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Consecrated Combo

(4 customer reviews)

Unlock the power of consecrated incense with our combo offer. Purchase all 5 packs and enjoy a 12% discount, saving 60 INR. Start your spiritual journey with these divine fragrances, carefully crafted to enhance your rituals.

Pack Contains:

Mathura – Patchouli Flora Incense – 1
Kashi – Musk Flora Incense – 1
Kanchi – Ashtagandha Flora Incense – 1
Dwaraka – Amber Flora Incense – 1
Ayodhya – Camphor Flora Incense – 1

Net Wt. – 225 g

Gross Wt. – 400 g


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Start your spiritual journey with our Consecrated Combo, a harmonious collection of five divine incense packs. Immerse yourself in the sacred scents of spirituality, purity, and tranquility. Now, when you purchase all five Consecrated Incense packs together, you not only enrich your spiritual experience but also enjoy a generous discount of 60 INR or 12% off. Get the blessings of consecration and elevate your moments of reflection and devotion with Gowdurbar’s Consecrated Combo.

4 reviews for Consecrated Combo

  1. Jyothsna

    Excellent fragrance…. especially Kesar

  2. Vikranth

    Wow… wonderful incense

  3. Gayatry Sharma

    Finest fragrance, recommended for all occasions.

  4. Suddeksha

    Fantastic fragrance. superb selection and worth the money.

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