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Sahasra – Kewda Aroma Incense

(60 customer reviews)

Kewda, a mesmerizing incense, is celebrated for its delightful fragrance drawn from the essence of the Kewda flower. Its exotic aroma fills the air with tranquility and allure. Lighting Sahasra incense becomes a cherished ritual, inviting moments of contemplation and reflection on the boundless mysteries and possibilities that life beholds. Embrace the enthral essence of Kewda, where its fragrance becomes a soothing melody, guiding us on a journey of inner calm and profound wonder. Let Sahasra incense be a companion in your moments of introspection, where the soul finds serenity and the heart dances with the infinite realms of life’s beauty and enchantment

Net Wt. – 90 g

Gross Wt. – 110 g




Kewda Floral Incense is brought to life through the artful extraction of the Kewda flower’s essence, thoughtfully combined with the sacred Panchagavya components. The outcome is a natural and aromatic incense that not only delights the senses but also carries deep cultural and spiritual significance. Embrace the soulful essence of Kewda, where its gentle fragrance becomes a cherished link to our heritage and spirituality. Let each moment of lighting this exquisite incense be a reminder of the timeless wisdom and the profound journey of self-discovery it unveils. Immerse yourself in the divine aura of Kewda, where its scent becomes a heartfelt tribute, connecting us to the sacred realm of inner harmony and reverence.



The name “Sahasra” bestowed upon this incense symbolizes its link to the infinite and boundless universe. Its fragrance serves as a gentle reminder of life’s eternal and limitless nature. Embrace the essence of Sahasra incense as it becomes a poignant reminder of the vastness and profundity that existence holds. Let each moment of lighting Sahasra be a beautiful ode to the boundless journey of life and consciousness, where the soul finds solace in the eternal dance of the cosmos, and the heart rejoices in the ever-expanding wonders of existence..


Kewda fragrance, panchagavya and pure honey

60 reviews for Sahasra – Kewda Aroma Incense

  1. Anil

    I had doubt before I buy, but my all doubts are cleared and it is a very good insence.

  2. Abhi Ram

    Personally, I liked this product because it is from the house of our beloved swamiji. The smell be fresh and authentic. Thank you.

  3. Mrithyunjay

    This incense is very lightweight, making it easy to carry.
    The fragrance is delicious and leaves a pleasant aroma in the air.
    It is also pocket-friendly, making it a great choice for everyone.

  4. Arun Kumar

    This product from Sahasra is must-buy. The packaging are good and the fragrance is amazing. Really loved it!

  5. Naveena

    I recently bought it and am amazed by its mesmerizing fragrance. It filled my home with a soothing and refreshing aura.

  6. Devendra A

    Amazing fragrance and long-lasting aroma. Helps me relax and unwind after a hectic day. Highly recommend it for a calming atmosphere at home. Love the packaging too!

  7. Vijay Kumar

    I highly recommend Sahasra – Kewda Aroma Incense. It is a must-have for anyone who loves soothing fragrances. The quality and quantity are great, making it worth every penny. Moreover, the brand is well-known, ensuring a good product.

  8. Bindu Priyanka

    Kewda fragrance best for meditation… Sahasra – Kewda Aroma Incense has good quality and affordable price… I really liked it and recommend to all.

  9. Pragnya

    This incense is very light and has a pleasant aroma. It’s reasonably priced and adds a calming touch to my home.

  10. Ashwini

    This product quality very good and packaging also very good. I am impressed with the best qualty of this product.

  11. Sinivasa Rao

    Though there is a pleasant smell of Kewda, the overpowering aroma can be a little too much sometimes and it does not last long.

  12. Umamaheshwara J

    Ye incense bahut acche hai, unka fragrance dil ko choo leta hai.
    Inki khushboo bahut lambi samay tak bani rehti hai.
    Main inko roz istemaal karta hoon aur mujhe bahut pasand aate hai.

  13. Divyanshika

    Nice fragrance, it is very calming and soothing, I loved it. Nanduri Srinivas Garu’s recommended incense sticks brought a sense of tranquility and peace to my home.

