Yogi Pure

Why Buy Our Soaps?

Our skin is a living organ and is highly sensitive. The probiotic, friendly bacteria on our skin acts as a guard and prevents infections. This natural process gets disturbed by using chemical-based soaps. To counteract these negative effects, GowDurbar’s handmade, cold-processed soaps are manufactured with skin-friendly oils, plant butters, and herbal extracts along with essential oil based aroma. GowDurbar soaps are completely free from additives, synthetic fillers, petroleum distillates, dyes, and metals. It takes 3 weeks to make each soap in a traditional process at room temperature unlike machine-made soaps. Additionally, this unique formula maintains the probiotic balance of the skin and does not strip the natural moisture or sebum. This soap is suitable for all skin types and delivers healthy nutrients to your skin as it is full of vitamins. Its purely Ayurvedic skin care assists in the production of collagen, improves hydration, and enhances the glow of your skin.