuine customer of this brand.

  39. Santosh

    Really good product. This product is better than other company honey’s. Quality and taste were good. Best honey in the market.

  40. Suresh kumar yadav

    Nice product and was delivered soon. I just got within 5 days. really nice quality honey.

  41. Shaym Gupta

    It was very nice 👍expected a subpar one but received a great quality honey.

  42. Deepak VJ

    I like the quality of Honey and package is good too. Used daily with ginger and lime to get detoxed.

  43. Sunil Manvar

    most honeys are made up of corn syrup and sugar. but this one seems as a genuine pure honey. great job.

  44. Komali Gupta

    ee honey morning detox drink lo chala bagundi, and multi purpose as well. I ordered 2 and consumed in a short time of span.

  45. Seema Av

    Fantastic honey in the market. It is surely a good quality honey. No adulteration observed! It has natural floral flavour.

  46. Sunayana Kumar

    I tried many brands for pure honey, i usually get over heat when eat something of sugar. This one is pure and no complications.

  47. Prithvi

    I like this pure & healthy product. It is a way better than its competitor honeys. Yes, floral smell is good.

  48. Praveen Mohan K

    Good 👍 👍 I can say it is far better than patanjali honey available in the market.

  49. Hitesh sharma CH

    Taste is good , packaging was nicely done. Simply I can say it is very tasty honey.

  50. Swathi Naidu

    wow, this is great for my lemon tea. I feel the taste is bit enhanced with this honey. might be floral did the magic behind the taste.

  51. Amala Policherla

    I heard of this honey name from my cousin. she ordered 3 and one is given to me. yes great taste and very natural by nature.

  52. Pooja Minnu

    Bought this product with an open mind. and found the product matches with my inner expectations.

  53. Amritha Paramar

    I like it the most in the affordable price range along with dabur and patanjali. but quality is bit more good.

  54. Amber Chauhan

    Everyone should take honey regularly. It’s great for health and a best replacement for sugar.

  55. Nalanda Ashok Kiran

    If you are looking for the pure and best honey…. you can go with this undoubtedly.

  56. mahesh.beeravelli

    After trying from multiple brands this honey makes me feels more natural and reminded me of my childhood honey I had extracted locally from trees. Thanks to Gowdurbar for making more and more natural products.

  57. Mahesh

    Requesting Gowdurbar to make larger packs of 1ltr or more

  58. Nikhil Murari

    Great and quality product

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