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Free shipping for orders over 500/-. Elevate your wellness journey.
Buy Gowdurbar products worth Rs.2000, Apply coupon "GOWSEVAK24" and get a Bonus gift worth Rs.220
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Who we are


GowDurbar is derived from a divine thought of a yogi. Conceptualized thousands of years ago, the renowned yogis in Bharat visualized a harmonious lifestyle by adopting indigenous cow derivatives and medicinal plant extracts. GowDurbar is cultivated from the ancient art of Ayurveda. Our pure, unadulterated, and affordable products open the door to a new and improved way of life by integrating ancient formulae of Indian ayurvedic science with modern needs. Through our unique herbal-based products we nurture a health conscious way of life with no side effects. An innovative evolution with a noble initiative, Gowdurbar is vowed to provide Eco-friendly Swadeshi product lines, Pooja Needs, Body Care and Healthy Diet.

Indulge in GowDurbar's diverse range of natural products across POOJA NEEDS, BODY CARE & HEALTHY DIET segments. Experience divinity within and embrace a wholesome lifestyle.


 NO Artificial Colors | NO Additives| NO Preservatives| Cruelty-Free

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Light Up Your Soul With The Fragrance Of GOWDURBAR

“Harness the essences of nature, as herbs and incense blend, creating an aromatic sanctuary that rejuvenates the spirit and reconnects us to our roots.”

Our Value

Our Features

We offer a wide range of products to cater to different preferences and needs. Whether you are looking for traditional fragrances or unique blends, we have a diverse selection to choose from.


We are committed to delivering the highest quality products to our customers. We source the finest materials and ingredients to ensure that our incense have a long-lasting fragrance and produce minimal smoke.


We constantly strive to innovate and introduce new products in the market. We not only stay updated with the latest trends but also invest in research and development to create innovative and exclusive fragrances.


We prioritize sustainability and work towards reducing the environmental impact of our production. We use eco-friendly and natural ingredients, and our manufacturing processes are designed to minimize waste and energy consumption.

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our products without compromising on quality. We believe in providing value for money to our customers and maintaining price transparency.

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What they say about us

Thanks for showering your love- we are grateful!!

Gowdurbar's Sambrani Dhoop Cones are a tradition in my home. Excellent product quality. Nice product line. Keep it up.

- Rahul

I'm using the Dhyana Incense as my daily ritual. Good fragrance and the smell lasts up to 3 hours even after a complete burn.


The Aiswarya Deepam Oil is excellent. It is a perfect choice for this Karthika masam. I will personally recommend this to everyone.


Gowdurbar noble cause made me buy the products in the beginning. But after the use, I found they have great product along with great seva mind. Recommended to all.


The Yuva Soap Combo is my family's favorite. I ordered two combos one for my family and one as a gift for my friend. Trusted brand for pooja needs and body care. good work.

- Rajesh

The agarbattis of gowdurbar are very pleasant and so filling. You do not need a room freshner after lighting one stick,the aroma stays on till the end of the day . It is absolutely a must buy

- Poornima R

One of the best purchase in my life you don't feel eye burning or cough. This is really great agarbatti when you do meditation and puja.soothens your senses and prepare you for higher thoughts

Ch Shivakumar

I am really delighted with the smell and taste of this ghee. It’s just like home made A2 ghee. Thank you for such wonderful product

- Mohan Rao Chaduvula

I am absolutely delighted with these incense sticks! They have added a touch of tranquility and serenity to my daily life that I never knew I was missing. The quality is exceptional, and the scents are simply divine. Each stick burns evenly and releases a fragrant smoke that fills the room without overwhelming it. These incense sticks are truly exceptional and are sure to create a serene atmosphere in any space. Enjoy the sensory journey they provide!

- Sai Teja

I am immensely satisfied with Gowdurbar agarbatti, especially Bharatha and Ramayana. The whole atmosphere changed in our house and we can feel very energised. Actually my wife was very sensi- tive to smoke and smell, so we avoided using incense sticks from long time. Fortunately we tried Gowdurbar agarbatti..

Vidya Sagar, Hyderabad

I am writing this review after I experienced 2years my hair fall is reduced, till I am continuously using 7 Herbs shampoo. thank you Gowdurbar

 - Durga Bhavani

In today's world where human life has the least value, everything that is produced including things that are used for divine worship, is proving to be health hazardous and disastrous to the nature and environ- ment we live in. Poojya Sri Swamiji is a god- send for his timely intervention to save the society and hats off to his innovative ....

Chandra Sekhar, Tirupathi

I was introduced to Gowdurbar products a couple years ago. The first thing that caught my attention is it's purity and use of all natural elements in creating the prod- uct. I have been a continuous user of their incense sticks and hair oil since then. The incense sticks make the whole house smell so divine and knowing there are no chemi- cals is a huge relief. ...

Kalpana, VA-U.S.A

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