Sandal – Cold Processed Handmade Herbal Soap

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A Bubble of Beauty & Purity

Cold-processed handmade herbal soap which evens the complexion of your skin, leaving your skin looking bright, happy, and healthy. Using a sandalwood fragrance derived from natural essential oils, this product brings an experience of fresh and healthy skin.

GowDurbar SANDAL Grade 1 soap maintains 72% TFM and balances the skin’s pH levels.

NO Chemicals – NO Added Color – NO Animal Fat

Net Wt. – 80 g

Gross Wt. – 85 g


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Quick Overview:

GowDurbar 100% Ayurvedic Sandal soap is formulated with infamous Ayurvedic ingredients sandalwood extract, shea butter, and turmeric extract along with essential-oil-based sandalwood fragrance. Sandalwood is used for beauty enhancement and is an effective ingredient for treating skin ailments. Turmeric extract is a powerful brightening agent and helps in gaining youthful and radiant skin. Shea butter is excellent for softening skin. These ingredients are effective, safe, and can be used on a routine basis for many skin conditions.


  • Brightening herbal soap with vitamins B & E

  • All natural herbal soap with no side effects

  • Uplifting essential-oil-based sandalwood aroma

  • Rich in antioxidants for firm and glowing skin

  • Natural cleansing acne treatment

  • Curcumin and Santalol act as anti-inflammatory and brightening agents

  • Provides sunburn relief

  • Prevents skin allergies and rashes with medicinal herbs

58 reviews for Sandal – Cold Processed Handmade Herbal Soap

  1. Harleen Mitra

    Thank you bhaiya for the amazing handmade herbal soap, it feels so refreshing and smells divine!

  2. Nitikarsh Rajesh

    Wonderful soap made with natural ingredients, gentle on the skin. Refreshing fragrance and long-lasting lather. Highly recommended for daily use.

  3. Samarth Dahlan

    Good quality soap. Leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. Highly recommend it.

  4. Renu Srivastav

    Thank you gowdurbar for besht quality product and quick delivery. The soap made my skin feel smooth and refreshed.

  5. Amol

    This soap is very light weight and it smells good. Also, the price is affordable. I will recommend it to my friends and family.

  6. Gayathri Veerepalli

    Sandal soap is very nice. Smell good and makes skin soft. I recommend to buy it.

  7. Sowmya

    Best Sandal soap… thanks to Gowdurbar

  8. Neenu Jindal

    Amazing soap! It smells fantastic and makes my skin feel nourished.

  9. Richa Seth

    V good for skin, smells nice and helps with dryness. I recommend this product to everyone.

  10. Prakhyat Manu

    I had some doubts about this soap before purchasing it, but all my queries were cleared. It is a very good soap.

  11. Joy Madanlal

    I like the soap. No issues at all. It is of great quality and made with natural ingredients.

  12. Ashwini Sandilya

    The soap has a lovely fragrance and feels really gentle on the skin. It lathers well and doesn’t dry out my skin.

  13. Mani

    Soap is very good. Smells nice and feels gentle on skin. Not like other soaps I used before. Love how it makes my skin soft and clean.

  14. Satnam Gopal

    Product is good, makes skin soft and smells nice. It’s handmade using herbal ingredients. Packaging could be better.

  15. Raman Dikshit

    Refreshing fragrance and gentle on skin. Love how it moisturizes my hands without any harsh chemicals. Will buy again soon!

  16. Shreyasi Dixit

    Soap lathers well, smells good and makes skin feel smooth.
    I can see the difference in my skin after using it.
    Will recommend this to my friends and family for sure.

  17. pavan

    awesome soap , fragrance is amazing . can the company design a perfume of this fragrance please

  18. Jagadeesh Kulkarni

    This soap is amazing. It has a refreshing scent and leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized. I switched to this soap from another brand and I am very happy with my decision. It is completely natural and handmade which makes it even better.


    Best sandal soap for Ever

  20. Babli Rathore

    Nice smell, soap bars melting too fast. My skin feels soft after using this soap. I will buy another a combo pack soon.

  21. Adarsh

    The soap is refreshing and has a pleasant scent.
    It lathers well and leaves my skin feeling smooth.
    I like that it is handmade and made with natural ingredients.
    My only suggestion would be to improve the packaging design.
    Overall, it’s a great product for daily use.

  22. Shiva Krishna

    Best Soap which I ever used… Beautiful fragrance and it is smells like perfume around my home.


    Hi.. Gowdurbar team! Your products are really excellent. Thankyou for quick response from time to time. Chala chala bagunnayi products.Aa parameshwarudi anugrahamtho ee samstha marintha mundukellalani manasphurthiga korukuntunnaru. Sanatana dharmanni paatinche prathee okkaru sahajanga tayaru chesina e uthpattule vaadanadi. Nenu vaadaake chepthunnanu. Dhanyavaadamulu. Hari Om😊🙏

  24. srinivasababu

    First of all my sincere thanks to Gow durbar team. Recently i bought Nava soap Combo Pack.Useing from one week. Really i impressed lot.very good soap.It controlled skin dryness and moisture.strongly recommend.Use and Encourage others to use our traditional desi products.

