Step into a world of enchantment, where the essence of ancient wisdom converges with the bounty of nature’s gifts. At Gowdurbar, we take pride in crafting divine offerings enriched with the power of 14 Herbal Extracts, harnessed from the heart of Mother Earth herself. With utmost reverence, we blend the profound knowledge of Ayurveda with the essence of indigenous herbs, forging a sacred alchemy that resonates with holistic excellence.

Our commitment to purity and authenticity ensures that each product is a testament to the harmonious coalescence of 14 herbal wonders, meticulously extracted to preserve their innate potency. Through this unique process, we have unlocked the potential of each herbal gem to create a symphony of therapeutic benefits, enriching your life with nature’s abundant healing gifts.
Gowdurbar’s 14 Herbal Extracts form the cornerstone of our offerings, instilling a sense of divine connection, rejuvenation, and timeless bliss. Immerse yourself in the ethereal realm of nature’s treasures, where every product resonates with the sacred essence of 14 herbs, inviting you to accept a harmonious and energetic life.

1. Thulasi

Thulasi, also known as Holy Basil, is a revered herb in Ayurveda for its sacred and medicinal properties. Its aromatic essence brings a sense of purity and divine blessings to Gowdurbar’s creations. Experience the spiritual grace and natural goodness of Thulasi in our holistic products.

2. Vettiver

Vettiver, with its enchanting earthy aroma, adds a touch of magic to Gowdurbar’s products. This mesmerizing herb infuses our offerings with grounding and soothing properties, creating a harmonious experience that connects you with nature’s serene embrace. Explore the captivating allure of Vettiver in our holistic collection.

3. Artemisia

Artemisia, commonly known as Davanam, is a herb renowned for its multitude of therapeutic benefits that extend beyond its delightful aroma. With a long history of traditional use in ancient practices, Artimesia is celebrated for its calming and soothing properties. When incorporated into our range of products, it imparts a sense of relaxation and tranquility, making it a perfect addition to meditation and spiritual practices. The gentle and harmonious fragrance of Artimesia serves as a reminder to be present in the moment and cherish the serenity it brings. Its natural essence elevates our offerings, ensuring a truly enchanting and holistic experience for our valued customers.

4. Geranium

Geranium, also known as “Typical Rose,” graces our creations with its enchanting fragrance. Derived from the essence of this beautiful flower, Geranium infuses our products with a sense of charm and elegance. Its floral notes are reminiscent of a blooming rose garden, evoking feelings of joy and positivity. The alluring aroma of Geranium creates a harmonious and uplifting atmosphere, making it a delightful addition to any space. With its therapeutic properties, this aromatic gem not only pleases the senses but also contributes to an enhanced sense of well-being. Embrace the essence of Geranium and indulge in a truly captivating and sensorial experience through our exquisite range of products.

5. Nagarmota

Nagarmota, also known for its delightful fragrance, offers a captivating and enchanting experience to our senses. Derived from the essence of this aromatic herb, Nagarmota infuses our products with a sense of wonder and allure. Its unique and distinct aroma fills the air with a delightful sweetness, transporting us to a serene and soothing realm. The alluring scent of Nagarmota creates a tranquil and harmonious ambiance, making it an ideal choice for moments of relaxation and contemplation. With its therapeutic properties, this aromatic gem not only pleases the senses but also contributes to an enhanced sense of inner peace and well-being. Embrace the essence of Nagarmota and indulge in the enchanting beauty of nature’s bounty through our exquisite range of products.

6. Sugandhabaala

Sugandhabaala, with its refreshing and pleasant fragrance, fills our creations with a touch of nature’s pure essence. Derived from the aromatic herb Sugandhabaala, this delightful scent provokes the senses, leaving behind a lingering aura of freshness. The natural appeal of Sugandhabaala infuses our products with a sense of purity and authenticity, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a closer connection to the bounties of nature. With every whiff, Sugandhabaala takes us on a sensory journey, reminding us of the beauty and simplicity found in the natural world. Embrace the allure of Sugandhabaala and immerse yourself in the soothing effect of nature through our exquisite range of products.

