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Zipper Combo Pack

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Discover the essence of tranquility with Gowdurbar’s Zipper Combo, a symphony of aromatic bliss. Immerse your surroundings in the enchanting fragrances of Woods, Sandal, Bilwapatra, Thulasi, Kasturi, and Rose agarbattis. Each variety is a journey into nature’s scents, capturing the spirit of woods, the elegance of sandal, the sacredness of bilwa, the purity of thulasi, the allure of kasturi, and the sweetness of rose.

Pack Contains:

Woods Zipper – 1
Sandal Zipper – 1
Bilwapatra Zipper – 1
Thulasi Zipper – 1
Kasturi Zipper – 1
Rose Zipper – 1

Net Wt. – 900 g


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Indulge in the luxury of variety while enjoying a 10% discount, saving 60 INR on the total price of 660 INR. Elevate your ambience and elevate your mood with this delightful ensemble of fragrances. Experience the art of relaxation, the harmony of scents, and the joy of saving.

3 reviews for Zipper Combo Pack

  1. Dheeraj

    Best quality with reasonable prices….nice idea

  2. Ram

    Quality well maintained with decent price

  3. Anjana Chinni (verified owner)

    Really very nice. We can see the purity with its smell.

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