  25. jagannathamb77

    it is very very nice soap for oil skin. skin brightness is increasing and very smooth feeling of skin observed

  26. Dheeraj Shahi

    This handmade soap is amazing. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft. Highly recommended to all my friends and family.

    This soap smells so good! I love how gentle it is on my skin, making it perfect for everyday use. Worth every penny!

    I have been using this soap for a while now and I can’t imagine using any other brand. It has become a staple in my skincare routine.

  27. Yogesh Shankar

    After using this soap, my skin felt smooth and moisturized. It has a refreshing fragrance too.

  28. Sony Sahadeorao

    Sandal – Cold Processed Handmade Herbal Soap has a soothing fragrance that lingers on your skin. It leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed after every use. Highly recommended for daily bathing routine!

  29. Khushi Haokip

    Good soap. Smells nice. Leaves skin soft. Recommend to others.

  30. Gargi Varshney Prakash

    Really impressive soap. The quality is amazing and the packaging is also top-notch. I am very happy with my purchase.

  31. Manideep Bhadauria

    Sandal soap smells nice, lathers well, and is gentle on skin.
    The soap is made with natural ingredients and feels refreshing.

  32. Sanjeeda Bhardwaj

    I was waiting eagerly for this soap in Gowdurbar. This soap is made from natural ingredients and it feels very good on the skin. I like it a lot and recommend it to everyone.

  33. Subhashini Singam

    I love this soap. It is made with natural ingredients and smells amazing. It keeps my skin soft and hydrated. No complaints at all!

  34. Hershit

    Best soap I’ve used. Love the refreshing scent and my skin feels so smooth and hydrated.

  35. Sahil Pokhriyal

    Refreshing fragrance, gentle on skin. Tried many soaps, this one is my go-to for a natural and luxurious bathing experience.

  36. Aditya

    Gentle and refreshing. My friend recommended this herbal soap to me. I love how it leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  37. Archana

    Thank you so much

  38. Jaya

    This soap is amazing, the packaging is really nice and it smells so good. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone.

  39. Shivakumar Manju

    This soap is amazing, made with natural ingredients. It lathers well and makes my skin feel soft and refreshed.

  40. Tushar Veerepalli

    This soap is very refreshing and suitable for all skin types. I love the natural fragrance.

  41. Amani

    Pure, natural
    Very good product
    Thank you so much

  42. Jyoti

    Very refreshing soap, made with natural ingredients. It leaves my skin soft and moisturized. 🕉🕉🕉

  43. Hatchinghoi

    I ordered this soap and it is very nice, good packaging.

  44. Shyam

    This soap is very gentle on my skin and smells great. It leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. Good quality and affordable price.

  45. Sreelakshmi Varghese

    The fragrance and feel are amazing. Highly recommend this soap, it is a great purchase from an authentic brand.

  46. Minakshi Varma

    Good quality soap, made with natural ingredients. Keeps my skin soft and moisturized. Highly recommend it for daily use. Will repurchase.

  47. Shruti Chouhan

    This soap is amazing! It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. The fragrance is divine and lingers all day.

  48. Abhijeet Malekar

    Smells good and makes skin smooth.

  49. Shubham Srivastava

    This soap is amazing – it cleanses well and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized.

  50. Aryaman Jayant

    This soap is simply amazing. It’s very gentle on the skin and leaves me feeling refreshed. Highly recommend it!

  51. Anuj Nithin

    This soap is truly amazing and the natural fragrance it has is so refreshing. It leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished. Highly recommended to everyone!

  52. Monish Tomar Ranjan

    I love the refreshing scent and moisturizing properties of this soap. It leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished. The natural ingredients make it perfect for daily use. use it to everyone looking for a gentle and effective soap.

  53. Ashal Madanlal

    Really good soap. It is made by family member, he said the product is very nice. I like this soap very much, will buy again!

  54. Shukant

    I recently bought this soap and was amazed by its natural fragrance. The texture was smooth and it lathered well. After using it, my skin felt soft and moisturized. It is made from herbal ingredients which are good for the skin.

  55. Ankush

    This Sandal soap is amazing! It smells divine and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. I love that it is handmade and made with natural ingredients.

  56. Seema Kartik

    I have eagerly been waiting for this product to arrive in our market. It is a wonderful soap made with natural ingredients. The cold process method used in its production ensures the retention of all the beneficial properties of the herbs used. This soap has a refreshing fragrance and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quality herbal soap.

  57. sai_251

    best sandal soap ever used, very good smell.

  58. nikhil

    Best replacement I found for Mysore sandal soap in the Market. Quality and price wise.

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