  14. Venkatesh

    I recently bought this incense and I was really impressed with its natural smell and purity. It had a delightful fragrance and it was obvious that it was made from the finest Kewda extract.

  15. Prabhakar

    The Sahasra – Kewda Aroma Incense is truly amazing. The fragrance is so pure and original, it fills the room with a delightful aroma.

  16. Kashi

    It’s good. Worth the price. The fragrance is very authentic and pleasant.

  17. Annanya Gopal

    I ordered 1 pack initially and there’s no negative point about this product. Packaging is good and the aroma quality is very nice.

  18. Anusha

    Before buying this incense, I had some doubts. But all my doubts were cleared and it is a very good incense.
    The fragrance of Kewda is amazing and it adds a pleasant aroma to my home.
    I would definitely recommend this incense to others.

  19. Naveen k

    This incense has a calming fragrance that fills the room.

  20. Pradosh Guha

    Ye incense bahut accha hai aur uska fragrance dil se touch karta hai.. Iski khushboo bahut lamba samay tak bani rehti hai. Mujhe iski quality bahut pasand aayi.

  21. Chaithanya

    I really liked this product as it has a pleasant fragrance. It gives a calming and soothing effect to my surroundings. Recommending. A big thank you to Swamiparipoornanada for the wonderful natural incense sticks available on Gowdurbar website.

  22. Varun Barai

    Great fragrance, beautiful box. After purchasing this, I discovered the combo. Definitely going to buy the combo in a few days.

  23. Roopa

    After burning the incense, I could instantly smell the refreshing fragrance of kewda. It creates a soothing atmosphere and helps me relax. The scent lingers for a decent amount of time too. Good purchase!

  24. Vibhav

    Bhaiyo, yeh incense company waale toh kamaal hain.. Unki Kewda fragrance wali agarbatti bahut acchi hai, dil ko sukoon milta hai aur ghar mein positivity bhar deti hai. Maan na padega, ek dum top class product hai!

  25. Tattarao

    I highly recommend Sahasra – Kewda Aroma Incense to anyone looking to add a touch of divine fragrance to their home. Good job by Sahasra, keep going with your amazing product range.

  26. Surya Singam

    Fragrance is divine and soothing, it creates a peaceful ambiance. Loved the long-lasting aroma which uplifts the mood instantly. Must-try for a blissful experience!

  27. Sathwik

    Sahasra – Kewda Aroma Incense has beautiful fragrance…very good for praying and relaxations…I love it. I am grateful for the recommendation of the natural incense sticks and participating in Maha Sakthi Yagam.

  28. Prathima

    This incense has a mesmerizing fragrance of Kewda that fills my home. It creates a calming and soothing atmosphere, perfect for relaxation or meditation.

  29. Shubhanshu Inavolu

    I recently bought this and was amazed by its natural fragrance. The smell and the pleasantness of it were both delightful, and it was evident that the incense was made from high-quality ingredients.

  30. Ramkrishna Rajendra

    This product completely satisfy our needs. We are fully happy with the quality. We came to know about the brand from Sri Nanduri Srinivas sir channel, and it is worth the price.

  31. Ramakrishna Tejaswini

    It’s amazing. Worth the price. Smell is really authentic and nice. I love the soothing fragrance of this incense.

  32. Jaswant

    Bhaiyo, yeh incense company waale toh magician hain.. Iski Khushboo chaaron taraf failti hai aur sukoon deta hai.

  33. Dhananjay Gautam

    It helped me relax and unwind after a long day. The soothing aroma is just what I needed to create a calming atmosphere in my home. Definitely recommend it!

  34. Nageshwar Attraa

    I have tried various incense brands but none can compare to Sahasra – Kewda Aroma.
    The fragrance is heavenly and lingers in the air for hours.
    It creates a calming and peaceful atmosphere in my home.
    I highly recommend this incense to anyone seeking a premium experience.

  35. Dinesh

    This product is very good, it has a beautiful fragrance and the incense sticks last for a long time. I really like it and would recommend it to others.

  36. Naga Shiva

    Namaste guruji. This one is an awesome product. I will definitely recommend this product to everyone.

