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Sree Chandan

(56 customer reviews)

For Peace & Prosperity

Our Sree Chandan is a premium quality sandalwood powder. It is completely unadulterated, used for pooja purposes and safe for all skin types. Usage of GowDurbar’s Sree Chandan glorifies your rituals and worship.

FREE from Adulteration, Chemical Free, No Added Color

Net Wt. – 50 g

Gross Wt. – 70 g




Quick Overview:

GowDurbar’s Sree Chandan is a premium-quality sandalwood powder contrived from naturally matured sandal tree stumps with no adulteration and no artificial colors. It is not a distilled sandal powder. It will make religious occasions such as daily worship and rites complete, auspicious, and pious with its natural fragrance. It is gentle on all types of skin. This Sree Chandan can be worn daily as tilak without any side effects.


  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Symbolizes Auspiciousness
  • Used as natural cosmetics
  • Cooling effect on forehead
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Stain-free, Hypoallergenic
  • Hygienically packed

56 reviews for Sree Chandan

  1. Naveen Kumar

    This product is very good and packaging is also very good. I am impressed with the best quality of Sree Chandan sandalwood powder.

  2. Nikita Yamala

    Very nice fragrance and affordable price. I have tried many sandalwood powders and this one is my go-to choice for regular use.

  3. Rahul K

    This powder is very good, smells nice and gives a soft skin feeling. I switched to this from other brands and it is much better quality.

  4. Surya Narayana

    The product meet our requirement. FULLY satisfied with the quality. We heard the brand name from a youtube channel and it worths the price. The sandalwood powder is very fragranceful but not as smoother as expected.

  5. Harshitha

    This product is a very good. I use so many Gowdurbar products and Iam waiting for it.

  6. Bhargavi D

    Love the fragrance and cooling effect this sandalwood powder brings. It’s a perfect addition for my skincare routine,

  7. A Varshitha

    I was confused but all my doubts got cleared, very good powder.

  8. D Keshavi

    After using the sandalwood powder, I could immediately feel the soothing fragrance it emitted. It was truly refreshing and calming. The texture was smooth and easy to apply on my skin. I noticed a visible improvement in my complexion after regular use. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a natural skincare solution that works effectively without any harmful chemicals or additives.

  9. Swarna Kamala

    This Chandan powder is amazing. The fragrance is so good and it leaves my skin smooth and glowing. I love it!

  10. Vivekanand

    I love this powder. It gives a nice fragrance and makes my skin feel smooth. It is worth the price. But sometimes it causes irritation on sensitive skin.

  11. Govindam

    The sandalwood powder has a pleasant fragrance and adds a nice touch to my skincare routine.

  12. Aakanksha R

    Powder is very nice and smell is really amazing. Packaging looks good too.

  13. Manisha L

    Sree Chandan sandalwood powder has finest quality. It is better than locally available chandan powder. Swamiji items are worth to use.

  14. Narasimhan

    Wonderful sandalwood powder, perfect for skincare and fragrant rituals.

  15. Vigneshwaran

    Makes my skin smooth and glowing. Affordable price, natural fragrance. Perfect! We heard the name of the Gowdurbar brand from Sri Nanduri Srinivas gari video.

  16. Hemanshu Katta

    I had some doubts before buying this product, but all my doubts were cleared and this sandalwood powder is very good.

  17. Vidya

    After using this powder, I could feel the pleasant fragrance. It was truly natural and refreshing. The texture of the powder was smooth and easy to apply on my skin. It left my skin feeling soft and glowing. I would definitely recommend this sandalwood powder to others for a rejuvenating experience.

  18. Tanvi Yaddanapudi

    Very good sandalwood powder. It has nice fragrance and smooth texture.
    I am happy with the quality. Works well for my skincare routine.
    Thank you Sree Chandan for this amazing product.

  19. Ruchika Gomukham

    Sree Chandan sandalwood powder is my favorite choice for skincare. It gives a refreshing and soothing effect to my skin. Sri Nanduri Srinivas gari videos are excellent. In one video we learned about gowdurbar brand.

  20. Anushi Nagraj

    I am waiting for it because I am also using so many Sree Chandan products, really sadsf keep up the good work.

  21. B S N Murthy

    Sandalwood powder is excellent. It gives a nice fragrance and makes my skin smooth and glowing. Guruvu gariki padabhivandanamulu. We visited gowdurbar and shopped few products.

  22. Kaushiki Durgavanshi

    I initially ordered a small pack and I was really impressed with the quality of this sandalwood powder. Packaging was good as well.

  23. Bhawana

    Good fragrance and soothing sensation, perfect for skincare and puja. Not satisfied with the packaging, could be better. Pranamam guruji, your bhagavad geeta pravachanam’s are fantastic. So we heard gowdurbar belongs to you.

  24. Ashwini Aggarwal

    Sree Chandan sandalwood powder is absolutely amazing! It has a lovely fragrance and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. This product truly brings out the natural beauty in me. I highly recommend it to everyone looking for a quality sandalwood powder.

  25. Shreyasi Ganapathy

    Best sandalwood powder I have ever used. It has a refreshing fragrance and gives a natural glow to my skin. Excellent fragrance. Suitable for anytime usage. The selection of products in gowdurbar is excellent. I would definitely say thank you to swamiji.

