Gowdurbar Pooja Kit – Maha Sakthi Yagam Maha Prasadam

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Purchase the GowDurbar Puja Kit & get Maha Sakthi Yaagam – Maha Prasadam, that fills your home with divinity.

All those who took part in online Mahashakti Yagam can receive Maha Prasadam that includes Sri Aiswaryambika Devi special memento, the sacred Kunkuma Prasadam of 100 crores of kumkumarchana and the most powerful Sri Yantra Akshayapatra.

With GowDurbar’s Pure Pooja products and Maha Sakthi Yaagam – Maha Prasadams, you can experience Divinity at your home and get all positivity.

Maha Sakthi Yagam – GowDurbar Puja Kit
  • Aiswarya deepam oil 700ml, 2pc
  • Thulasi incense 60rs 1pc
  • Woods incense 60rs 1 pc
  • Archana incense 80rs 1 pc
  • Turmeric powder 50g 1pc
  • Kunkum maurun 50g 1 pc
  • Chandan powder tin 50g 1 pc
  • Camphor tin 50g 1 pc
  • Sambrani Cup Dhoop 1 pc
Maha Prasadam
  • Memento from Sreepeetham
  • Sree Yantra Akshayapatra
  • Kumkuma Prasadam


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Experience a deep connection between spirituality and tradition with GowDurbar’s exceptionally crafted Maha Sakthi Yaagam Puja Kit. Bring the essence of heavenly energy into your house with this kit.


30 reviews for Gowdurbar Pooja Kit – Maha Sakthi Yagam Maha Prasadam

  1. Pavan Kumar Sharma


  2. M S Nataraj

    Please arrange to send Gowdurbar Pooja kit

  3. M S Nataraj

    N Sujatha W/o M S Nataraj
    No.18, 1st Cross, 3rd Block, Tyagaraja Nagar
    Bangalore – 560 028



  5. M. Kalyana Naga Dhanesh

    Nice product I am using happy and satisfied with this product I feel good when I am in poja by gow darbur product

  6. hemalatha

    feeling blessed to receive mahaprasadam on last margasira thursday. i have been using gowdurbar products from past 1 year. quality is always extraordinary.

  7. Guthula Srilakshmi

    I’m like that products

  8. Guthula Srilakshmi

    Very nice products

  9. Guthula Srilakshmi

    Very nice product

  10. Rama Chandra rao garapati

    Good option to get daily routine Pooja items with maha prasadam

  11. Srinivasaelugu

    Very nice Products and I like the fragrance of kasthuri Agarbathi it’s Awesome

  12. MuthyamVamsiKrishna

    కనుమ రోజు అమ్మవారు శ్రీ యంత్రం రూపంలో మా ఇంటికి వచ్చింది. చాలా సంతోషంగా ఉంది. ఓం శ్రీ మాత్రే నమః

  13. harin35

    Really Its very good products which are packed with Maha Prasadam, especially Aiswarya deepam oil while lightning deepam gives herbal fragrance with spirituality. Thank you Swamiji & GauDarbar Team.

  14. G.padmavathi

    Very nice product

  15. Chandrakala

    It’s our great privilege to receive maha Shakti yagam kumkuma AKSHAYA PATRA and photo through Gowdarbar products

  16. Selvakumari

    It’s very nice the Pooja oil has an unique scent and recieved in Pooja kit iam blessed to receive it thank u

  17. Mamatha shree chalapathi

    Sri maatre namaha,
    Amma vaaru maa intiki mangalavaram vacharu akshaya Patra roopam lo🙏🙏🙏
    Andhulo Anni products chala chala bagunnayi ,andhulonu Aishwarya deepam oil manchi suvasanani vedajallutundhi ,nedhaananga velugutundhi, chostunte kantiki haayini challadananni istundhi asalu devuni mandiram nundi dooram undali anipinchadhu . Intati manchi products nu andariki andachetunna
    Guruvugari paadalaku shirasa namami,🙏🏻🙏🙏

  18. lakshmi soujanya

    So much thankful for all you for giving the opportunity to receive blessings of AMMA…

  19. B.satya prasanna

    Awesome products. I am very thankful to get mahaprasadam.

  20. K. Naga Sujatha

    I participated in maha sakthi yagam pooja through online at Hyderabad. I was very much disappointed that i am not at kakinada for direct participation. i had a desire of taking akshaya patra and kumkum. I don’t know how to get it. I thought its my dream. But, swamy ji and gowdurbar team fulfilled my desire. Thank you very much swamy ji and gowdurbar team for offering and sending amma kumkum and akshaya patra.

  21. anscprasad

    Maha Adbhutham

  22. Durgadevi

    Good products

  23. N.kumari

    Good very nice the poojathi

  24. Janaki

    E kit ni ma friend naku gift ga send chesaru. Anni items kuda chala bagunnai. Cup dhup smell chala chala bagundi aa dhup veliginchinappudu temple vunnatlu anipinchindi nice products quality elane maintain cheyalani korukuntunnanu… thank you my dear friend and gowdurbar

  25. Poornima Joshi

    I feel so divine and blessed to get the maha prasadam of the pooja done in tha karthika masam, the products are soo good with apt pricing. Value for money and on top of it home feels exactly like a temple with the Gow Durbaar products.My humble pranams to pujya guruji🙏💐

  26. G Sujitha

    Very nice product thank full to gowdurbar

  27. krishnawhinfo

    Nice package and received in good condition.. Thank you so much for Maha Prasadam.. శ్రీ మాత్రే నమః🙏🙏🙏

  28. Aishwarya

    Decent packing .its divine to receive mahaprasad.

  29. Aishwarya

    Very happy to receive maha prasad.

  30. Aishwarya

    Thank you.

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