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Sahasra – Kewda Aroma Incense

Kewda, a mesmerizing incense, is celebrated for its delightful fragrance drawn from the essence of the Kewda flower. Its exotic aroma fills the air with tranquility and allure. Lighting Sahasra incense becomes a cherished ritual, inviting moments of contemplation and reflection on the boundless mysteries and possibilities that life beholds. Embrace the enthral essence of Kewda, where its fragrance becomes a soothing melody, guiding us on a journey of inner calm and profound wonder. Let Sahasra incense be a companion in your moments of introspection, where the soul finds serenity and the heart dances with the infinite realms of life’s beauty and enchantment

Net Wt. – 90 g

₹ 80




Kewda Floral Incense is brought to life through the artful extraction of the Kewda flower’s essence, thoughtfully combined with the sacred Panchagavya components. The outcome is a natural and aromatic incense that not only delights the senses but also carries deep cultural and spiritual significance. Embrace the soulful essence of Kewda, where its gentle fragrance becomes a cherished link to our heritage and spirituality. Let each moment of lighting this exquisite incense be a reminder of the timeless wisdom and the profound journey of self-discovery it unveils. Immerse yourself in the divine aura of Kewda, where its scent becomes a heartfelt tribute, connecting us to the sacred realm of inner harmony and reverence.



The name “Sahasra” bestowed upon this incense symbolizes its link to the infinite and boundless universe. Its fragrance serves as a gentle reminder of life’s eternal and limitless nature. Embrace the essence of Sahasra incense as it becomes a poignant reminder of the vastness and profundity that existence holds. Let each moment of lighting Sahasra be a beautiful ode to the boundless journey of life and consciousness, where the soul finds solace in the eternal dance of the cosmos, and the heart rejoices in the ever-expanding wonders of existence..


Kewda fragrance, panchagavya and pure honey


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