  37. Aishwarya

    It’s good. Worth the price. Fragrance is very pure and pleasant. The natural incense sticks which I brought after Maha Sakthi Yagam have exceeded my expectations in both quality and aroma – a purchase I am truly happy about.

  38. Harika

    Used this incense stick personally, truly impressed by its tremendous fragrance. The aroma is soothing, making it a must-buy product from Gowdurbar. Keep it up!

  39. Vahnika B

    I am eagerly waiting to try this product in my home. It has a nice fragrance. Very satisfied with my purchase.

  40. Geethu

    Very strong fragrance, price reasonable. I’ve tried many incense sticks and these are the best. It gives a great ambience to my home. 🛕Thank you, Swamiji, for creating these incredible natural products that have become a staple in my daily routine.

  41. S Bindu

    Beautiful fragrance fills the air when you open this box of incense sticks. It creates a peaceful atmosphere in my home.

  42. Roshan Vikram

    No regrets, genuine Indian fragrance guaranteed. Ideal for small rooms. Fragrance lasts longer than expected!

  43. Vamsi Lavudya

    This incense is very nice and I love the smell of it. It’s perfect for creating a calming atmosphere in my home. I will buy more, thanks!

  44. Annapurna

    Best aroma incense I have ever used. The soothing fragrance of kewda is divine and fills the room with a calming ambience. Highly recommended for relaxation and meditation purposes.

  45. Asha

    5 star. Yaar, Sahasra – Kewda Aroma Incense ka toh maza hi kuch aur hai! Is company ka incense ek dum alag hai, quality aur fragrance mein. Bahut zyada quantity bhi hai, roz-roz badalne ki zarurat nahi padti. Ek dum mast!

  46. Vishwanath

    I highly recommend Sahasra – Kewda Aroma Incense for anyone looking to add a touch of divine fragrance to their home. Good job by Sahasra, keep it up! The aroma is very nice and the packaging is excellent.

  47. Jagadeesh

    Bhaiyo, yeh Sahasra – Kewda Aroma Incense waale toh magician hain.. Wo fragrance aur peace ko room mein laate hain. Thank you swamiji.

  48. Jashwanth

    This product is cheaper than other brands and the quality are also good. I am using it for the past 6 months and am very happy with its quality.

  49. Y Shekar

    Good for Indian rituals, very fragrant. Happy with its long-lasting scent and affordability.

  50. Ramakrishna Ratn

    After burning the incense, I felt a refreshing and soothing fragrance in my home. It lasted for a long time and created a peaceful atmosphere. Highly recommended for its calming effects.

  51. Susheela

    Nice fragrance. Good quality incense sticks. Highly recommended for relaxation. Good and natural products from swamiji.

  52. Sharmila

    This incense is amazing! The fragrance is very soothing and divine. It fills my home with a pleasant aroma that lingers for hours. I highly recommend it to everyone who loves incense.

  53. Saranya A

    Love the soothing aroma it adds to my home. A perfect buy, top quality at an affordable price.

  54. Keerthana M

    Sahasra ka kewda aroma incense bahut accha hai, atyant suddh.
    Yeh mujhe mere ghar mein shanti aur sukoon deta hai.
    Iska fragrance dil ko choota hai aur mastool banata hai.
    Main isko roz prayog karti hoon, mujhe bahut pasand aaya.

  55. Sandhya Subbapati

    After burning the incense, I could smell a pleasant and authentic fragrance of flowers. It created a calming atmosphere in my home. Highly recommend it for its quality and long-lasting scent.

  56. Nitya

    Pleasant and calming fragrance that fills the room. Sahasra’s Kewda Aroma Incense is a must-try. Thank you for this wonderful product.

  57. Neelima

    This incense is worth buying from Sahasra. The packaging is good and the fragrance smells really amazing. I recommend it.

  58. Meenakshi Palika

    Original and pure fragrance fills the air as soon as I open the container. It is absolutely excellent! Highly recommended for a soothing and aromatic experience.

  59. srikanth reddy

    super fragrance burning time 1hr

  60. Kanakamahalakshmi

    First of all I would like to thank you swamiji for providing natural products to society. This sahasra is very amazing. Very finest quality it has.

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