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Pure Cow Ghee Delight

(4 customer reviews)

Indulge in the richness of tradition and taste with Gowdurbar’s Pure Ghee Delight. Sourced from the finest swadeshi cow’s milk, this exquisite ghee encapsulates the essence of purity and nourishment.

Pack Contains:

Cow Ghee – 2

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Handcrafted with precision, our Pure Ghee Delight goes beyond ordinary ghee. Its golden hue and velvety texture hint at the care and expertise that goes into its making. The unique preparation process retains the natural goodness and wholesome aroma of cow’s milk, making every spoonful a truly delectable experience.

The combo pack contains 400 gms x 2 = 800 gms.


4 reviews for Pure Cow Ghee Delight

  1. Anandi

    Waiting since long time for this cow ghee from Gowdurbar… thanks for providing such tasty & healthy ghee with Desi cow milk

  2. Rahul (verified owner)

    Very trusted Desi Cow Ghee…must make it part of diet for good health

  3. T Saikumar Reddy

    Pure cow ghee in the sense A2 or A1 cow ghee

  4. Mohan Rao Chaduvula (verified owner)

    I am really delighted with the smell and taste of this ghee. It’s just like home made A2 ghee. Thank you for such wonderful product and keep maintain the same quality.

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