  26. Samrat Bhriguvanshi

    I recently bought this sandalwood powder and was amazed by its pure and natural fragrance. It added a delightful freshness to my skincare routine. Absolutely loved it!

  27. Vartika Katiyar

    Sree Chandan sandalwood powder is very good. I am waiting for this product, make more items. Thanks! Creating a sacred space for pujas is essential, as explained by Sri Swami Paripoornananda. Gowdurbar’s puja essentials are helpful to get them easily by ordering online.


    Very nice. Good quality

  29. Tarun Kothari

    I would highly recommend Sree Chandan sandalwood powder to everyone who wants to experience the benefits of this natural and pure product. Good job, Sree Chandan, keep it up!

  30. Neenu

    This sandalwood powder is so good in fragrance and gives a nice glow to my skin. I switched from another famous brand and loving it now.

  31. K. Venu gopal reddy

    Good quality,

  32. Piyush Tewary

    After using this sandalwood powder, I could feel the pure and soothing fragrance of Chandan. It added a refreshing touch to my skincare routine.

  33. Aparsha Shenoy

    The sandalwood powder is amazing, loved the fragrance and purity. Very good quality product. Highly recommend it for all skincare needs.

  34. Kalindi Randhawa

    This sandalwood powder doesn’t get much absorbed by the skin, so it’s not making the skin oily. It feels very light after applying it. Sri Swami Paripoornananda spoke about the importance of a dedicated puja space. Gowdurbar’s puja essentials can assist you in establishing this sacred area for your spiritual practice.

  35. Rama Sekhar

    This sandalwood powder is excellent for skincare. It has a pleasant fragrance and is affordable too. Sri Swami Paripoornananda garu always tells the importance of daily pooja’s. So we are here to start as a daily activity in our home.

  36. Anil Poddar

    The Sree Chandan sandalwood powder is excellent quality and very affordable. I have tried many other brands, but this one is definitely my go-to choice.

  37. Reghu

    Sree Chandan sandalwood powder is great for traditional Indian rituals. It brings a refreshing fragrance and enhances the ambiance. Affordable price and good quality make it a worthwhile purchase.

  38. Aakash Shankar

    Best Sandalwood Powder purchased till date. Thank you for the fragrance and quality.. We recently visited the Maha Sakthi Yagam in Kakinada, and the experience fantastic and cannot explain in words.

  39. Snehlata Dutt Chandra

    The color, thickness, and fragrance are amazing. Great purchase from Sree Chandan. The powder is perfect for skincare routines.

  40. Srikrishan

    Great product. This sandalwood powder is a must-have for every Indian, with its refreshing fragrance and multiple benefits. Recommended to all my friends too.

  41. Kalpana Pant

    Very good quality and packaging is also very good. Impressed with the best quality. First of all I would like to thank you swamiji for providing natural products to society.

  42. Amita Bhattacharjee

    Best sandalwood powder ever used, fragrance is amazing, skin feels refreshed! Good and natural products from swamiji.

  43. Maheshwari T

    I bought this sandalwood powder from a trusted shop and compared it with another local brand. The quality of this powder is excellent and the fragrance is also very nice. Wonderful teachings, very inspirational speeches by swamiji.

  44. Amruth

    I have lots of doubts before buying Sree Sandalwood powder, but all my doubts are cleared and it’s very good powder. The swamiji teachings are so precious. We are big fan of him.

  45. Kishore Kumar

    This sandalwood powder is very light in weight and has a good taste. It is also affordable, making it a great choice for everyone. Last year, I visited the Maha Sakthi Yagam, it is a life time experiance for me.

  46. Anjali

    Thanks Sree Chandan for the amazing quality of your sandalwood powder. It gave my skin a natural glow. The fragrance is divine and long-lasting. Delivery was prompt too.

  47. Udayagiri

    The sandalwood powder from Sree Chandan is worth buying. The packaging is good and the fragrance is really great. We heard the name of the Gowdurbar brand from Sri Nanduri Srinivas gari video.

  48. Gitanshu

    Namaste swamiji, we are your followers. Love the beautiful fragrance and smooth texture it brings to my skincare routine. A must-have for anyone seeking natural and rejuvenating products. Worth every penny!

  49. Bangari Dhuli

    very good

  50. Sandilya

    Excellent products, and I appreciate them for making natural(organic) products in this inorganic world 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  51. Prathima Satish

    The scent of the sandalwood seems original. Thank you Nanduri Srinivas garu for suggesting Gowdurbar for pooja essentials.

  52. Maheshwari

    It’s just an awsome sandal powder. Really soft and easly blend with water. A great sandalwood powder for Puja. Thank you swamiji.

  53. K. Madhavarao

    Very good product, although it took long time to be delivered but it’s a product which is value for money. Scent is very pleasant and give a relaxing feel once applied on forehead. Good and natural products from swamiji.

  54. G. Bhavani

    First of all I would like to thank you swamiji for providing natural products to society. This sreechandan is very amazing. Very finest quality it has.

  55. Tanamyi

    It’s a real essence to make you feel this product is excellent, 100% genuine, and good to go product !!! by Gowdurbar. I tried this after watching Nanduri srinvas gari video.

  56. D. Shyam Sundar

    Quality and packing are very good. Thanks to the Gowdurbar team for responding to my calls about delivery. Thank you Swamiji.

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