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Buy Gowdurbar products worth Rs.2000, Apply coupon "GOWSEVAK24" and get a Bonus gift worth Rs.220

Cold-Pressed vs. Refined Oils: Making Healthier Choices with Gowdurbar

To put it simply, there is a wide variety of cooking oils available to us. However, if you look into it more, you will find that there are many different kinds, each of which has its own particularity.

Choosing between refined oils and cold-pressed oils is a topic that often generates debate. Both have their advantages, but let’s take a closer look at the reasons why cold-pressed oils are the better option of the two. We will investigate their production process, the qualities they possess, and the most recent additions to Gowdurbar’s exclusive product line.

Understanding the Basics of Oil Processing:

Refined Oils:

Following the completion of the refining process, oils are put through a full processing process that involves, among other stages, cleaning and refreshing. During the process of refining, impurities and flavours are eliminated, which ultimately results in the oil having a taste that is described as neutral. However, this process also eliminates a number of the natural nutrients that are present in the oil.

Cold-Pressed Oils:

On the other hand, cold-pressed oils are extracted by mechanically pressing seeds or nuts at low temperatures. This process is known as cold pressing. The original flavor, colour, and essential nutrients of the oil are preserved with the use of this process.

The Healthier Choice:

Nutritional Value Maintained: The essential nutrients found in the seeds remain intact in cold-pressed oils. This product is a better choice for people who are concerned about their health because the essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins are still there.

Tocopherols and phenols, which are antioxidants, are present at higher levels when the product is cold-pressed. When it comes to protecting the body from dangerous free radicals, these antioxidants are indispensable.

Heart-healthy fats, including monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, are fully present in cold-pressed oils. These fats help keep cholesterol levels in check and the heart healthy.

Best for health:

Trans fats can be formed in refined oils as a result of chemical changes brought about by their high-temperature processing. The stability and lack of potential for the development of dangerous substances after processing are two advantages of cold-pressed oils.

Gowdurbar’s Recent Oil Products:

GowDurbar Cold-Pressed Groundnut Oil:

The natural richness of groundnuts is preserved in this oil, which is extracted from groundnuts that have been carefully picked. As a result, this oil is a good source of vitamin E and has antioxidant properties.

GowDurbar Cold-Pressed Sesame Oil:

Plenty of nutrients can be found in the sesame oil that comes from the house of Gowdurbar. Your foods will have a particular flavor thanks to this cold-pressed oil, which is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it provides vital fatty acids that are beneficial to your general health.

GowDurbar Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil:

The cold-pressed coconut oil produced by Gowdurbar has the ability to capture the essence of coconuts in their most natural state. Having a high concentration of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) and lauric acid, it provides a wide range of health advantages, including the ability to assist in the control of weight and the maintenance of skin health.

GowDurbar Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil:

In addition to having a nutritious value, GowDurbar Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil provides you with the very essence of health and purity. Extracted with great care, it preserves the natural antioxidants that are beneficial to the health of the heart and promotes general well-being. The flavor of this ingredient is light and delicate, which enriches your culinary ideas and makes each meal a treat. Utilize the qualities of nature to take your food preparation to the next level.

GowDurbar Cold-Pressed Safflower Oil:

The pure goodness that is GowDurbar Cold-Pressed Safflower Oil is a choice that is beneficial to one’s health. Carefully extracted, it maintains the natural nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the cardiovascular system. Your meals will be enhanced by its subtle, nutty flavor, which will ensure that you have a great food experience. The nutritious quality of nature may be enjoyed with each and every drop, increasing the energy of your food.


An individual’s choice of cooking oil is the single most significant aspect to consider when it comes to the maintenance of a healthy way of life. The most recent additions of cold-pressed oils by Gowdurbar show the company’s commitment to offering not just oils but also nutritional advantages that can be customized to the preferences of the consumer who is choosing in terms of both flavor and health. Through the sharing of information on the advantages of cold-pressed oils, we are getting ourselves one step closer to a more satisfying culinary experience as well as an improved quality of life.