7. Jataamasi

Jataamasi has a calming and soothing aroma that brings a sense of peace to our collection. Derived from the Himalayan herb Jataamasi, this enchanting scent creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Whether used in incense, oils, or other products, Jataamasi’s fragrance brings tranquility and bliss to your senses. Embrace the essence of Jataamasi and experience its calming effects amidst life’s busyness.

8. Vana Thulasi

Vana Thulasi, also known as Wild Basil, holds a special essence that brings a feeling of harmony and purity to our offerings. This natural herb imparts a unique and refreshing fragrance, elevating the overall experience. Embrace the purity of Vana Thulasi and let its soothing aroma create a serene and balanced environment. Whether used in incense or other products, Vana Thulasi’s essence is a true gift from nature, adding a touch of tranquility to your daily life.

9. Patchouli

Enjoy the essence of Patchouli and let its warm and inviting fragrance fill your space with comfort and charm. Its enduring popularity in the world of aromatics makes it a beloved choice for those seeking a touch of indulgence and relaxation.

10. Guggul

Guggul, also known as Loban, brings the aromatic magic of calmness and purification to our products. Its soothing fragrance creates a serene atmosphere, promoting a sense of tranquility and relaxation. Embrace the natural goodness of Guggul and experience its calming effects that can transform any space into a sanctuary of peace and purity. This ancient resin has been cherished for its therapeutic qualities, making it a cherished choice for those seeking a harmonious and peaceful ambiance. Let the enchanting aroma of Guggul fill your surroundings, inviting you to unwind and find solace in its comforting embrace.

11. Sambrani

Sambrani, also known as benzoin resin, envelops our products with its soothing and calming aroma. Embrace the enchanting fragrance of Sambrani that exudes a sense of tranquility, inviting you to unwind and find inner peace. This aromatic resin has been cherished for generations for its ability to create a serene atmosphere during spiritual practices and daily rituals. Experience the natural essence of Sambrani that can transport you to a state of calmness and relaxation, making it a cherished addition to your sacred space. Let the comforting scent of Sambrani fill your surroundings, creating a soothing ambiance that nurtures your mind, body, and soul.

12. Henna

Henna, with its earthy and captivating fragrance, brings a touch of tradition to our collection. Experience the alluring aroma of Henna that evokes a sense of nostalgia and cultural heritage. This natural and enchanting scent has been treasured for ages, making it a timeless addition to our products. Let the aromatic magic of Henna infuse your surroundings, creating a delightful and immersive experience. Embrace the essence of tradition and beauty as you indulge in the warm and inviting scent of Henna, adding a sense of richness and depth to your moments of bliss and celebration.

13. White Turmeric

White Turmeric, also known as Karchuralu, adds a unique and distinctive fragrance to our range. Immerse yourself in the natural appeal of White Turmeric as it enriches our products with its aromatic magic. This special ingredient brings a sense of authenticity and tradition to our creations. With its delightful scent, White Turmeric elevates the sensory experience, creating an enchanting and memorable ambiance. Discover the charm of this ancient treasure and embrace the essence of nature’s beauty with White Turmeric, a true gift from our land. Let its natural allure captivate your senses and infuse your surroundings with its gentle and soothing aroma.

14. Bakuchi

Arjuna, commonly known as Bakuchi, lends its unique and therapeutic aroma to our products. Explore the captivating essence of Arjuna as it enriches our creations with its natural allure. This special ingredient brings a sense of purity and healing to our range. With its delightful scent, Arjuna elevates the sensory experience, creating a soothing and rejuvenating ambiance. Embrace the enchanting aroma of this ancient gem, and let it infuse your surroundings with its calming and aromatic magic. Uncover the hidden treasure of Arjuna and experience the essence of nature’s healing touch in our offerings.


Gowdurbar takes pride in incorporating the essence of these 14 remarkable herbs into our products. Each herb, from Thulasi to Arjuna, brings its unique charm and therapeutic properties, creating a harmonious blend of natural goodness. With a commitment to providing authentic and high-quality offerings, our products are enriched with the pure and captivating aroma of these herbs. Embrace the benefits of nature’s treasures as you indulge in the goodness of Gowdurbar products, carefully crafted to enhance your well-being and enrich your daily experiences.